Summary: Boyd reflects on how he would of felt if Grace had died and how the team would have coped without her.

Pairing: Boyd/Grace

Rating: 13+

Spoilers: Season 8 'Endgame' Set some time after Season 8


Is Grace Alright?

Boyd was grateful that he and Spence had found Grace just in time to save her from Linda Cummings. Boyd knew that he would have never forgive himself if she had died but he couldn't kill Penny even though she was responsible for Luke's death. Boyd would have never prove to Linda that he was capable of killing anyone and he knew that Grace would never forgive him. Kat and Eve arrived at the warehouse just in time to see Grace getting into the ambulance. There was no doubt about who was going to go with her to the hospital. The others had told Boyd before the ambulance had driven off that they would come by at the hospital after they had done all the paperwork and Kat and Spence had spoken to the Commissioner. For the team the drive back to the Headquaters never seemed near before, for Boyd the drive to the hospital seemed a lifetime. Arriving at the hospital, the nurses took Grace to Resus while Boyd waited outside.

The others had arrived back at the Headquaters and started to get on with the paperwork but their mind's were distracted as they tried to concentrate. All three of them were nervous as they had no idead what the test would reveal after Grace had been through an huge ordeal. But they all hoped for the best though in their minds they were imaging all sorts of terrible scenarios. Kat and Spence were in the main office while Eve was back in the lab doing their reports when the phone rang rather loudly. Kat picked it up.

"Cold Case Headquaters, how may we help you?" she said into the phone.

"Kat, it's me. Could you get Eve down from the lab and then put me on speaker phone I need to tell you all about something." Boyd voice sounded serious as he replied.

Spence noticed Kat had gone a pale colour and then he knew something was wrong. Something had happened to Grace. Spence go up from his desk and pointed his finger towards the lab indicating to Kat that he would get Eve. Kat nodded in reply. Eve was in her lab when she heard the doors slide open. The look on Spence's face told her everything and she didn't need to know who it was. Something had happened to Grace.

"What's wrong?" she asked horasley.

"No idea, but Boyd said that we all needed to be in the main office." Spence said as tears formed in his eyes.

Back in the main office Kat had put Boyd on speaker phone and all three of the gathered around the desks listening to what Boyd had to say. They all knew that something had happened to Grace.