A/N: I had make a video about this "opening" song. It's on youtube under the name "Claymore OP-Game". Here are the lyrics. Skip this if you don't want to watch. The ending song is not yet up. Oh, and I'm also drawing the pictures of some characters, they will be up on deviantart soon. My youtube account is angelezus.

OPENING SONG-GAME by Ayumi Hamasaki


my impulses are piling up, it is fixed to the maze without an exit.


it suddenly attacks, I am searching for the road to escape reality


although, why can't I leave this strange dark place


tomorrow of now, I can laugh well


so, like this, I don't lose anything


so, I keep on walking, even then


in order to think that this game is possible to win.


if I mention something, in that instant it is simply everything


it may come out like sand through the slits between my fingers.


only time, the extent which it is cut off, I will calmly wait for it to pass


tomorrow of now, it seems I will forget


words of this place, I do not need them.


no matter how little, I try to prolong it.


I'm fine, if it's about this game I will still search for it.


I said, surely, this pain is a fantasy after all


I said, such as me, I do not seem dependent


I said, because of this warmth, I will still seek.

ENDING SONG: KIOKU記憶 MEMORY by Houko Kuwashima

侵食の 月明かり
shuushoku no tsuki akari

The eroding moonlight

醜悪を 照らし出す

shuuaku wo terashidasu

illuminating ugliness

灰色に 染まる空

haiiro ni somaru sora

The sky is dyed grey


nageki no chi no ame ni utarete

The grief-stricken blood falls as rain

腐食して行く 花の雫

hushouku shiteyuku hana no shizuku

Dripping on flowers, corroding them

闇に抱かれて 落ちてゆく・・

yami ni dakarete ochiteyuku

Embracing the darkness, I falls

この体 消え去っても

kono karada kiesattemo

even if my body is gone


horobiyuku sadame demo

Even if my destiny is fated

彼方を愛した "記憶" だけは

anata wo aishita kioku dakeha

Only the memories of having loved you

何度でも甦る 私が私である

nando demo yomigaeru watashi ga watashi dearu

However times I am reborn, I am still me


koto no Akashi wo shimeshitekureru

I will show you the proof

誰でも そう 背を向けた

dare demo sou se wo muketa

No matter who I follow

癒されぬ過去の 傷跡を

iyasarenu kako no kizuato wo

The wounds of past have healed

背負い 生きて行くもの

se oiikiteyukumono

I will carry this burden on my back


kanashimini maketakunai

Although I am sad, I will not lose

強くあるために 今

tsuyokuaru tameni ima

In order to be strong, now


subete ni kaete

I changed everything

この "記憶" だけ 守り続ける

kono kioku dake mamori tsuzukeru

Only this memory… I will continue to protect