Not Without a Fight
Annaleise Marie

Summary: Emmett McCarty is new to Forks, and he's thoroughly unimpressed. Having moved around all of his life, Forks High seems like the very worst of the typical small-town high schools. That is, until he meets Rosalie Hale. He immediately puts his smoothest moves to use, but now it's her turn to be unimpressed. If he wants her, he's going to have to work for it. Canon pairings.

Round One

AN: Just a little something I'm writing for fun, since my other story is getting into more serious territories. :D Hope you enjoy it!


Off-white walls, metal lockers, the sharp smell of dry erase markers, ugly speckled tile. Every time I moved, these elements remained the same. Off-white walls, metal lockers, the sharp smell of dry erase markers, ugly speckled tile. The familiarity used to comfort me, but that wore off sometime in middle school, and now it was monotonous, boring. As it was, this was the sixth time I had changed high schools.

For a moment, I missed my last school. In Fort Meade, Maryland, I blended in well with the military brats. Temporary friends for temporary people. Nothing was expected of you; people didn't delude themselves with ideas of "friends forever". They were friendly enough, but expected nothing of anyone. Few people stuck around for more than three years; some were re-stationed within months.

I wasn't really a military kid, myself. My mother was forever trying to find a place where she could "put down roots". Which was all well and good, but she planted us somewhere new every eight months or so, so it didn't really work. It wasn't like that before my dad died when I was in fifth grade. Really, I think she's trying to outrun his memory, but this familiarity follows her, as well. When you've seen enough places, they all start to look the same. I try not to analyze her motives too closely, though. It's not like it will do me any good.

So far, the town of Forks, Washington, was not proving promising. I was hoping Mom would tire of it quickly. However, I thought as I turned my head to watch two girls, a blonde and a brunette, wander by, these small towns seem to house some of the nicest tail in the world. I was a sucker for old-fashioned unspoiled perfection, and girls in these towns were closer to it than the city girls, with their high-end salons and readily-available plastic surgery.

That's right. Emmett Fucking McCarty, damned philosophical bastard, and ladies' man extraordinaire. These bitches won't know what hit them.


For a tiny school, Forks High is confusing as shit. Where the hell is room E12? There are only two hallways, and the sign to my left points to Hall A, while the one on my right points to Hall B. What the fuck kind of joke is this?

I turned back around and made my way to the office, where I had just been given this stupid, nonsensical schedule. Happily, I fell in stride behind a tall blonde girl, with legs up-to-here and the single nicest ass I had ever seen in my life. It was an extremely nice view, and I thanked whatever god that may be listening for that damned stupid schedule, otherwise I may have missed this.

I followed her into the office and continued watching her ass sway as she walked behind the desk, sitting her bag down against the wall and then turning to sit down.

Well send me to prison and make me Bubba's bitch. This girl's front was even better than her back. Which was a relief. When I got her into bed, I wouldn't have to waste time convincing her to do it doggy-style so that I don't have to look at her face.

As gay as it sounds, this girl had the face of a fucking angel. An angry fucking angel. It was like my existence annoyed her. Or, it could be the fact that I was no staring at her fucking perfect chest, imagining what it would feel like to grab it, to tease and suck her nipples, to hear her moan my name. Because oh yes, she would be moaning my name. There was no doubt in my mind. I'm just that fucking good.

But back to the angry face. Even that was perfect, and suddenly the images in my head were much, much dirtier. This bitch looked like she could handle some serious shit. And deal it out, as well.

"Can I help you?" she asked, and I bit back one of my usual panty-melting answers because her tone clearly expressed that she had no interest in actually helping me with anything. Yet.

"I was wondering if there was a mistake with this schedule?" I asked, holding it out to her and throwing her my signature adorable, dimpled, wouldn't-hurt-a-fucking-fly-in-a-brick-shithouse smile. Girls usually ate that shit up.

Not her, apparently.

"I seriously doubt it. Those schedules go through the guidance counselors, the principal, and each teacher, through the computer, and then printed out. It's not like we make it up off the top of our heads and scribble it on a post-it," she said, looking bored and not bothering to take the schedule from me.

"Okay," I said. Bitch. "That's all well and good, but there's no Hall E, and this says—"

"Is there not?" she asked, her eyes wide. "That's strange. I could've sworn my locker was there this morning."

"Okay," I said again. Bitch. "But I can't find it, I can only find A and B. I haven't seen C, D, or E."

"Well, there is no C or D."

I really needed a cigarette if I was going to be expected to deal with this shit.

"... What?" I asked.

"Did I stutter?" she snapped.

"You know, you are very rude," I said. And I had every intention of fucking that right out of her. She'd be eating out of my palm by next week. There was nothing I enjoyed more than the ones that needed to be tamed.

"You know, I was aware of that," she said. "I've just never cared."

"Sure," I said, breathing deeply and then placing the smile back on my face. "Well, if you're not going to explain it, could you show me where it is?" So that I can watch that amazing ass again, I added in my head.

"Bella," she said, swiveling in her chair and addressing a girl that I hadn't noticed before, sitting at another desk, transcribing information into the computer, by the looks of it. "Do you want to show Emmett where Hall E is?"

"Have we met?" I asked, surprised that she knew my name.

"Thankfully, no," she said. "You're in Forks now. You'd better get used to everyone knowing you."

"I'll keep that in mind," I said, smiling once more. "I'll see you very soon," I added with a wink as the girl named Bella stood up and looked at me expectantly.

"Don't threaten me," the blonde answered. I followed Bella out of the office, laughing the whole way.

"Don't mind Rosalie," Bella said once we were out in the hall. "She's not really friendly to anyone at first."

"I don't mind," I said truthfully and she shot me a skeptical look. "It makes life more interesting."

"Yeah, well, in Forks you're going to need something to keep you interested. It's pretty dull here," she said, pushing open one of the heavy glass doors that led to the back courtyard, and turning on a walkway that led to the right. There was a separate building there, and it was this building that she led me to. "So where are you from?" she asked.

"Most recently, Maryland," I said. "But I was born in Tennessee, and lived there until I was eleven."

"You've come quite a long way to live in such a boring place," she observed, opening the door to the new building and leading me in.

"I've been all over the place. It doesn't really matter where I am. I won't be there long," I said. She nodded. I wasn't sure if she didn't know what to say, if she thought it would be too intrusive to ask for more information, or if she simply didn't care. After a few moments, she stopped in front of a classroom and nodded to it.

"Here's you class," she said.

"Thanks," I said. "See you later."

"Yeah. Have a good day," she said with a small smile before turning on her heel and heading back down the hallway as I ducked into the classroom.

The reaction was the same every time I went into my first class in a new school. Everything seems to stop as every head turns my way, and then the whispering starts. People wondering who the new kid is, people trading rumors they had already heard, people swapping opinions. It never changes.

I handed the slip that the office had given me with my schedule to the teacher and looked around for a seat. The only one that was open was in the back, next to a boy with curly blonde hair. He was wearing a tee shirt with some obscure band name printed across it and had a cowboy hat resting over his face, his head thrown back. Ten minutes into class, and he was already asleep.

Sounds like someone finally had their priorities straight.

I made my way to the back of the class, sure to ever-so-slightly brush my arm against that of the petite girl sitting in the chair in front of mine, throwing her a small smile. She bristled and I swear I saw the blonde guy twitch a little in his sleep at that same moment and for the love of God I think he growled a little. Growled? What was that shit? The girl let out a quiet laugh. This was a strange place.

Five minutes later, I became aware that someone was watching me. I felt it, that foreboding, hair-raising sixth sense that tells you someone's there and you didn't know it.

I looked over to see the blonde guy looking at me, the cowboy hat now resting casually on his head. He looked pissed. Fuck, what was it with the people in this town. Was there something in the water or something?

"You touched Alice?" he asked slowly, his eyes narrowing. I stared at him blankly. Who the fuck was Alice? He leaned over closer to me and whispered, "Of course you know that you have to die now."

What. The fuck. Cigarette. Fucking. Now. Clearly I was having auditory hallucinations from nicotine withdraw (which was obviously possible), because people just didn't really say shit like that for something that could be passed off as an accident, did they?

"Jazz, calm down," a cheerful voice chimed in and I turned away from the guy, against my better judgment, to find the girl in front of me, twisted in her seat to speak to him. He leaned back to sit upright in his seat but continued to glare at me.

"I'm Alice Brandon," the girl said cheerfully. "And that moody guy over there is Jasper Hale. He's really not that bad, he just wants to seem scary. You must be Emmett McCarty."

"Yeah," I said, shaking the hand that she extended to me. She had a stronger grip than I expected. Much stronger. Painfully stronger. I actually fucking winced.

"Nice to meet you, Emmett," she said and then pulled me by my arm to lean over my desk so that her mouth could hover near my ear. "Please don't ever touch me without my permission again," she said softly. I heard Jasper snort out a short laugh before reclining back in his chair and once more placing his hat over his face. I got a closer look at the band name on his shirt. The Pistolas.

"Who are The Pistolas?" I asked. I was a self-proclaimed audiophile, and I had never heard of them.

"Do not ask such blasphemous questions," Jasper commanded lazily from under his hat.

"Really, I wouldn't waste time wondering about it. He'll wear other shirts that will just fuck your mind in half," Alice answered, grinning. "Save your question tokens for then."

"Question tokens?"

"I only put up with two stupid questions from people a day," was Jasper's reply.

"And you?" I asked, raising my eyebrows at Alice. She smiled.

'I have an all-day pass," she said. "Hey Jazz, are you eating lunch with me today?"

"Of course, darlin'," he said calmly.

"Hey Jazz, who are The Pistolas?"

"A British band, kind of sounds like Hot Hot Heat doing Clash covers. Except, you know, not Clash covers."

"Hey Jazz, am I talking too much?"

"Of course not, darlin'."

"Hey Jazz, are you trying to sleep?"

"Just resting my eyes," he said.

"So," Alice said, turning to me. "How are you enjoying Forks?"

"I've only been here like a half hour, and I've already gotten lost once, encountered the bitchiest girl in the world, and a cowboy wants to kick my ass for brushing against his girlfriend," I said. "All in all, a pretty interesting day."

"I'm not that bitchy," Alice said calmly. "I just believe in personal space."

"I'm not talking about you," I said. "I'm talking about this girl in the office, when I was trying to figure out where this hall was."

Jasper chuckled softly. "Is he talking about Rosalie, darlin'?" he asked.

"Probably. I've never heard anyone call Bella bitchy," Alice answered as Jasper swept his hat once more off of his face, sitting up and looking at me intently.

"And what did you think of Rosalie?" he asked, his eyes locking onto mine. For a guy maybe half of my size, he was pretty scary. It seemed like a trick question.

"That... is hard to say," I said, choosing my words carefully. His face spread into a grin.

"You'd tap that, right?" he asked quietly.

"Jazz!" Alice broke in, giving him a dark look.

"Well?" Jasper asked, ignoring her.

"Well, yeah, I'm not stupid," I said honestly. "I mean, she's hot as hell." Jasper chuckled and shook his head. "What?" I added, afraid that he was suddenly going to tell me that Rosalie was really a man with a very convincing boob job. I mean, I hadn't gotten to thoroughly inspect her yet, after all. It was entirely possible.

"Oh, I was just thinking that you are clearly very stupid," he said right before the bell rang and he stood up, leaving the room quickly. Alice rushed after him, yelling goodbye over her shoulder.

What the hell was that?

Clearly, everyone in this town was on crack.


The rest of the day passed without incident. The remainder of my classes were in the building and therefore easy to find. The classes were something of a joke compared to Fort Meade, I spent lunch thoroughly avoiding Jasper Hale and keeping an eye out for Rosalie, who never made an appearance, and then it was time to go. I hurried out to the parking lot, climbing into my Jeep and slamming the door, digging around in the center console for my cigarettes and lighter.

When I finally had one lit and my chest was starting to relax from where it had tightened from the cravings, I sat back and watched the student body slowly filter out into the parking lot and the bus line. And there she was. The queen bitch herself. Rosalie. She was heading to her car, a bright red BMW. How very flashy.

And who was with her? None other than Jasper Fucking Hale.

Oh shit.

Looking at them now, it was clear.

The two of them were siblings.

I felt like beating my head against the steering wheel, but well, that would just add to the series of smooth moves I have apparently already made today.

Jasper looked over at me for a second and then said something to Rosalie, who turned to look at me as well, smirking.

Well shit. I didn't know what that meant, but for now I was going to be operating on game-on-mother-fucker mode.


AN: A clarification that I couldn't like, easily fit into the chapter: Rosalie and Bella do not work at the school. At my school, we had these students who spent class periods as "administrative assistants". Basically, they collected a bogus A for running errands for teachers and working in the office and shit. It was mainly for students who already had enough classes to graduate, but didn't want to lock out, or didn't have a way to leave early if they did.

Soooooo I actually don't have a lot to say about this chapter, but I'd love to hear YOUR thoughs! :D

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