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3 Years Later


Things moved fast after we were reunited at Alice's.

We bypassed all the traditional dating.

Seriously, we had wasted so much time already. Couldn't and wouldn't wait any longer. Both definitely on the same page about that.

We spent our first night together locked away in his room, only coming out for the bathroom. Edward went to get us some food and drinks to find Alice had placed a packed tray outside his door.

It was bliss. Making love, talking, eating, fucking, holding, laughing, crying, loving.

The following morning, both hyped from lack of sleep, we packed up his essentials and he came home with me. I called work, claiming a family emergency and took two weeks off. Fuck, I didn't even feel guilty, thinking about the hours I had put in over the years.

After an initial few days of just being together, we started to organise our life in earnest. Our life. Together. At last.

We bought a place together, staying in London, but on the outskirts. It was big enough so that Edward could have a music room.

In the three months it took to move in to our first home, he had to keep going back to Alice's to work, his piano being there. He didn't get a lot of writing done as he was so distracted, finding it hard to keep to organised times when he was used to writing as the ideas came to him.

I continued to work but gave less and less to my job, my heart just not in it anymore. I still worked from home a couple of days each week, but rarely got much done at these times, the strong pull towards Edward my only excuse.

I couldn't even begin to think about writing, but I did gradually share what I had done with Edward. I had never shown anyone before.

We only socialised with our families and Angela and Ben during our first year together. Edward wanted to avoid unnecessary temptation and frankly, we still wanted to spend every available minute together. We could barely keep our hands off each other and it didn't look like it would fade any time soon. Please God.

Not long after we were finally settled in our new home, without telling anyone, we took off, alone, and married. There was no over the top, romantic proposal, just the shared desire to be linked in every way possible. We had a simple but beautiful wedding. On our return we appeased our families by holding a small party to celebrate. Their joy in our obvious happiness was palpable.

Our son, Masen, was born three months ago. His angry screams announcing his arrival in the world after a scarily short labour. We barely made it to the hospital in time, Edward nearly shitting himself as he raced us there, convinced he would have to deliver our first born in the car. The unadulterated joy on his face as he held Masen for the first time will be forever burned into my memory.

Edward became a devoted father from the moment we sat together, on the edge of the bath, and watched the pregnancy test turn positive. We hugged each other and cried, barely able to speak. He hugged my belly in wonder.

"Edward.....what do you think about me not going back to work after the baby's born? I really think I'd like to be a stay at home mum....."

He looked so happy as he stood up and took my hand. He led me to the car and drove me to work. Adamant that I resign there and then.

We're not perfect but we don't take anything for granted. Try and appreciate every little thing. Talk about everything, honestly. Say what we feel, even if it's difficult. It's the only way.

We're never far from each other, even if it's just a look between us. The passion and urgency pulsing between us.

Every gesture, touch and word means so much. It very nearly slipped through our fingers.

It was a long time coming.

We were once merely existing. Barely breathing.

Now at last, together, we are truly living.

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