OtoBoku Idea

This is a basic idea that I have had for a couple weeks now… It's due to my interest in funny Anime… and this one was the best I've seen so far… I'm saving this for the third or second to last chapter…

Rika-chan flopped on her bed when she got back to the dorm… oddly a folded piece of paper saying: 'Rika-chan' in neat hand writing, fell out from underneath her bed. "Hmmm another clue from mother?"

She thought as she opened up the letter… Rika had already known that her mother had attended this school as well.

Dear Renn,

This is the last of my clues,

You finally deserve to find out the reason why Grandma sent you to this school.

This is a sort of compensation for turning off all those girls back in Canada.

We wanted the best for you so we sent you here to find the right girl for you.

"Thank you mom and I think I have found the one…Because of you."

Renn we sent you here to find a Bride.

"Well if it weren't because of you I wouldn't have met Shion-sama…"

Good luck and congratulations.

Your dear mother,


Oddly, the person described in the letter, was none other than Rika-chan, but that was just a fake name for the school, her name in the school records was Rika Gurski, but her real name or should I say His real name was Renn Gurski.

His real name was changed in the school records so that he wouldn't lose his secret... so all the girls he met called him Rika-chan, She was in class 3-A... along with what seemed to be girls who seemed oddly familiar... Mizuho-chan and Shion-sama. Rika recognized them as soon she walked in the first day of class.