Title: His Witch
Rated: PG -13
Word Count: 242
Characters: Damon Salvatore with mentions of Bonnie Bennett, Katherine and Emily
Spoiler: If you watched the episode latest episode History Repeating, you are alright.

Thanks to my beta Rachel, I really don't write so I always have a beta if I write something Lol and she gave the story back quickly so thanks to her!


The thoughts, the moments and the memories still haunted him to this day; people called his love selfish, manipulated and just wrong. He called it love, the only person he'd ever love for centuries - for a lifetime, Katherine.

When he bit into his "little's witch" neck, it was just one of the best feelings he can ever remember having. He tasted blood before; from hundreds of people and it all was the same, tasty and just kept him living. But when he had a taste of little Bonnie he just wanted to feed off of her forever. Drain everything out.

He remembered Stefan pushing him off of Bonnie and that's when reality hit. That he was biting the one person he was sworn to protect forever.

He saw her body lifeless on the ground, his thoughts of his angel Katherine disappeared, just for a second. He had just drunk blood from his witch. He knew she shouldn't have been in the middle of this.. He knew that now she would always hate him, she would never know that he saved her life since she was born. She will never know that he risked his life many times just so his bird could always live safely in the world without any problems.

Emily should have never destroyed the necklace and he would have gotten both Katherine back and still been able to protect his little witch "forever".