When The Bow Breaks

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the, characters from Supernatural as they belong to Eric Kripe & MC G but I do own Melissa Hale whose my own creation from Charmed.

Authors Note: This scene's an AU on what happens in the 4th Season Supernatural episode "When The Levee Breaks" & runs alongside my future season 6 of Charmed which features my character Melissa Hale from there also.

Extra Notes: A demon in disguise as Melissa who can read people's minds & fears & play on them does so with Sam giving him their own brand of grief although I may write other scene's later where he/she does more things also. Fanfic's rated M, for some language.

Panic Room

Sam Winchester's lying on the make shift bed in Bobby's panic room contemplating what just happened after his younger self visited him. Bringing his hands up Sam runs them through his shaggy dog hair. Standing a little away from him Melissa Hale Winchester, stares down at Sam.

Melissa: Hello Sam.

Hearing her voice Sam turns his head left & stares up at her. He squints, his eyes as he stands up trying to make out if she's there or not.

Sam: Mel.

Her eyes wander round the room as she talks to him.

Melissa: Well this's a bit of a predicament you've got yourself into isn't it. But then of course you've only, yourself to blame for it haven't you.

Sam looks at her upset like.

Sam: (Upset) I'm so sorry Mel.

Melissa stares at him angrily.

Melissa: (Angry) What for screwing my life up. For making me collapse & loose our son. That's alright. You're okay.

Hearing the first of this Sam sits himself down whilst still looking at her.

Sam: (Shocked, Confused) Loose whaddya mean? You miscarried naturally.

Melissa: No I didn't. I rang you after my 12 week scan to talk about the baby but didn't get an answer just a lot of moaning on the other line instead. I hung up soon afterwards upset then collapsed a few hours later & had to have an operation to remove the ectopic baby which was lodged in my fallopian tube as well as that also. The doctors said my chances of conceiving again with just one fallopian tube were 50%. It's lucky I had god & my family supporting me otherwise I wouldn't know what I would've done. I was goanna name him Jonathan Dean Hale Winchester after your father & brother.

Sam hearing this can't believe it.

Sam: (Shocked) Why didn't you tell me the truth Mel?

Melissa looks at him angry like.

Melissa: (Angry) After what you did why should've I?

Walking over she crouches down in front of him upset.

Melissa: (Upset) All you had to do was talk to me after Dean died but instead you came home drunk & fucked me then left the next day without a single word & hooked up with that demon bitch Ruby afterwards.

Raising his head Sam looks at her teary eyed.

Sam: (Teary Eyed) I'm so sorry Mel.

Getting up she stands on her feet.

Melissa: For what getting me pregnant

She punches him in the face.

Melissa: For cheating on me with Ruby.

Melissa does it again.

Melissa: & then again with another woman while we're divorcing.

Then she does it a 3rd time.

Melissa: For making me loose our son & decreasing my chances of conceiving again.

& a forth, time afterwards.

Melissa: For you been a demon sucking adrenaline junkie.

Then finally Melissa does it a 5th time.

Melissa: It's okay Sam you're just been yourself. Been who your truly are.

Sam: No I'm not Mel. I'm only doing this to overt the apocalypse so I can defeat Lilith & save my family.

Melissa laughs sarcastically at him.

Melissa: (Laughing Sarcastically) Your family?

She kicks him lots of times in the shins as she continues talking to him.

Melissa: You turned your back on us a long time ago Sam when you betrayed us & went of with Ruby which's why we're getting divorced you pathetic son of a bitch.

Sam doubles in pain as he holds onto his manhood.

Sam: (In Pain & Upset) I'm so sorry Mel I truly am.

Melissa: No Sam sorry's collapsing in pain & been rushed into surgery then told you're baby's dead & that you've one less fallopian tube & that your chances of conceiving again are 50%. At least if he'd been born I'd have made sure he didn't turn out like you though.

Turning around she walks away. Getting up slowly Sam questions her.

Sam: Whaddya mean Mel? Tell me.

Turning round she answers.

Melissa: I mean I would've binded your side of his powers that he got from you that's what.

He moves towards her hearing this.

Sam: You'd have what? He was my son to Mel. I'd have had a right in saying what you would've done with him before you did it.

Melissa: No Sam you lost that right the night you created him. So why don't you curl back into your little ball & go off & die something.

Turning round she starts walking away from him.

Melissa: You're a fake Sam a washed fucked up nobody.

& disappears' into the shadows. Seeing her gone Sam cries, by himself.

To Be Continued.