Hey everyone....this is not a chapter, I just wanted to tell you some things.

I accidentally wrote Nozomu's wife instead of Misoka's wife last chapter so I'm sorry.

I have another story called The Devil's Voice, which is connected with things about their band.

After their death, Roseana became a singer replacing Mahiru and Nozomu played the guitar (Mitsuru's instrument) and no one played the keyboard.

I also will be making the second version of Wind of Memories. It will be coming up soon so....I hope you are all looking forward for it.

By the way, if you haven't read Crescent Moon before, I will tell you a summary about it. Mahiru is a human girl that met Mitsuru, Nozomu, Akira, and Misoka, members of the Lunar Race (a demon race). They asked for her help on regaining the Teardrops of The Moon. She also found out that she is the Descendant of The Princess, that is why everyone called her Princess (except for Mitsuru). Her powers is able to bring out/strengthen the demon's powers. Mitsuru is a tengu, Nozomu is a vampire, Akira is a werewolf, and Misoka is a fox demon.

It is a really good story, so if you haven't read it, I suggest yo do it NOW!!!

Well....that's it I'll update the new story and Devil's Voice soon!!! Arigatou for reading my work :)

(Sry my summary sucks)