The room lay in silence besides the clinking of ice nudging the side of glass as drinks are set down on the felt table or the shuffling of the deck of cards by the dealer. Of the five teenagers allowed to play at the high stakes poker game two remained. The other three stood anxiously by waiting to see who would walk away the winner and with at least fifty thousand dollars lining their pocket.

"Are you in?" the dealer spit out while combing his mustache and wondering how he got to this place.
Why he was dealing in a shit hole underground game instead of a high rise casino and instead of young teenagers to adults. He stared to his left, a pretty young blonde no more than seventeen raised her brow in concentration at the cards in her hands. Supple lips meeting a wet pink tongue as it slid across to moisten the suddenly dry mouth.

Blue eyes scrunched as they danced upon the cards, she didn't have to bad a hand but it could be better, nothing a little trading wouldn't cure, "I'm in."

Her words laced with a soft teasing smirk that almost had her opponet ready to fold but in the end as honey brown hair flipped over a tanned shoulder the words, "I"m in." came tumbling out with a matching smirk.

The dealer rolled his eyes and flipped three cards out on the table before glancing over to the brunette. Her dark brown eyes sparkled in the lime light of the over hanging torch, "I bet it all." Her strong but feminine hands pushed the poker chips into the middle of the table as the three other teenagers gasped and their eyes snapped to the blonde who held her shock in with great trouble but it was masked quite well from those who didn't know her.

Another swipe of her tongue across those lush lips and a glance up at her opponet who sat back in idle wait for her to make up her mind, "You can always fold Spencer."

A growl escape the young seventeen year old as her foot bounced under the table, "No Way Ashley. Let you win, what kind of enemy would I be if I let that happen?"

Ashley scowled, she never did consider Spencer an enemy but the blonde thought horrible of her and friends was an unlikely situation to find her self in so she sat back with a shrug not wanting to comment.

"I'm in."

Ashley sat forward glancing at the pile in front of the blonde, "You don't have enough."

Realizing this with great agitation the blonde scratched her neck feeling the back of her watch scrap at the tiny hairs. Bringing her arm down she stared for a second in thought. Her grandmother gave her that watch two years ago than died a few months later, it was a memory of the one person who got her to the core but she couldn't let the Ashley Davies win a match because she didn't have the money. That just wasn't feasible because any one who played this game knew you won or went out with nothing to your name, you didn't fold especially if you were Ashley or Spencer.

Closing her eyes she detached the watch and tossed it on the table then looked across at dark brown eyes boring into her own blue ones, "Spencer no...that was..."

Before the boy on the wall could finish her hand shot up stilling his own lips, "I know Glen." He was her brother so she knew she'd hear more later at home.

Ashley loved the fire behind the pretend coldness wafting off the blonde, it enthralled her to no end to know she was usually the cause, "No offense but that dime store watch isn't going to cover it."

Spencer growled slamming her hands on the table, "That is no dime store watch you ass."

The dealer picked it up and examined it with his small glass magnifier, "It isn't dime store." Spencer smirked, "But it doesn't cover the full bid." Ashley smirked. The two girls stared at each other letting the words of the dealer escape into the room, "So do you fold?" he asked after a minute wanting to go home and get away from them until two Saturday's from now.

"No...she doesn't." Ashley spoke before a sound could leave moving lips.

"I don't? I have nothing else on me to cover it."

"You do have something that I'm willing to accept for the bid and you can keep that cheap watch," Ashley smirked letting her eyes sparkling with intent but what intent it was Spencer couldn't tell.

"What is it?" She asked as her leg continued to bounce but a bit more rapidly as she grew nervous.

Ashley smiled instead of smirked, the first smile Spencer had ever seen directed toward her and it threw her for a loop at how gorgeous the girl was. Even at seventeen the girl looked like a twenty one year old goddess in some magazine. Lifting her leg up she ran her foot up the inside of the blonde's bouncing leg causing it to jump in shock, her knee knocking into the top of the table. Now the leg stilled as brown and blue combined.


Another round of gasps echoed in the room but this time not as loud as the first seeing as offering your body was a wage that had been done several times but never when the two girls faced each other and neither of them ever lost. Swallowing the lump in her throat Spencer glanced back down to her cards, her thrumb sweeping of the them seeking some form of comfort from the small thin material. She had a good hand, most times that was enough for her to blow through her money and her body but this was Ashley and a good hand might not be good enough.

"What's it going to be?" The deal nodded toward Spencer urging her on to reply.

"No way!" Glen growled stepping forward but knew his words held little meaning. He'd bet his body before and lost. He knew what could and probably would go on if his sister lost but the rules of the game was simple. You played then you were bound by the bid.

He was ignored and it didn't help that his outburst wasn't followed by any action on his part making him feel less like the big brother he thought he was, but if he really was a good big brother he wouldn't have gotten her involved in this high stakes poker game held below the church in a back room of the basement.

Spencer wasn't sure what to do but the fact that she couldn't fold gave her the answer she didn't want. She folded she was out never to be able to return so she swallowed her fear and pride, raised her head up and glared angerily at the girl in front of her, "I'm in."

"Great." Ashley winked.

"Now get you skank ass leg off me."

Trying hard not to grin at the lack of bitterness to that comment she lowered her leg with an appeasing nod which was not except by Spencer.

"As it is the dealer has a three of the kind, please show your hands."

Spencer let her lips slid up as she dropped her hand, "Full house...K high."

Leaning forward she started gathering up the money but soon found her self pushed back in her chair by Ashley's strong leg under the table, "Not so fast little girl..." she threw her cards on the table causing a frown and raised brows to cross the pretty seventeen year olds face, a look Ashley would never wish to cause again and wanted to apologise but when her mouth opened all that came out was, "Full house...Ace high."

"You lose. Bid will be paid by next game." The dealer sighed glad it was over and quickly got the hell out of there.

Spencer sat stunned that she lost, that she lost by one louse card. An ace. A card she now eyes never swayed from the table, from the middle, watching tan hands gather up their winnings and even after those hands left her view she sat and stared.

"Spencer?" Glen questioned lightly afraid to be snapped at for no reason, his large hand lying on top her shoulder gaining her shocked attention, "You lost."

She nodded.

"You...lost." he repeated unsure if it was for himself or the blank stare he was recieving from his sister.

"And I won." Ashley spoke with a bounce on her heels.

Glen looked up at the voice. She wore tight blue jeans that hugged every inch of her and outlined an area so well she almost didn't need jeans anymore, her top rose just above her stomach showing off her toned abs from working out. The black top bringing out the blackness of her eyes even though in the light they sparkled a honey brown like her hair but unlike her hair was rarely seen by anyone not close to her as they are hid behind glasses. He knew he should hate her and he did but that didn't matter to his hormones as he checked her out.

"Yes you did." Spencer spoke interupting his pervy thoughts as she stood up toe to toe to the other girl, "I intend to pay up."

"I know your good for it." With a wink and swagger Ashley Davies paraded her body up the stairs and out of the church.

Glen and Spencer stayed a moment longer before gathering there things.


By Monday morning Spencer Carlin was on edge. Waiting impatiently for Ashley to collect the debt that she so unfortunatly owed to the girl. Her back pack clung tightly to her back as she wondered onto campus dreading running into the brunette.
As she walked the hallways to her first class she thought back to how she got into the game.

Glen had been acting weird for the past few months. Skiddish. Always asking for money but never able to explain what it was for. One day she went to her room to find him riffling through her sock drawer, the same drawer she kept her extra money on hand. Confronting him, he told her about Aiden and how his father was apart of this secret poker game created for those needing a quick buck but once in it was binding for life. A society bound together by greed and fear of losing. As the teenager who began to play grew the new grown ups then began playing the game but the cards became lives and the stakes grew higher. The society protected each other. Helped each other thrive into wonderful lives but it also destroyed them at the same time. Adult pitted against adult. It was just a game and no one wanted to lose.

She'd asked him how he got in, why Aiden's father would allow him in to it and til this day she remembered his words. [i]I need help Spence. I'm not like you. I can't make it on my own. [/i]

No matter what she said he didn't believe that he was smart as long as he applied himself and then it happened. Glen went up against a guy who loved torture and Glen bet his body. So to save her brother she got in the game using her intelect to make it go her way. She won. Glen was safe but now she was in and didn't know how to get out.

"Spencer?" the sound of his voice grated on her brain cells breaking her from her throughts.

Turning she watched the star basketball player stroll up as if he hadn't just called her and was somehow waiting on her to come to him, "Aiden." She nodded politely.

"Nice game last night. Thought you had Ash but then nope...BAM..." he screamed tossing his hand out in quick motion, "She had you and by what a fuckin Ace of all things."

"I know Aiden I was there."

He pursed his lips and nodded, "So you were."

Spencer rolled her eyes at his idiotic words but knew not to take the slick boy too lightly he wasn't a dumb jock like most in the school thought and if he was he wouldn't be in the game, "Did you need something?"

Aiden smirked and shook his head, "Nope."

"Well...nice chatting." She spun on her heel and stalked off.

"Oh Spencer?" Aiden called not moving from his spot. Waiting patiently for her to turn back around but was only met with her back, "I didn't need anything but uh....Ashley wants you to meet her."

This got her to turn looking quite agitated, "Where?"

"Room 125. Lunch time."

Aiden disappeared in the forming crowds heading off to class leaving Spencer staring after his back. Gritting her teeth at his lack of courtesy at just telling her the messenge instead of letting her think he had something to say and then walk off.

Jack Ass.

Shaking her head she walked into her first period, dreading the time when the bell would ring for lunch.


Ashley paced outside room 125 with her friend Aiden who leaned against the wall arms folded. She ran her hands through her locks letting them freely flow back down as she sighed, "You sure you gave her the right room."

"Yes," he chuckled, "room 125. The room were standing next to."

She nodded and wiped the sweat off her hands, "What did she say when you told her?"

"Just asked where you wanted to meet than I walked away."

"Jack ass!" she slapped him on the arm causing him to frown.


"You didn't wait for her reply. That's nice."

Aiden rolled his eyes and leaned back against the wall, "Tell me again why we're doing this?"

"Again?" he nodded in confirmation, sighing she rolled her shoulders to get the quickly rising tension to somehow release.
"I'm gay." he nodded blankly, "She's hot." again a blank nod.

"She's here." he spoke with a smile and walked off leaving Ashley stunned at his lack of emotion, sometimes he scared her but they'd been best friends for years.

Swallowing she turned to see the girl walking up to her, quite upset with each step. Once Spencer was in front of her she held the door open and then followed the blonde in.

Spencer briskly spun on her heel, "Now what do you want so I can get this over with?"

This was not what Ashley expected but made it so much easier to put on her tough rocker girl exterior everyone else knew,
"Now Spence that's no way to talk to someone who owns you."

"You don't own me!" she snapped taking a step forward, "Can we just please get on with it."

Ashley nodded and took out a deck of cards earning a confused glare from the blue eyed angel before her, "There's fifty two cards, right?"


"But there aren't fifty two days until the next game. There is about fourteen days so lets cut it down to one suit. Thirteen cards. Every day you will draw a card, each card will have something attached to it. The higher the number the more challenging and harder the task. Understand?"

"There sexual aren't there."

"I can't spoil it now can I Spencer." She chuckled.


"So...." Ashley fanned the cards out and looked up with a teasing smirk, "Pick a card."