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Spencer was slightly afraid to approach her home, her parents must know by now that she skipped school, a phone call placed by lunch perhaps. Ashley kept telling her they did not sound mad when she talked to them saying that their daughter was at her house studying. But her stomach still clenched. Glancing at the brunette she could see she was nervous as well but for a whole other reason.

The blonde could not help the building pressure in her lower stomach. Ashley looked so fuckable shifting in the drivers seat, chewing her bottom lip with furrowed brows, her low cut jeans and short shirt but a bit longer than usual, don't want to scary the parents to bad, showing off her stomach. A stomach that turned Spencer on more than she would ever care to admit to any one including the brunette she was focused on.

Leaning over she placed a small kiss right below her ear lobe, her hand laying flat against a thigh moving in circles. Ashley's face morphed from nervous to amusement as she placed her trademark smirk on her tan face.

"Feeling me up, while it will make me less nervous, is not such a good idea while I drive," she winked.

Spencer gasped but her hand only went higher making Ashley groan at the feel of her lover getting closer to a very intimate part of her while on a public road, "I thought I was doing more than feeling you up, Ash."

"I have created a monster," she hissed as a few fingers finally brushed up against her.

"I'm not a monster," Spencer pouted and pulled her hand back, folding her arms.

Ashley chuckled, leaving one hand on the steering wheel she reached the other out to tuck blonde hair behind Spencer's ear, "Yes you are. A pussy loving monster."

Spencer blushed hard and shifted away with a bigger pout.

"But your my pussy loving monster." Ashley laughed out loud at the horrified look crossing her lovers face, "To vulgar Spence?"

"N-no," she hesitated, it was a little weird to hear but she couldn't deny that all she wanted to do right now was give Ashley the best blow job ever and this only increased her arousal.

Ashley just winked at the blush on white skin, she had to admit that this conversation and little bit of groping had calmed her down considerably. Which was good since they had now pulled into the Carlin's driveway.

"Ready?" Spencer asked knowing this was harder on Ashley than herself although running for the hills sounded like a really good idea about now.

Licking her dry lips she nodded and the two got out. Once inside Spencer dropped Ashley's hand just as her parents entered the hallway, it would have made Ashley upset if it wasn't for the fact that this was new to both of them and there was no telling how Paula and Arthur Carlin would react to such news.

"Hi, it is nice to see you again," the older version of Spencer beamed a wide white smile, completely fake but seemingly welcoming.

Arthur smiled a genuine smile and reached his hand out, "Nice to meet you again."

"You too. My names Ashley,"

As soon as she said it she felt heat rise to her cheeks at such a stupid comment. She was the one that called them to say Spencer was at her house, the only place she could have come from and obviously her friend would have to bring her home seeing as she did not drive there herself. She had also been here just a few days ago making out with their daughter albeit they didn't know that part.

"Well...Ashley...do you like steak and potatoes," he raised his brow expecting an answer quickly.

She nodded her head to embarrassed to let her voice answer for fear of squeaking.

"Great." Paula glared walking back off to the kitchen. She was displeased that Spencer made 'friends' with this Ashley girl and her real hate came from not liking the Davies' mother who brought over a pie bought from the store as a house welcoming gift. Who buys pies for that occasion?

Arthur rolled his eyes, "Good thing. If you were a vegetarian I would have kicked you out."

"Dad is a chef and can't stand people with a small range of tastes." Spencer clarified.

"Your not a picky eater are you?" he cocked his brow with a mock frown and stared hard at her, arms folded, fingers tapping on his forearm. She shook her head, still unsure how to use her voice. Arthur just smiled wide and slapped her on the back, "Give your friend a tour Spence. Maybe it will loosen her tongue."

With that he headed into the kitchen.

"I could loosen my tongue in you," Spencer hissed into the stunned brunette's ear effectively giving her the shivers and a smirk.

Ashley spun around capturing the blonde's lips, hearing her gasp. Mouth mashed against mouth for a tiny second of bliss before Spencer yanked back, eyes wide as saucers, looking behind Ashley who knew she was looking for someone to have caught them.

"Don't say such naughty things and that wouldn't happen," Ashley taunted as she headed upstairs with Spencer rooted to the spot.

"Where are you going?"

"Your suppose to give me a tour, I thought the bedroom would be great to start."

That got Spencer moving.

Dinner started with out a hitch. Carlin's surrounded the table with Ashley sitting across from Spencer, a spot she loved and loathed at the same time. It just reminded her of the incident in the diner and that just made her throbbing core heat up even more since she still had yet to cool down from their make out session in the bedroom.

She chanced a glare at Paula for ruining it but the woman seemed completely oblivious to the situation at hand so the brunette just set her eyes on her dinner plate. She didn't care for roast beef but the mash potatoes made her mouth water.

"So Ashley?" Arthur began after a few moments of silence while every one either put food on their plates or stuffed their faces, the Davies' girl was surprised that the sit down dinner did not begin with prayer. It was an awkward situation that was avoided and she was so thrilled not to be put in that position of explaining that she was not religious but was spiritual, "What college are you planning to attend?"

"College?" Ashley really had not thought of life after high school. Like she told Spencer she was still unsure of what to do.

"Spencer here is going to attend Yale after graduation," Paula beamed so proud of the grades her daughter pulled in since learning to write, read and speak.

Spencer bite her lip and furrowed her brows, staring deep into her plate. She still had yet to inform her mother or father that she had no intention on going to Yale. It was an alright school but she just felt like it was their dream but her need to please all those around her kept her from opening up her mouth, she had a scary feeling she'd be walking around Yale a month after graduation.

"Yes your daughter is very talented," Ashley smiled warmly at the girl across from her seeing the distress flash quickly across the smooth soft skin of her lovers face, Spencer barely saw the smile as her head stay down but she did see it and the butterflies took flight with in her stomach.

"So any plans?" Arthur asked again taking a bit of his food, chewing thoughtfully.

Shaking her head she placed her drink down, wiping her face for any remnants of the liquid, "No sir." she smiled across the table at him, "College is at least another year away. I"m keeping all my options open. As of now I've been thinking of taking a year or two off to travel the world, see different cultures. Maybe something will jump out at me."

Arthur nodded, "I could not agree more. Paula and I almost did the exact same thing, our parents forbid it though and they were right. We were just young and naive. Now we have great careers and a loving family," he grabbed his wife's hand and placed a delicate kiss upon her hand, letting his attention get lost for a while inside her blue eyes.

"Gross!" Glen coughed not needing to see his parents getting all mushy with each other, he was not high enough to sit through that.

Ashley could not help but let out an adorable snicker at that. Spencer just smiled stupidly and shook her head, "Don't encourage him." She mouthed silently to the other girl who winked and just to hold back her laugh.

"Well I think you should really consider college," Paula began shaking her self awake from the wonderful day dreams of her husband and focusing on the brunette, "You can experience a lot right on campus with out all the money wasted on hotel's and airfare."

"That is true," Arthur agreed quickly certain his wife was right.

"My father has houses all over the world so hotel's are really out of the equation," Ashley assured them, "As well as a private jet. Again airfare is like nothing for me except a kiss on my father's cheek," she laughed good naturedly but found she was the only one to find her joke funny at all.

Her cheeks burned of a tiny blush as she shifted in her seat.

"Your father, Raife if I remember correctly," Arthur began scratching his head, "Is alright with your plans?"

"I don't see why not although I have not told him yet seeing as I just thought of it a couple days ago but he assures me that he'll back me one hundred percent in anything that I decide to do." Ashley did not like the fact that they seemed to be shooting her idea down in a subtle manner by asking these questions, whether that was their intention or not.

"That sounds wonderful," Spencer spoke up quickly, she loved the idea and would let the other girl know that she may want to go along, well more like get Ashley to ask her to come along.

Paula furrowed her brows, "May sound wonderful but it is kind of lazy,"

"Mom." Spencer warned.

"It's none of my business of course." she waved her daughter off, "But I'll just be happy to know that your safe and sound in the dormitories at Yale."

Groaning Spencer hid an eye roll.

Dinner continued quietly. For a while.

"Spencer I heard back from you arts teacher," Arthur began, "He sounds a bit worried. Said your not doing so well in his class. All your assignments are getting C's or less."

The blonde teenager felt like disappearing, her father bringing this subject up in front of Ashley. She was good at a lot of things but art, drawing, or anything creative she was not.

"Spencer!" Paula chided, "We can not have you pulling those kind of grades. Yale won't accept it."

She knew her mother meant she couldn't accept it.

"I'm sorry. I'am trying hard. I just don't get it," she sighed no longer hungry and just pushing her food along.

"It's not that hard," Glen scoffed rolling his eyes, even he was good at art and he was usually only good in sports, "I pulled an A in Mr. Samsungt class last year."

"We'll get you a tutor," Paula nodded ending the conversation and agree the table went quiet.

Knives, forks and spoons clanked on the glass plates. Cups got picked up, drank from and set back down again. Sighs, coughs and shifting was the only thing heard. Ashley could not believe how comfortable the dinner started only to end uncomfortably. Should it not be the other way around, she thought.

"I can tutor you," Ashley spoke quietly not moving her eyes up from her plate.

"You can?" but it wasn't Spencer who spoke it was Paula, "What grade do you have?"

"An A+," she shrugged.

Letting her hazel eyes raise up she saw her favorite blonde smiling shyly at her, making her forget about anything else.

"...any experience?"

Blinking she shot a glance at the mother, "Huh?"

The older blonde scowled, "I don't know if it would be such a wise decision for you to tutor my daughter if you can't pay attention to a simple conversation."

This was said with out malice or judgment, just stated as a fact but it still burned a hole in Ashley's stomach.

"You can ask my father, he'll give you a list a mile long on people I've helped out." her words only sounding sweet but to a trained ear had a biting edge to them.

"Alright," Paula nodded happily continuing on with dinner.

Now Ashley can not tell you what made her think of this at such a time but her mind flooded with the image of what happened earlier in the pool house, when she and Spencer both came on the couch, the blonde did not ask for permission.

"I'm done," Spencer spoke up not wanting to be around her parents any longer.

"Me too," Glen nodded needing another fix.

Ashley nodded, her mind on touching Spencer.

"You kids go on up, we'll do the dishes tonight," Arthur beamed and let the kids go for the night.

"Ashley stop," Spencer hissed.

As soon as their entered the room Ashley had her back against the wall, kissing her hard and hungry like she had not touched her for months. She was loving it but did not want to be caught by her parents, earlier was just a make out and Ashley seemed to be driving this to something way more intimate than that at the moment.

"Why?" she asked distractedly kissing the other girl's neck, she always felt the need to touch her in some way, innocent or not, since beginning this new found love/friendship.

"I don't want to stop," she sighed.

"Than I won't," Ashley giggled licking just below Spencer's ear earning a shiver and moan.

Spencer pushed Ashley back, "My parents will stop us and I can't take being wet and near you with out the ability to get off."

"By me right?" she smiled cheesily.

"By your fingers," she corrected with a roll of her eyes and a gentle smile.

Ashley lowered her forehead to met the other girl's, "I need you," she pleaded giving a small short eskimo kiss.

"I want you," Spencer breathed out.

"Did you like it when..." Ashley felt burning in her stomach and her body heat up, unsure why it was so hard to talk seriously about sex, it didn't usually bother her.

Spencer tilted her head curiously, brushing hair behind the girl's ear, "What?"

"When I was the top?" she shook her head and pulled away, not exactly what she meant to say. When I dominated your ass making you scream your brains out. That was more like her but it just didn't seem right to say to the blonde before her.

"Hey," Spencer pulled her back, leaning in to the door and supporting both their weights,

"What's wrong?"

"Your turning me soft," she breathed out sadly.

She knew she wanted the blonde. She had a feeling deep down that they'd be together one day but she had no clue that she would feel the need to do anything for Spencer, help her, protect her and even lose some of her bad ass rebel persona.

"Sorry," she chuckled combing her fingers through brown locks, "I can act scared if you want,"

Ashley laughed into Spencer's neck. Her lips moving and mumbling into the flesh beneath her.

"What?" Spencer asked not understanding.

"I said," she began pulling away staring straight at the blue eyes that have always captured her heart, "You didn't ask permission."

Now Spencer knew what Ashley was talking about, it was easy to figure out. She can't say that hearing those words escape luscious lips did not turn her on but she didn't exactly want to put their conversation on hold. Ashley admitted something she felt threatened by than felt the need to protect her self by pulling away and offering sex or joke.

Licking her lips she gently pushed Ashley to the bed, "I know." she whispered back once they lay on the soft mattress.

"I should spank you," she whispered with no energy.

Spencer pouted and slithered around on Ashley's body trying to get comfortable, "But mommy..."

Ashley groaned and pushed the blonde away, "Don't ever call me that again, little girl!" she chided.

Spencer could not help the laugh that escaped her lips at the look on her lovers face, "Okay..." she smiled yanking her back, "I'm sorry."

"You should be. Disobeying an order and making fun of me, your asking for it." Ashley joked laying a kiss on her lips, "Only you get away with it."

"Good to know," the blonde rolled her eyes enjoying their weird conversation.

Ashley propped her head up on her hand staring down at the girl beside her, letting her fingers trace up and down her arm, "I really do want to punish you," she pouted.

"I really don't want to get caught," Spencer replied. That was something she did not want to ever go through, not even in her nightmares could she imagine that embarrassment.

"I'll gag you," she begged earning her a genuine laugh.

"Shut up!"

Ashley just enjoyed the feeling of being close to someone with out feeling like she was being suffocated, "You shut up!" she smiled.

The blonde rolled her eyes but scooted closer, "I love just laying here with you," she let her emotions rule her head when the brunette was around.

"Me too."

"Do you really want to just take a year off and travel around the world?"

"Yes," she nodded seriously, "I've thought about it but since we...since this thing between us finally took off," she faultered to let her blush settle, "I kind of want to travel around and see what is out there. Explore. Before settling down."

Spencer felt her throat go dry and her skin crawl uneasily. Sliding out to put some space between them. If Ashley was bored already with her that was not a good sign, she wanted to go off before settling which meant Spencer was the door prize.

"Hey, no. Not even what I meant," Ashley yanked her back forcing her to stare in her eyes, noticing the change in the blonde's demeanor and realizing how the words sounded.

"It's okay," Spencer sighed but she knew it was a lie, she'd be crushed if Ashley just up and left her alone. Mentally rolling her eyes at the way that sounded, they just started this...whatever and she already could feel her heart break if the girl was to go away for any amount of time. I'm such a sap.

"No...it's not." Ashley sat up and then lowered herself on top of Spencer, "I didn't mean for it to sound like I'd be settling for you. I meant..." she stopped unsure if she should say it right this time, not wanting to sound like an idiot.


"I want you to travel with me. For us to see the world before settling down in one location," there she said it and it felt like a large weight had been lifted.

"I want to go to." Spencer smiled goofily at her, "It sounds like fun. Although I'm sure my parents won't let me and they are the ones with the money."

"Like I said I got money. Spencer I'm so rich I'll never have to work til I'm eighty years old, if even then."

"Your parents are the rich ones and I'm sure they don't want to pay for me."

"Spencer..." Ashley groaned, "I'm rich. I got a trust fund the size of Hawaii. I'll pay for you." Spencer opened her mouth to respond, not wanting to milch off the girl, "I want too." Ashley kissed her silencing her beginning protest and thoughts.

"I can't just not contribute."

"Why are we even talking about this right now when we could so be having sex," Ashley wiggled her eye brows gaining a laugh before growing serious again, "Look you can repay me another way. By being there. Talking with me and most importantly letting me make you feel oh so good any where I want."

"I don't like public." Spencer warned.

Rolling her eyes she lowered her lips, "Why would I want to share your bliss with anyone else?" placing them gently on the other girl, a simple kiss but left them both breathless, "It'll only be semi public." Ashley grinned when she pulled away.

Spencer growled and pushed the girl off and a tickling fight began with surprisingly Spencer the winner.

"I give...I give!" Ashley called out laying under the blonde who straddled her hips and grinned down impishly at her.

"Say it...Say I'm the best you've ever had."


"Say it," her fingers danced along the bottom of Ashley's shirt searching for flesh to tickle.

Ashley feet kicked in response at the impending tickle torture, "Okay...okay..." she breathed out staring straight up at her, "You are the best in the entire world."

"I'll take it," she wiggled back and forth on the girl who reached up and flipped them around.

Spencer squealed as her back hit the ground, "Don't give me lee way Spence, you'll always end up below me."

"Not too bad a place to be," she reached up tucking hair behind her ear and caressing the tan skin loving the feel of Ashley heating up underneath her finger tips.

"You ready for another card?"

Spencer nodded eager to find out what else the teen had up her sleeve, not that she wore many things with sleeves. Ashley got up and opened up her back pack, a much needed ploy of Spencer 'helping' her with her homework. Spinning around she thrust the last remaining card at her.

"King of hearts."

Ashley smiled and handed the paper over.

Unfolding it she read something unexpected.



"I'll pick you up at eight on Friday." Ashley smiled kissed her one last time and bounded out of the room.

Spencer sat down staring at the piece of paper in her hands, "What's up with you?" Glen wondered seeing his sister with a weird spacey goofy look on her face.

When she didn't respond right away he walked over and snatched the paper.

"Good for you," he responded dryly and tossed it back at her, "I'd wear your black skirt for that date."

Glen left her alone with one thought.

Hell yeah I'm wearing that black skirt on my first official date with Ashley Davies.