Fic: After the Storm
Rating: M
Characters: Edward, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, Jane, Alec, Felix, Bonnie, Jimmy, Ashley, Alice
Pairings: Edward/Jasper
Chapter Title: Learning to Fly
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. Summit and Stephenie Meyer do, no money being made off this. This story mine. Characters of Twilight and associated - not mine. OC characters Jimmy Oaks, Bonnie Simmons, Ashley Jameson - all mine. Don't sue.

Summary: Self-confessed, vampire-obsessed man, Major Jasper Whitlock comes across Edward Cullen one dark, stormy night. Vampire Edward affects his human life in such a way that Jasper has to decide what he is willing to do for life and love. An insight into a world of obsessive love and betrayal, where lines are crossed for friendship and honour; and madness is only one small step away. AU,E/J,dark

Please Note: Dark Edward, Dark Jasper, M-rated for violence, other graphic content and use of crude language.

After the Storm chapter 13: Learning to Fly

"Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid." ~Heinrich Heine

Recent rainfall had only served to highlight the greenness of the forest, and heighten the scents found within. The sweet smell of new growth, the darker, mustier smell of recycling vegetation - it all permeates the men's senses as they walk unhurriedly through the trees.

Beneath his shod feet, Jasper feels the change of the terrain, the hardness of the grass-covered fields giving way to a forest floor littered with moss-covered twigs and dead leaves. Eyes previously darkened by his humanness are acutely perceptive in his vampire state, and he notices immediately the difference upon entrance to the forest. Beneath the huge canopy above, where once he thought it was dim, is now well-lit and he is astonished by the sheer amount of things he has previously missed as they are highlighted by shafts of bright light piercing through gaps in the overlying canopy.

He looks around in sheer amazement, head turning sharply at every movement he discerns, and every sound he distinguishes. He takes a step forward and is once again surprised at the distance one step can make. Reaching out cautiously with one hand, he pokes the side of a tree, pulling it back quickly as his finger immerses into the wood as if a hot knife through butter. 'Amazing,' he grins. He cannot help but smirk at his newfound strength.

Jasper forgets the vampire at his side in the midst of his new discoveries.

However, his vampire has not forgotten about him.

Glancing out the corner of his eye, Edward takes in the altered form of his mate. He allows Jasper the time to exclaim and vociferate over every new find and discovery as the once human man reacquaints himself with the world around him. He notes the crimson red eyes that his lover now sports do not detract from the handsome visage that drew Edward in the first instance to the man. He is still his Jasper.

Edward finds it mesmerising to hear his mate's thoughts, as if watching a babe take its first steps, or say its first words. It seems to Edward that it is by far the most interesting thing that he has done yet in his lifetime.

He takes in Jasper's love of wildlife, of nature itself: the simple appreciation of the moss found on a rotting log, the sheer fascination with various eight-legged creatures weaving webs or hiding in the bark, and the love for all four-legged animals snuffling and snorting across their path. He even holds a fondness for the symbiotic plant that grows upon another living tree, despite its tendencies to strangle the host as it matures. Jasper can also hear the faint sound of sap travelling its burgeoning journey between the trunk and the bark of each tree, a fact that Edward garners from the man's thoughts. The Jasper Whitlock Edward is uncovering has an abundance of love; he has an affinity for all things green - loving plant life from sapling to tree; finding true wonderment in fledging chicks to the full grown adult birds. He finds himself wondering if Jasper can hear more in their birdsong than he can, for the man listens in abject wonder to their joyful song almost as if they are talking to him, relating to him whilst trilling incessantly around him.

Leaning casually against a tree trunk he quietly calls out, "Its unnatural how they are singing around you. By rights, they should be hiding, fearful of the predator that is in their midst."

The calm and deliberate manner in which his mate turns towards him gives Edward pause, carefully considering Jasper's charisma and character. When he sees Jasper's measured, patient smile, to Edward it is truly reflective of his quintessence, his core. He cannot help but grin back, reassured that his man is as beautiful as what he has observed for all these years. Emotions cross unguarded over Jasper's face while he listens avidly to the sounds that surround him, from the chirrups of the insects to the whistling and cackling of different species of bird life. His man's fascination is apparent. All of it, all of this; Jasper loves and because he does, so does Edward.

He smiles as he elongates his strides to catch up with Jasper. Edward loves the very essence of what makes his man who he is. Edward is right there with Jasper, rediscovering the world alongside him...

They finally reach the edge of the trees. Grasping Jasper's hand lightly in his, Edward tugs him back into the warmth of the now fully risen sun, walking alongside each other as they leave the cool shadows of the trees and make their way to the place they had first sat those many days ago.

They lie, basking in the sun, and grinning foolishly, he tugs at the grass, casually throwing the broken blades in the direction of the lake, all the while laughing silently in his head as he watches his blond mate attempt a similar thing - with far different results.

"Oh, for the love of all that is holy!" exclaims Jasper again as he holds up yet another clump of grass in his frustrated grip. Edward snickers quietly and keeps his head lowered, attempting to hide his broad smirk.

"I heard that," mutters a peevish Jasper, shaking the dirt free from the roots before he angrily tosses the clod of grass. In a graceful arc, it flies and with a small plop, it lands in the middle of the lake.

Jasper stares at it, disbelief written on his face. "Well! Did you see that?! That was only a small toss, not even a throw and look at the distance it travelled! Yours have been incomparable," taunts Jasper with a self-satisfied grin. He leans back against his folded hands, staring up at the sky. "I can beat you now," he claims loftily, smugness emanating from his person as he nestles further into the grassy bank.

"Because it was a competition... of course! Why did I not see that?"

Jasper opens his mouth to retort, but no words come. Finally, he says mulishly, "Be silent."

Edward sniggers, nonchalantly pulling up tufts of grass, "At least I manage to remove my blades of grass minus the roots. But I could pull up mounds of dirt with my grass and use them in a slinging contest with you, I am sure, if only to please you."

He hears Jasper huff moodily. "Well, not everyone is as perfect as dear Edward Cullen," comes the sarcastic reply. Edward raises an inquiring brow at the waspishness of the comment, but says nothing in reply.

After a moment, Jasper gruffs, revealing the cause of the disgruntlement written in his tension-filled body. "I cannot do this, Edward. Everything I touch breaks off, apart or disintegrates entirely within my grasp. How long is it before I manage this newly acquired strength?"

"How long does it take a babe to walk?"

"You have to be pulling my leg. I do not think I have the time to relearn crawling, walking and all the rest!"

He pulls the downhearted man to rest beside him, grasping his nape lightly in reassurance. "Jasper," he begins soothingly, "you must learn to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. It is the way of man. Do not be in a hurry. It will come with time."

"I fear I do not have time!"

Amused, Edward lets out a small bark of laughter. "There is time, Jasper. That is all we have now - time. We have an eternity to hone your skills," he says, brushing an errant strand off Jasper's disgruntled face. "You have much to gain, Jasper. Good things take time. Newborn strength only lasts for so long. Enjoy it, for all too soon, it will be gone, and you will mourn its loss." Gently, he pulls the man closer, wordlessly encouraging him to curve into his embrace. He relishes the feeling of Jasper nestling into his chest. Wanting Jasper to see some levity in the situation, Edward quickly constructs a plan in his mind. Holding the blond man firmly, Edward holds his breath, before baiting his lover casually, "I know I am already lamenting the loss of you being able to sleep. It reassured me of at least several hours of silence."

The thought warns him fractionally before it happens, and Edward is able to roll atop of his mate, keeping Jasper's arms locked in place as the man tries to get at him. Jasper strives to free himself, the notion at the forefront of his mind - the thought of thrashing his bronze-haired man; a thought in which Edward finds much amusement.

"Oh ho, so you wish to wrestle me, young Jasper? Does it irk you that I find your antics and moodiness funny? Caustic Jasper is very gay."

Throwing his head back, Edward roars, further entertained as Jasper renews his efforts to be free of Edward's grasp. Laughingly, Edward allows himself to be rolled to the side and lays chortling as Jasper pummels him in jest.

"Stop! Stop! I implore you, Jasper! Let up, will you?" he cries gaspingly, his laughter still ringing out in the air.

Jasper holds him down, growling playfully in his ear, "Do you give, Edward?"

"I give! I do!" Satisfied, Jasper sits back, allowing Edward to prop himself upon his elbows and look at his man, delight upon his face. Edward laughs again at the smug countenance in his mate's eyes. Teasing, he reminds the man of the earlier incidents, "Admit it, Jasper. It is somewhat funny. You have pulled off door knobs..."

"I didn't know you couldn't pull that hard..." mutters Jasper defensively.

"...crushed banisters..." Edward taunts.

"It never happened before!" wails Jasper.

"... broken tree limbs..."

"That was an accident!" declares Jasper vehemently, shaking a finger at a laughing Edward.

"... and then there was that hole you put in that fallen log!"

Crestfallen, Jasper looks down at his hands. "All right. So it takes a little getting used to, this newfound strength. Stop laughing at me."

Mildly chastised, Edward leans forward and with a finger under Jasper's chin, he tips the man's disheartened face to his scrutiny. "Jasper, it is simply a learning curve. Not everyone has it all worked out in one day. The majority of us take weeks, months to get our heads around what was simply taken for granted in our previous lives as humans. Luckily for you, you have me."

"Gee.... lucky me."

Edward sighs. This is not going to be easy. "Ingrate."

"Insufferable man."

"Ungrateful wretch."

They lie comfortably in silence, each contemplating what the future holds for them and whilst neither man is wont to reveal his hopes with the other, their thoughts are definitely on the same path. They are both anticipating the time when they can be together without fear of retribution, fear of being left behind, and most of all, to be able to love freely and unconditionally.

The excitement that pulses in the air is almost palpable as both men's thoughts follow a similar track, but only one of them confident in his ability to perform when the time comes.

That one is not Jasper.

Despite his excitement at being on a level that is on par with his vampire lover and destined-to-be mate, Jasper is a little frustrated at the changes in his strength and agility. He had not expected it to be so large a change that it would require him to re-learn that which he has taken for granted to now.

'This new world is going to take some getting used to,' reflects Jasper as he takes in the world around him. Peering at a blade of grass, for example, is not the same as it once was, instead he can see the minutest details, the small veins within, and it is with astonishment that he finds not just one shade, but a multitude of greens contained within the singular blade. He sighs as he takes in its beauty before flinging it away with no small amount of irritation.

Exhaling heavily, he worries at his lip, wondering if when the time comes to 'partake' in all that is Edward , he might damage his vampire. Fleeting images of pulling off a limb from his mate in his haste to consummate, or... Jasper stops, intense horror flowing through him. 'What if I pull on his... organ too hard and it comes off?'

"Oh please - organ makes it sound like something to be played with. Well," without missing a beat, Edward mischievously intones - "it is something to play with, but rest assured, it will not come off in your grasp."

Relief flooding through him at the assurance, Jasper scrutinizes the quietly contemplative vampire, in part to reassure himself that this is real and in part to ogle shamelessly at the vampire's beauty. He grins slyly at the inquisitive quirk of the brow from his subject of perusal. Jasper uses the moment to infer his salacious thoughts by way of sliding his eyes from top to toe of said subject, taking the time to appreciate fully the very length of the glorious man that is Edward Cullen.

Trying to find out what limitations there may be with his gift, he swiftly shifts his thoughts to those of a more intimate nature, thinking hard about what exactly he would do to Edward - should the occasion present itself - and is rewarded with a scarcely breathing, very rigid-in-every-aspect, wanton vampire.

But just when Edward appears as if he is about to leap upon him and make those thoughts a reality, Jasper quickly switches paths. He thinks of disturbing images, bringing to mind a local man - portly-figured - taking his monthly bath. He thinks of Jane and imagines her on her knees before the same said man. The blond feels the previously rising desire dissolve rapidly into a feeling of utter disgust and he freezes, shuddering violently. Edward, too, halts in his tracks, his expression a comical twist between want and repulsion.

"Stop that, Jasper!"

The blond-haired man manages to raise a cynical eyebrow in response before turning to lie upon his back, his focus at the sky, pretending to ignore the allure of the man beside him. A small part of Jasper is still repulsed by his own thoughts and ruefully, he thinks he may have to reconsider his future ways of handling these emotions.

"Yes, please do reconsider, I beg of you. I should -- that was.... contemptible. That man...Jane..." the shuddering note in Edward's voice causes Jasper to stifle a chuckle - "that was an unjust move, Jasper Whitlock."

A self-satisfied grin appears upon the blond's face.

"No," he corrects Edward, "that was interesting. An experiment if you will."

Thinking carefully, he replays it back in his mind. He assesses how quickly it affected the other vampire, wondering how long it would take a stranger to react to the change in feeling. Unlike Edward, other people would only be able to feel, not see or hear the thoughts he chooses to manifest that feeling with and this worries him. Will it work as effectively? 'Hmm... much contemplation required methinks. Perhaps Carlisle and Esme might be willing to help me practice my gift.'

"Oh, do ask them, Jasper. Please do not subject me to that experimentation."

At the thought of Edward's maker and mate, Jasper is reminded of the other vampires, yet unmentioned - Alec and Jane. He turns his thoughts inwards: 'What about Alice?' Lying back as he cogitates, he wonders what can he do about this situation? Already Edward has indicated that Jane and Alec would not leave without his decision, but he does not want Edward to leave his side nor does he want Edward to accompany him. If he had his way, neither of them would have to go at all. 'What to do?' He frowns, pursing his lips in thought.

"Jasper, stop thinking." Questioningly, he turns towards Edward who is smiling resignedly at him. The bronze haired man stares at him for a moment before stating, "Let's do something to keep your mind off it. We have a lake here. Let us swim."


"Yes, you know..."

"... that thing humans do when in the water," Jasper finishes. A thought occurs to him and he turns to Edward, curiosity on his face as he asks, "Can vampires swim?"

Edward gives him a level stare and Jasper thanks the Gods he cannot blush now, for he recalls vividly the last occasion they had swam in this same lake. Naked. Tag. Touching-naked-Edward-tag. Touching-naked-WET-Edward tag. A rise in a certain portion of his anatomy tells him and anyone else who cared to note, that Jasper remembers that event most accurately. "Ah, yes, of course... ignore the question," he murmurs, his mind still firmly ensconced in the memory.

"As you wish." Swiftly moving to his feet, Edward extends a hand to Jasper, pulling the blond man up with a slight pull. Forgetting his new strength, Jasper also pulls himself up - too fast though, the momentum carrying him forward - and he finds himself falling into the other man's embrace. Startled, embarrassed and most apologetic, Jasper quickly makes to move away, but Edward holds him firmly against his body, his words low and suggestive, "Well, if I had known that you wanted a romp, we could have done that in the woods."

Again, Jasper is thankful for the vampire's pale colouring. But it does not stop him from feeling flustered, and biting his lip, he pulls away from the alluring vampire. "I am not the one who has ceased all pertinent activity at every turn."

"Touché, Jasper." Laughing at the hungry look in his vampire's eyes, Edward begins to unbutton his shirt as, running a hand awkwardly along his neck, Jasper tries to smooth his countenance, but his eyes are pulled without volition toward the handsome man when he undresses.

Halting his movements, Jasper peruses the man's body slowly, becoming mesmerised by his vampire's fingers coolly taking one small button and easing it slowly out through its companion button hole. He takes a small breath as the lean fingers glide down to the next and the next, undoing them with careless ease. Finally, the man finishes and lets the shirt drape open. Jasper slides his heated inspection from top to bottom, stopping at every little dip and curve along the way before finally reaching the waistband that hides the rest of Edward from his view. With a small growl, he commands Edward, "Take them off. Now," his eyes still fastened on the line that disappears into his pants.

"Say please," mocks Edward, but when his eyes meet Jasper's piercing gaze, he feels a shock run through him at the dark need in Jasper's eyes. He finds himself fumbling with his pants, hurriedly moving to shuck them to the ground, but his shoes get in the way and he clumsily takes them off before pulling the material free from his ankles. Stepping out of them, he slides his shirt down his arms to join the rest of his clothing.

Finally, he stands there proudly on display for his newborn mate and a thrill runs through him, coalescing into his hardening length as the man hungrily takes him in with one single glance before stepping toward him.

When Jasper steps forward, his pace is unhurried, almost light, yet Edward feels like he is being stalked.

"Jasper..." Edward stops talking as he notices... Jasper is walking naked before him and Edward lets out a whoosh of air as he takes in his mate - all of his mate: the broad, firm shoulders, the lightly muscled chest tapering to his waist, the fine delineation of hair that rises proudly from the apex of his legs, thinning out as it reaches that button at his belly, and -- Edward draws a shuddering breath - the hard erection, brushing against those firm stomach muscles.

Feeling a tightness in his chest, he finds he cannot breathe as his lover continues to glide towards him. The anticipation is almost too much and he closes his eyes, sensing Jasper walking around behind him and he has the sudden urge to cover himself as he also senses the avaricious contemplation of his person.

Yet his lover does not touch him...

Edward waits, anticipation building within and it is with a sigh that after an almost indeterminable time, he feels the highly anticipated touch of his lover - fingers that trail languidly up his naked back and a profusion of feelings grows within him - excitement, want and anticipation; making him harder than he has been before.

Unbidden, his body moves sinuously as Jasper's fingers trace the line of his spine, and Edward revels in the feelings coursing through him. A warm breath at his ear sends a current through his body to earth at his feet. Lips graze his nape, and another current shoots through him, his nipples tightening and hardening with desire.

Moaning he arches his head, mutely requesting for more from his lover...

Fingers grip his shoulders. A tongue dips delicately into the curve behind his ear. He breathes sharply. Tingles of awareness make their way down his chest, gathering into a swirling maelstrom in his stomach. Lips suckle upon the sensitive lobe, and he shivers in delight at his lover's forwardness. Warm lips joined by a silky moist tongue begin their descent down the side of his throat, licking lightly along his collar to the curve of his shoulder, gently exploring every pore, angle and line. He groans as the riotous feelings threaten to explode from him.

A light breeze floats over his naked form, stimulating and scintillating as his Jasper palms his hips whilst nibbling back along his shoulder to the hollow at the base of his neck; the combination causing Edward to shudder and sigh; his own lips parting, his own tongue snaking out to caress his upper lip as his head falls to the side. Instinctively, he moves his body towards his man, silently willing him to smooth and caress his skin. He hears the gentle laugh before one hand stirs, shifting from his hip to trail casually, almost lazily, along the line of his waist, drawing insolent little circles upon his skin. Involuntarily, he jerks his hips in response and he hears the chuckle against the curve of his throat.

Both hands move, the pads of his fingertips sliding gradually, indolently, upward. They brush lightly against the hardened nipples on his rigid chest. A cry leaves his parted lips, the rush of pleasure so gratifyingly intense, he shudders shakily, legs threatening to give beneath him. And when they are teased again, he throws his head back, gripping his lover's hips behind him as he undulates his own hips, seeking relief.

He feels a breath in his ear as Jasper questions lowly, "Ready for more, Edward?" before Jasper's hand glides down, lingering agonisingly over each dip and hollow before he feels it brush against his length. As fingers wrap around his painfully hard erection, an arm encircling his waist pulls him into the curve of his lover's body. Gasping at the simultaneous feel of Jasper's hand sliding down his erect length and Jasper's hard cock against the lower part of his back, he cannot help but cry out.

"Oh fuck.... Jasper..."

He holds fast to Jasper's hips, as Jasper's thumb rubs over his slit, smothering the head and length of his cock with his own liquids and sliding smoothly in Edward's instigated rhythm. Edward moans indistinctly, his hips rolling rhythmically aiding his movements along his tumid length. He grinds hard against Jasper. A muffled groan against his skin and a lustful passionate thrust against him is Edward's reward.

Like an aphrodisiac, a wave of libidinous and carnal feeling washes over Edward and his Jasper pushes his hips violently against him, thrusting harder in his own eagerness. Unrestrained moans and incoherent whispers bathe his ear as Jasper's erection slides against his skin. Edward can feel the build up within himself and knows he is not far from his release.

Swiftly he turns in his Jasper's embrace and plunges his hands into his lover's hair. Edward assails him with both his tongue and his erection - one exploring the depths of his sweet mouth - laving, tasting, dipping, touching; the other - grinding, thrusting, moving, sliding. He pulls Jasper's leg up over his hip, encouraging the man with a heated stare to continue moving against him, tilting his hips to further the angle to benefit them both as their erections slide sensuously against one another. The friction is heavenly, forcing him to grab the blond beneath his ass, pulling him further against him.

With quiet desperation in his voice, he mutters, "Please.... Jasper ... let me feel you come against me."

"No," he hears Jasper saying. He opens his eyes, staring hard at his blond vampire mate. "I want you," comes the commanding growl, "-- all of you, Edward. I want to taste you again."

Edward's eyes close at the remembered thought of Jasper's once human mouth pressed between his legs, the blood of the human woman adding a deliciousness to the already heady feeling. He is pulled back to the present when Jasper drawls his name out enticingly, "Edward..."

It sends shivers down his spine...

Edward stares at his lover, his mate, anticipation building. A loud gasp, a hand slipping between his legs, and Edward's hips jerk forward, wanting - nay - needing more.

His face is grasped gently, tugged lightly forward and lips sweep heatedly across his, causing them to part and allowing Jasper entrance. Desperately, the blond's tongue snakes inside, seemingly seeking acquiescence for what he is about to do, and Edward responds with equal desperation and ardour, finally allowing himself to feel everything after such a long and extended wait.

Desire-filled eyes stare at his blond man as Jasper coaxes him onto the grass, the blades tickling his skin, and all too soon, Jasper's body is sliding up over him.

Edward forgets everything else around him.

Every morsel that is his lover, his mate, moves delectably against him, a rough caress as skin glides its way up his nerve-filled body.

Faintly, he feels Jasper's hands moving softly against the side of his face, his fingers tracing his brow, the line of his cheek, to slide unerringly to the corner of his mouth before tugging insistently at his lips. A breathy whisper emerges as Jasper's finger traces the line of his bottom lip before gently pushing into his mouth and Edward is compelled to wrap his lips around it. He winds his tongue around his Jasper's finger, savouring the feel of it inside him.

Senses sing as he feels the silky smoothness of Jasper's renewed body, the breath that brushes over his skin, the smell that floods his nose, and the muttered whispers that speak of illicit, intimate and erotic acts combining with the evocative thoughts, images and emotions coming from his wanton man.

A deep groan from Jasper sounds in the air and Edward can feel Jasper's swollen cock pressing against his own erection and cannot help but rock his hips, creating the most delicious friction against both their cocks.

"Fuck, Edward..."

He sees Jasper's eyes darken with the force of his want. He feels the responding current that runs through him in answer. Jasper's hand grasps his chin, capturing his lips in a bruising kiss and the swirling maelstrom threatens to burst as their tongues slide sinuously against one another.

Oh God, the taste of Jasper....

Breathlessly they pull apart, and Edward's eyes lock onto his lover's lips. Dark need flares in his lover's eyes and Edward wants nothing more than to feel his mate inside him.

The blond's hands rove, learning every valley, line and crevice, coaxing the flesh beneath his questing fingers to melt and supplicate. From the curve of a chest, to the line of a hip, his fingers question Edward's body; his mouth seeking answers and Edward's body is responding with everything he has in him. Edward barely breathes, so caught up is he in this line of questioning; he only lets out a weak whimper and a loud moan. A moan that soon changes to a deep, guttural groan as Jasper moves between his legs, mouth seeking and finding entrance to Edward's most intimate self.

Eyes open and stare down at the blond head between his thighs. His fingers stroke through his Jasper's hair, his eyes heavy with desire as he sees Jasper's tongue snake out to lick his lips. Edward realises that he wants this, to be able to feel his mate's mouth around him. Warm skin feels lean fingers simultaneously grasping his firm sac and the base of his tumid length. Hot thoughts, moist tongue, swirling, twirling; one in this head, one around that.


He shudders as Jasper drags his finger in tiny circles, his hand tracing through his curls, Jasper's hair tickling the inside of his thighs, palm cupping his sac and Edward can feel the anticipation and excitement building higher inside. A thrill of excitement runs through him at the touch of Jasper's tongue against his skin, trailing moistly down over his sac, taking first one ball in his mouth then swapping for the other. A sole finger presses against his perineum.

With a gasp, all yearning and thirsting is forgotten and his lip is bit as his lover laves his opening with venom, swirling a firm, but insistent tongue sensually against him. A concentration of intimate images, the undulation and rocking movements of erotically entwined lovers fill Edward's mind, Jasper slides up his body to slip his tongue inside his mouth while fingers begin their exploration... Thoughts race incoherently through his mind as one, two, three fingers slide inside him and his body arches in undeniable pleasure.

Fingers leave him after encouraging his openness and he moans in protest, only to breathe sharply and groan in heartfelt relief as they are replaced by Jasper's own hard swollen shaft pressing against the juncture of his thighs. His pulse leaps anew as his cock throbs and moves against Jasper's taut stomach, the tip pressing against him. He watches, eyes heavy-lidded as Jasper coats his length with his own venom, tongue coating his palm, stroking his length before bidding entrance.

"Oh fuck me, Jasper..."

Jasper moves agonisingly slowly, simulating the feel of his fingers previously as he bids entrance to Edward. His lover's legs open further and Japser feels himself drop between Edward's parted thighs, the feel of his coarse hair sliding erotically again his sac. His head swims with the delectable feel of being absorbed finally by his lover. The very idea of being inside Edward has always intrigued Jasper. Now that the moment has arrived, he finds himself deliberating between the allure of the idea and the reality of the situation, and his mental images mingle delightfully with the actual reality.

Hot thoughts, moist tongue, swirling, twirling. Gasping, groaning, multitudes of sin; the thoughts of twining lovers, the thoughts of shining skin.

And then he is engulfed; sliding into a depth of warmth, of infinite pleasure, wrapping tightly, gliding down his shaft; smooth gradual movements, sliding, shafting, smoothing; and he keens into the silence, desperately seeking more friction from his man.


Trembling at the assault on his senses, he feels Edward's body sucking him in with abandon, sees the breathlessness in his lover's face. The erstwhile tongue debates with his and the resultant familiar tightening in his balls forces Jasper to eagerly thrust further into his vampire's pliant body. It feels so deliciously sinful, so delightfully immoral after not having been able to do it for so long. He wants more than this. He wants all of Edward. He pleads as he writhes, the words pouring forth, "Now, Edward! Please!"

He hears the rumbling growl, feels the tension, the bunching muscles and with a cry and a barely coherent "Jasper..." Edward climaxes, evidence of his release splashing up between them.

At that, Jasper throws his head back, hands fisting hair, hips pushing into his vampire. A litany of words flow from his lips unbidden and dazedly he stares at the sky as his vampire lathes and coaxes a lyrical orgasm from his willing body.

He swears there are stars behind his eyes as he comes down from his violent explosion. He murmurs, words indistinguishable.

With a single, quietly spoken word, Edward bids Jasper to hush, licking his lips as he eyes the slowly subduing but still desirous man before him. He pulls Jasper down toward him, encouraging the man with both eyes and hands to rest upon the grass.

Shakily, his legs trembling still from the forceful, emotive climax, Jasper falls back to lie next to his lover, grateful to be horizontal and no longer vertical.

"That was incredible, Edward. Thank you."

Beside him, Edward chuckles gently in his ear as he holds the blond tightly in his embrace. "We still haven't gone into the water yet, lover. There's more to come." He presses his lips to Jasper's shoulder, grinning wickedly, "Much, much more."

The sun shone as the lovers slowly walked from the water's edge, their arms entwined. The swim had been most invigorating. Only Jasper had to relearn how to swim as a vampire. He had soon worked out that his new body had a tendency to sink like a stone and it was only through sheer agility and power that it moved so well in the water. Upon managing this new skill, he found the propulsion through the water was fantastically different - fast and agile, he just turn and change direction. It was exhilarating in comparison to his old humanness.

Reaching their discarded clothing, they stop to touch and caress like any new lovers.

"I love the joy you feel. You make me see myself in a new light," murmurs Edward as he leans his forehead upon the blond man.

Jasper stares earnestly at his vampire. "This is all new, yet old. I felt like I saw my home, my land, differently when you first arrived, and now I am seeing it all again. In such a short period of time I am experiencing it all anew. I find myself fascinated, astounded and in wonderment. I don't know if you truly understand how different this is for me. I was convinced that my life was drab and dreary and I had resigned myself to a hell on earth. This change - it's all so different, yet so special. I have you. I have this new life. I am a new person. I can relinquish the claims my old life had on me."

He feels the slight change in breath as Edward leans towards him, lips claiming his in the gentlest of kisses.

"I sincerely hope you continue to feel this way." He feels Edward pull away. "Come Jasper. Let us dress for I fear all too soon, we may no longer be alone."

"How long did you ask them to stay away?"

"Until you were changed. We had estimated about five days, but you took less time than that. I cannot help thinking that Jane and Alec will want to see you as soon as possible. I am sure that Felix is posted nearby to let them know when we emerged."

Reluctantly, Jasper releases the other man and starts to gather his clothing. As they dress, he surreptitiously ogles his Edward.

"It is rude to stare."

"I was not staring."

"You were staring."

Jasper shrugs on his shirt, declaring, "I was checking to see if the back half was as good as the front half."

Pulling up his pants, Edward teases, "Considering you have been in close quarters with that part of me for the better part of the afternoon, I would have expected you to have known."

In comfortable silence, they finish dressing, but are loathe to leave the peaceful serenity of 'their' spot. In silent agreement, they both plop down upon the grass, lying back as the sun beats down. After a while, Jasper asks the question he has wanted to know since that first night. "You have done nothing but exercise considerable effort to not turn me until you absolutely were in no position but to do so. Why is that?"

"I did not wish it for you."


"For many reasons, not least of all the fact that you will turn into a monster."

"But am I not one already?" He treads cautiously around the subject. "I have already slain people, Edward. Surely that is monstrous enough?"

Non-committally, Edward asks, "Is it?"

"I do not know. why don't you tell me?"

"Why did you feel compelled to kill Bonnie?"

"For you?"

"A fine welcome home gift, I have to say. And Ashley?"

Jasper stops, thinking. Shortly, he replies, "For me."

"Vengeance? To appease your soul after the loss of Phillip? I can understand that. The harassment, the pain relived each time he tormented you. And Jimmy? Why Jimmy, Jasper?"

"For sustenance, to save him, to not let the others kill him in a macabre fashion."

"Does that not tell you that you are far from a monster, Jasper?"

He turns to Edward, confusion in his eyes. "You consider yourself a monster, yet you are a good man."

"I am a hazard of nature. My maker made a mistake in turning me. He should have left me alone."

Wordless at this show of self-hate, Jasper can only sit quietly next to his vampire man. Together, they stare out at the scenery, before Jasper says softly, "Not everything is so black and white."

"Day and night, earth and sky... everything seems quite cut and dry," the tone is dispassionate, downtrodden, resignedly so.

"Please Edward... Do not believe that your vampire beauty is only a front, a mask for that inner monster." Jasper comes to a resolution and turning; he takes Edward's face in between his palms and entreats the bronze-haired man to look at him. "I do not want you to hide, Edward. Do not be denied what could be a happy and wonderful life. I will not allow it." As Edward tries to pull away, Jasper stops him. "Please! It is cold and lifeless to live without love. We both know this. Do not hide from me, from us, from what we could have."

Edward tries to shake his head in denial, but Jasper holds firm. Giving his vampire a slight shake, he says again, "Do not hide, Edward. Your demons are from your past. They are not the here and now. Believe me. I entreat you to hear me. This is not your fault!"

With a wretch, Edward frees himself and walks away, turning his back to Jasper. "I am a violent creature, Jasper. That is what I am, what you have become. We are monsters in the eyes of humans."

"You saved me, Edward. You cannot be a monster if you saved me. I was muddling through my life, barely existing. People would not talk to me; people avoided my path when I ventured out, and I promised I wouldn't weep at their callousness, their inherent humanness, their irrational fear, but I found myself doing just that on many a day. Weeping for the injustice, crying at the unfairness of it all; I was wondering how I was going to get out of this hole I had dug myself; it was too deep and I was alone."

He glides up behind his lover, smoothing his hands over his back. He feels the muscles tense beneath his touch, but not one to be thwarted, Jasper nonetheless lays his cheek against his lover's shoulder. "You may claim to be evil: monstrous, wicked, and dangerous, but to me you will always be my life, my heart, and my saviour. You reminded me how to smile, how to make living and being alive seem worthwhile again. Like a brightly burning torch, you lit the path alight for me when life had become so dark and dismal. You! You were there. No monster can do that. That comes from a place of innocence, a place of hope."

Forcing Edward to turn and face him Jasper vows, "There is still innocence within you that I will find and prove to you, and that innocence and purity will be mine, and mine alone."

"I am a vampire. They are not innocent nor pure creatures. They are a product of night."

"Night is but the absence of light. There is light then greater light. The greater light we see is daylight. Therefore night time is still light. Ergo, you are a creature of light."

Edward laughs, "I had never thought of it that way."

"Have you ever killed a vampire?"

"No, Jasper. In the century I have lived, I have not needed to. The Volturi do the slewing of vampires should they err in their ways, but for the most part, no vampire kills another unless they really need to. I liken it to a gentlemen's code."

"Do you think you could kill the ones here if it came to it?"

"Jane? Alec? Felix? If they threaten you I think I would have no compunction not to, but I do not think I could do so unless I had to."

"Do you not think that alone shows you to be a good man? Any other person would perhaps kill them. For they are an annoyance in their derision, their contempt and their general lack of pleasantness."

Edward chuckles and reaches out to pull Jasper into his side. "Perhaps, Jasper. Perhaps. Now hush, you are scaring away the wildlife."

Jasper... Jasper... Jasper...

The call along the wind disturbs him. Sharply he turns his head, his eyes gleaming red and piercing as they scan the surrounding terrain. Meticulously, he moves to a crouching position his eyes never stopping their constant search for the owner of the voice. He feels the movement of Edward as he too gets into a similar position.

A sweet smell comes towards them upon the gentle breeze, bringing to Jasper's mind fairy floss, popcorn and bonfires.

"Jane," he hears Edward hiss. Snarling in his throat, Jasper makes to leap up, but Edward stops him with a smooth touch to his wrist.


Cautiously they both stand, their eyes listening intently for the arrival of the three from Volterra. Edward shakes his head and indicates to Jasper with his fingers. No, only two. Slowly, the newcomers emerge from the trees, their paleness almost shocking in the brightness of the sun's light.

"Hello, Jasper."

"Jane. I thought you had made your exit quietly."

"Well, I could not very well leave without you, or have you forgotten that small detail of your sister?"

"No, I have not. But I am allowed to hope."

Her cold smile at his whimsical comment draws a shiver of contempt down his spine, stiffening his resolve to keep Edward away from her, away from the Volturi. They cannot be trusted. He can feel their impatience, their lack of empathy, and most of all, he can feel their arrogant confidence. He assumes that this confidence is about him; the assumption that he would willingly accept any terms in order to see his sister. They discount his feelings for Edward, ignore the past fifteen years of the grief process, and his acceptance that Alice was gone, and most of all, they do not count the damaging emotions unerringly inflicted by his father upon his young boy-self for the loss of his younger sibling. All of these things they should count however, because they all culminate to a lack of want and desire to see his last remaining family member, irrespective of the fact that she is indeed the last of his own family left in this world.

A coldness sweeps through him at their arrogance, their conceitedness and their disdainful hauteur. A snarl leaves his throat at their impudence.

"Jasper, no!"

His eyes gleam, brilliant and red. He stares at his mate, anger blazing in his fiery glare. "Do not stop me, Edward. This is not your concern."

"Edward, listen to your mate," jeers Jane. "He does not want your interference."

Scowling at the young girl, Jasper steels himself for what he is about to do. Briefly closing his eyes, he lets his feelings for Edward flood through him: the love, the desire. Opening them, Jasper holds the eyes of his man, and lets the feelings flow out towards him. Hearing Edward gasp at the intensity, Jasper refocuses on his hatred of Jane and Alec - the desire to kill, to maim the twins, the gnawing feeling of vengeance against their earlier toying of him. He directs all of it fully at his mate.

As Edward leaps towards Jane, his growl is the only giveaway. With a quick twist of his body, Alec swings around to protect his sibling, but Jasper is already there, pushing his shoulder hard into the solar plexus of the young boy, whilst simultaneously sweeping his leg against the nearby girl's shins. The three hit the ground with reverberating thuds. Birds flutter up with startled shrieks and indignant squawks, but the four vampires notice not, for the ground upon which they stand is a swirling mist of vampires, dust, dirt, grass and other debris. It is a fight in which only the victorious will survive.

It is over.

Birds fly high above the trees, circling slowly in ever decreasing circles. Dust slowly settles and leaves that were swirling furiously now sink slowly toward the earth. Two figures stand, their silhouettes indistinguishable from one another as debris continues to settle around them, covering them in dirt and brush. The absence of sound is eerie.

Finally one of them moves. He sinks to the ground, grasping futilely at the broken pieces lying there.

"Leave it alone," says the other brusquely.

Crawling now, the first shakes his head, refusing to believe what is in front of his eyes, his words mumbled and indistinct as he claws ineffectually at the remnants upon the ground, searching and gathering the remains of what was once the vampire they called Jane.

"I said, leave it alone! Do not touch her." The voice is thunderous.

Another pair of vampires emerge from the nearby forest. Wordlessly they take in the scene before moving closer. Esme moves to crouch next to the kneeling vampire while Carlisle stands before the other.

"It is done," Carlisle's voice is flat, but emphatic.

"Yes," the reply is short and succinct.

"I'm sorry," Esme's voice is soft and she looks up from beside the still kneeling vampire.

The man standing answers her as he looks down at the one on the ground. His face is impassive, impossible to read. "It is of no consequence. It could not be helped." The response is unemotional as if said by rote.


With a sigh, Jasper looks down at the ground where remnants of Alec and Jane remain. Despite knowing what could happen if he doesn't, he cannot bring himself to burn their remains.

He stares at the man on the ground, knowing his vampire is in there. Somewhere. Broken, damaged Edward. Jasper sighs. He tries hard to not blame himself, but there was no chance of him getting to Edward - not with Alec around. Jane's power was strong and the torment she kept putting Edward under while Alec and Jasper were busy, it did something to Jasper's bronze-haired vampire.

And that he does not like, in the least.

The fight was hard and images keep impinging upon his mind. Memories of tearing limbs, of cries of pain... it is too much for him. He wishes to remove the imprinted images where they currently reside, in the back of his mind.

A cry comes from the man on the ground. Rocking back and forth upon his knees, his hair tousled and dirty, he sobs. The innumerable emotions that flit across his face reconciles with the multitude of emotions that float to Jasper: an outpouring of grief shot through with anger, undeniable hurt, despair, and resignation. Jasper is aware of Edward's innumerable sufferings through the ages. One cannot live for a century without being hurt in some way. However, he has never seen this dogged resignation in his vampire before.

Jasper looks down upon him, blankness on his face and in his voice, "He will survive. We all will."

"Isn't that a bit callous?"

"It is what it is. He survived. Is that not what you wanted?"

They fall silent.

The sun dips lower in the sky, marking the beginnings of eve and together they all stay until it the light burns red and gold, sinking down beyond the horizon.

As night begins to fall upon them, Carlisle gathers the broken vampire to his feet, resisting the urge to coddle the man. It is not his place to do so. He looks to his companions.

The other man steps forward, his pale hair shining in the dim light. "Edward," he bids calmly - "you must get up. We need to go back to the house."

The man is unresponsive, barely standing on his own two feet.

"We'll take care of him, Jasper."

Carlisle and Esme take one side each of the once proud vampire and half-carry him towards the house.

The images and reminders of the sheer brutality of the fight linger and Jasper runs, away from his thoughts, away from the memories, away from his broken vampire. What a time for Edward to realise that he was good, that his inherent nature was too caring, too ingrained in his original human beliefs that killing one of his own kind, balking the vampire laws - all of it broke everything within him. Jasper knows that for himself, his inner darkness has come with him, joined the human self with his new vampire self. He has come through too much to still be young and naive like Edward. Two wars will do that to you.

'Edward, oh Edward.' He shakes his head. Jasper glances at the night sky, thinking about how young Edward really is. He may have experienced many a thing since being turned, but he still had not fully lived a life before his change. The subtlety found in maturity, the understanding that comes with life experience - Edward has not found that. Jasper doubts that he ever will. Idly, he wonders if vampires would ever really grow in maturity if they have never had it in the first place.

Trees brush by him as he runs and still he does not stop.

The broken state of Edward leaves Jasper feeling blank. A blank slate. Like what they had was now washed off and nothing was left but chalk dust. Walking now, he keeps his mind on his vampire, but the images and reminders of the sheer brutality of the fight linger and he runs again, his thoughts dark and his thirst prevalent in his mind. Anything to stop the cruel sounds and torturous memories.

His eyes snap open. Ambivalence and suspicion fills them as he casts his gaze side to side, internally debating whether he had heard something or had merely dreamt it. Blearily, the human turns his head.

As his brown eyes meet crimson red, a gasp leaves his mouth before a hand is firmly placed upon it. Held firmly in the bed, he shivers as the creature moves atop of him, the tongue sliding coldly up the side of his cheek. His head twisted to the side, the hand leaves only to be replaced by the creature's icy tongue, seeking domination, and preventing the scream that is bubbling in the back of his throat.

He becomes aware of the cool night air, brushing against his naked skin, as the once twisted sheets are ripped from his body, and even more so of the hand that is sliding up to his bare chest, cool fingers twisting his nipple to a hardened bud.

A knowing hand slides between his legs and coaxes his body to react to his ministrations, the iciness of this unknown man's touch against his sac and along his rapidly hardening cock forcing him to respond. Unbidden, his body arches as a mouth fastens upon his nipple, and the unwanted responsiveness snakes through his body, small tendrils of sexual need coiling and winding their way through him.

He can feel the smile against his skin, but he is helpless to deny him as the creature expertly strokes his hardened length, and when cool fingers bid entry to his body, he willingly lifts his legs to bid him welcome.

A cry is wrenched from his throat as the other pushes his knees to his chest and he can feel the tightening of his sac as release becomes imminent. The strokes are firm, rhythmic as he feels the man lower himself to lick around his puckered hole. The moistness combined with the icy feel threatens to overwhelm him and he knows it is only a matter of seconds before he will climax.

A lowly chuckle sounds in the night air and then he can feel the man's cock at his entrance. He feels the push and his body briefly objects before it gives slowly around this creature's head and allows it to slide into him. He wraps his legs firmly around the other man's ass, and his hand glides between them, stroking his shaft firmly. Once, twice... several more times before with a cry as the hardened length slides effortlessly in him, he climaxes, releasing over his stomach.

"Oh fuck, if this be a dream, never let it end," he gasps as the man's body slides slowly at first, then faster, before he is driving deeper, harder, pounding into him with a ferocity that leaves him gasping.

His body arches, his nipple received in a warm and welcoming mouth, tongue circling the tip, before flicking lightly. Then with the man's cock still sliding within, his eyes meet the burning gleam of those red eyes, and he can see his own death in the crimson fire before razor sharp teeth cut at his neck.

He cannot scream or moan, for only bubbles gurgle at the gash on his neck. His eyes are wide as he watches with dying eyes, the blond man atop of him, lapping furiously at his blood, still pushing deep within him. He feels pain as bones in his body give way beneath the heavily thrusting man, the pounding never ceasing. The animalistic grunts fill the night air as with one final thrust, the blond cries out, and releases into him.

Before the human passes, he feels the creature leave his broken body. As he lies there waiting for death, listening to the creature sobbing the same name repeatedly, idly he wonders, 'Who is Edward?'

"Day and night, earth and sky,... everything seems quite cut and dry" ~ Runaway Train, Soul Asylum
"Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid." ~Heinrich Heine

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