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Above all else (Lifestream Edition)

Chapter 1A - Meetings and Aiden's Secrets

1st person

Floating… That's all I feel at this point. And my memory is acting up. Why am I here? What did I do to get here? Why am I asking myself questions I have no idea what the answer is? Okay I'm going to stop right now. Wait now I remember! ….

Flashback Spell Start (a few hours ago)

I was in my room… and I was bored. And that was never a good thing in any circumstance. Lloyd had the computer so I couldn't play solitaire, mum and dad were out dancing and there was nothing on TV. Well not on my Virgin box anyway. It had been acting up for months but I just didn't want to get it fixed. I thought about going downstairs and then thought 'oh what the hell, maybe some CSI will help calm my nerves'. As I walked downstairs, I noticed mum had left the TV on again. And the news was on. "And in local science news, sunspot activity is the highest it has ever been ever. All electrical equipment are acting up all over the country and some frequency disruptions in Europe have caused minor incidents. We strongly advise you not to panic if any appliance or electrical object stops working. This has been…" changing the channel to something else. Music – Not really in the mood for Madonna at the moment, Discovery channel- Already watched that episode of Mythbusters, Cartoons- Nah. So I pressed the V+ button and looked at what we had. Deciding against Merlin and Burn Notice, I decided to scroll down until I hit the C section with CSI. I had no clue which one to watch. Should I go for the original Vegas, or look at one of the Miami episodes, or should I watch another of the New York Episodes? So many choices, so little time until mum and dad came home. I didn't know what to choose. So imagine my anger when the box and television just suddenly turned off. But my surprise at the screen and the box glowing was vastly overshadowing any and all anger I had. And the feeling of a giant hand around my body quickly turned that surprise into fear. And the feeling of sleep was not helping my panic attack. What was going on? But as I was lifted off my feet, I went numb and I faded to black…

Flashback Spell End

'Well at least I still have clothes on; TV had always taught me that most types of transport often leave you without clothes' I thought. The feeling of floating though was going. "no no no no no, don't you dare drop me!" I shouted to the darkness now around me. But I hadn't realised that I wasn't floating….Because I was on solid ground. Feeling that, I felt my face go red as I said "Sorry" out loud. Standing up, my jean legs touching the floor, I looked around. Nothing but pure darkness all around me. 'At least it's solid enough to walk on' I thought to myself as I felt the sturdy floor of darkness under my bare feet (I never wore trainers indoors). Taking a step forward, I expected there to be a big lightshow like near the end of the opening of the first Kingdom hearts. There wasn't anything as dramatic as that. No just walking face first into a wall was enough for some demented Power that be. "Oh motherfucker that hurt" I groaned as the pain in my face throbbed. Not much but enough to be annoying. I then looked up. I hadn't walked into a wall, but a door. "Not as dramatic as I thought the introduction would be, but I give points on merit, though walking into it was still painful" I said to no-one in particular. I found the door knob and turned it. As the door opened, I started hearing voices (and not the ones in my head either), Most I could recognise were male, only a few sounded female and one I could definitely recognise as a kid somewhere in their single or double figure. They all sounded like they were arguing.

"Breaking out would be fine IF WE KNEW WHERE WE WERE" Shouted a voice (Definitely female I thought and strangely familiar too)

"It would be too risky, we should just wait here and wit for any sort of rescue team to find us" said another. (Again female, I thought, and also familiar)

"Well, I don't hear sirens so we ain't getting rescued here" said another voice (This one definitely male, I thought and still so familiar)

But one thing I hadn't counted on was the door itself. It looked brand new but the thing that gave it away was the very loud creak it gave as I opened it fully.

3rd Person POV

As the door swung open slowly, all the arguing in the room stopped. The tenants of said room stopped as the creak was so loud. They all turned their heads to see who had come in. What they saw surprised them. As they had all thought they were in some sort of prison, they were expecting a big beefy prison guard. What they saw astounded them. There he was, a boy in his late teens, a green plaid shirt covering his slightly overweight body, baggy jeans on his lower half, bare feet touching the floor. His short brown hair, coming down just past the middle of his forehead and his blue eyes looking at the group of people, his face changing from an expression of confusion and intrigue to one of shock and surprise. "Ok, this just registered as a 9.8 on my weird-shit-ometer" he said, face still in shock. "What do you mean by that?" retorted a red haired woman in her 40's- 50's. "I mean, that either I am having a very bad prank played on me or if I call you who I think you are and you agree with me then I just entered a weird sort of twilight zone," replied the kid. "What do you think my name is?" She replied. "I'll reply in the form of a question: Is your name Jenny Sheppard?" He asked. "Well of course it is! Why wouldn't it be!" she snapped back at him. This turned out to be the wrong thing to say, if anything the teen started turning pale and started saying "No it's just not possible." After stepping back, he lost his balance and would have fallen on his back had two pairs of arms not grab him before he fell. Looking up he saw one familiar face and one he only saw once but never forgot. That and the scar he could feel on his arm proved it as well. "Tim Speedle and Hector Salazar" He said more to himself but they heard him. This time he did land, on his butt, because in shock both Speed and Hector had let go. Then Speed grabbed him by the front of his short and growled "How in hell do you know my name?" But all they got from the kid was a low chuckle as he replied, "Would you believe me if I told you? Better yet, would you not think I was crazy if I told you?" "Well at this point, since you know their names you most likely know our names as well, so it stands to reason that we either think you're nuts or a complete stalker, take your pick" said the small child. The black haired woman (as well as the rest of the group) looked at him with surprise. "Well moving on from that," The teen started "Maybe I should introduce myself, so as to avoid any future confusion. My name is Lewis Jones, I'm 19 going on 20, and where I come from you guys are all characters from a series of TV shows" he finished. Little did he know that his confession was being heard not just by the group of people in front of him…

Meanwhile in New York

Rachel Mills was not a very happy bunny. As a matter of fact if she were a bunny she would be a pregnant bunny with an Uzi at this moment in time. They stood her up! All of them. She had invited most of the lab over to watch a DVD she got in a strange package today (she was doing this for witness purposes only) and they had decided to stand her up. The nerve of them all! She went to her bedroom and changed. Her red dress, changing for a tight green top and blue jeans which showed off her curves in the right places. The needles taken out of her hair, letting it fall in a blonde flow of water. Her make up washed off, showing hair fair skin. Her blues eyes checking everything had been done before going into the kitchen and retrieving the package she got this morning. Although she had already opened it, she hadn't opened the letter or the book that had fallen out with it. She noticed the letter was written on strangely enough, parchment. 'Kind of Harry Potter-like here, wonder if it's going to ask me to study magic or something' she thought. Although after she read it, she felt that she was having her leg pulled.

It said.

Dear Miss Mills

My name is Akemi and I am a goddess. I know you, as a scientist, should not believe my letter and should scrunch it up and put it in the bin, but I implore you to read on. Currently I am at war with my brother Weskeraid. He wishes to break the border of reality and cause chaos in all worlds. Normally, we would never ask for help but the sunspots have helped him weaken the barriers. Even within the world of creation (you'll see what I mean with the DVD). The book will allow you to find who and what my heroes are talking about. When you watch this DVD, you will be recognised as my chosen one (one of many I will add) and that you must prepare for the upcoming battles in your world. You will not be unarmed though. As my champion you will be gifted with more speed, strength, intelligence and mostly of all, Magic. This you must train to work with your own abilities. Please trust me when I say that you may be my only hope.

Yours sincerely


P.S To accommodate the stat change you will be stiff , in an inordinate amount of pain and will have a really big headache when you wake up after you watch the DVD, so if you need to call in sick, You'd better do it now!

As she read, she felt herself slump onto the sofa. Her? Why her? She was a nerd, a nobody, why choose her? They only skills she had were her lab skills, and her limited knowledge of martial arts. How the bloody hell was she supposed to help!? Ugh, she hadn't even started watching the DVD and she already had the headache! Speaking of said item. She picked it up and held it in her hands looking at how the light reflected off it. Dare she watch it? She didn't know what to do so she did what any sane person would do. Flipped a coin. "Alright heads I watch, tails I ignore it" she said and flipped. And it landed… heads. "Ok then, I'll watch, but not before I get some popcorn." And she headed into her kitchen area to make some. 20 minutes later she had 2 bags of popcorn made and was putting the DVD into its player. After she had watched the first part, she heard what Lewis had said and realised out loud "So that's what she meant by creation!" and she then pressed play again…


Back in the unknown place

After Lewis had said what he had said, there was pandemonium. Everyone was shouting at him and he was getting a headache. 'I need a foghorn' he thought and the next thing he knew, there was a really loud noise which shut everyone up. "Can I continue? Thank you. Now onto business…Does anyone here know where we are or what we're meant to be doing because I have no clue? "He said, rubbing the back of his head. This again resulted in shouting and foghorn induced silence. This in turn led to the rest of the group throwing stuff they were thinking up at him. "Alright, Alright, I get it. We need to sort this out, but I vote for a change of scenery, darkness is not a place to socialise..." and as his stomach growled, Lewis added, "...And we could have some food as well." The others thought for a bit and nodded. So Lewis shut his eyes in concentration. The next thing everyone knew, there was a large flash of light and they were sat… in a sushi restaurant. But the only table was a large round table, with grills in front of each seat. In the middle of the table were… "Steaks?" Rueben asked. "Yep, I skipped dinner, and I'm hungry for meat." Lewis said. They all nodded their heads in agreement. Turns out when you're dead, you miss a lot of stuff, like eating meat. They all placed their pieces of steak on their grills, and as the steaks sizzled, Lewis noticed an envelope, taped to the underneath of his part of the table. As he pulled it out, the written contents made him gasp. (Not out loud)


These people you know know not of what happened after they died. I ask you to tell them because you have seen it and can tell them. Plus, they can tell you their secrets, as I know you keep so many.

Do well

PS. Start with Miss Burn. She has the most shocking things to say ;)

"Ok…Well that gives me a place to start" muttered Lewis. As he turned to Aiden, he noticed the kid sitting next to her, recognising him as Rueben. He noticed that each person was sat next to someone from the series he watched. Tim and Hector from Miami, Aiden and Rueben from New York, Warrick from Vegas and Caitlin and Jenny from Washington. 'So if I start with Aiden, I can go backwards through series' then hit the NCIS lot, this should be interesting to say the least' Lewis thought, this time to himself.

"Well, since we are going to be here a while, I shall give you the honour of updating you on the stuff that's happened since you guys died, and you guys can add stuff in where you think appropriate. I'll start with Miss Burn." "Just call me Aiden, I hate formalities" she replied. "Ok Then Aiden, what would you like to be updated on, although I probably guess what it is you want." Lewis said, adding the last bit rather slyly. "Just give me the gossip on Danny, I don't care about anyone else" Replied Aiden. "Ok then but don't hurt me if you don't like it… Danny's married, and has a child." Lewis expected tears of joy or a squeal, he didn't expect to start laughing "Ha ha ha, oh god That is so funny, Danny married next you'll be saying Mac has a stalker, because it'll never happen" The expression on Lewis' face not only told her he was embarrassed but it also said "It's true isn't it?" she said as her face paled slightly. "Yes…To both of those statements" Lewis replied sheepishly.

Rachel at that point spat out her popcorn and shouted at the TV "Mac has a stalker!?" causing her neighbours to start banging on the walls. "Sorry" She called back, and stared at the screen again.

"His stalkers name is Ella Mcbride, and she want to make him love her." Said in a tone that said 'I'm just as disgusted as you are'. "Doesn't he know?" Asked Warrick. "Mac is like Grissom, Rick; He honestly has no clue sometimes about anything" Lewis Replied. "Again, don't care about Mac, Only care about Danny here." Said Aiden a little miffed. "Question" Asked Caitlin, "Why would it be impossible for this Danny to get married?" "Because Danny prefers guys and has a huge crush on both his boss and his best friend" Replied Aiden matter-of-factly. She had not expected to hear Lewis start laughing. "OMG, this is rich and strangely ironic." "Why is that?" Asked Hector (He hadn't said anything for a while and wanted to pay his dues). As Lewis flipped his steak bits over he continued, "In my world we have fan fiction based on the shows you guys come from, Aiden's world is connected to yours and Warrick's by the series name, CSI, Although the other two also involve the state name. CSI NY, Aiden's part has a lot of fan fiction devoted to Danny in the form of Slash Pairings, or Male on Male pairings and Danny and Mac are quite the many on there as well as Him and Don. Although, there are quite a few written between Him and Speedle over there." Lewis mentioned, and everyone turned to Speed who had wide eyes. "Oh don't worry Speed, it would probably never happen." said Lewis. He then turned his attention to Aiden. "Aiden, does Danny have a strong sense of commitment or the need to do the right thing?" Lewis Asked. "Both" Replied Aiden.

"Oh, well then I could see him getting married to someone if they said it was his baby" Lewis wondered out loud. "Wait, there's a baby involved!?" Shouted Aiden, right in Jenny's ear. "Yes There's a baby involved, he's already said that, twice, so stop shouting," she snapped at her. "Sorry," Aiden replied, rubbing the back of her head.

"Again, Moving on before we have a full on catfight, He got married to Lyndsay after finding out it was his baby." "Does Mac Know?" She asked. "Know! He was one of their witnesses at the wedding." Lewis Replied. Aiden sat there, Jaw dropped. "Wow, if I get the chance to go back to earth, I'm slapping him" she said. "Well after what you've told me, I think we all want a piece of him," Voiced Rueben (who had been listening but had also been watching his steak bits cook), looking at the rest of the group. "Ok, before we move on, I have something I want to do." Said Lewis, and in his hand appeared a Harisen, a very large Harisen (1). He then turned to look at Rueben, a look that said 'I know I shouldn't but I'm going to enjoy hurting you,' on his face. Rueben got the hint and started running. 10 minutes later they both came back, Lewis looking happier, said Harisen broken and hanging on by a thread, and Rueben with all sorts of bruises and bumps all over him. "You know you deserved it so take the pain like a man" Lewis said smugly. "What did he do?" Asked Speed, munching on a piece of steak. "He went to go get his bike blessed, and ended up as a crime victim, but it was Danny who was hurt the most, ending up with him sleeping with Rueben's Mother" at this, the steak Rueben had started eating came flying out of his mouth in an impressive spit take. "Wow, look at that steak go!" said Lewis, impressed until he noticed everyone else's scowls. "What? If he hadn't been stupid enough to do it he wouldn't be sitting here with us, maybe no-one else or someone else would, I don't know but his reason for dying was really stupid. That's how I feel and if you don't like it, you can take it up with the foot I'll plant in your crotch." Lewis said growling the last part. Everyone else flinched at the end; his growl gave them the creeps. Rueben was more disturbed than creeped out. "He slept with my mother? What the hell!?" He shouted. "Guilt," Lewis said plainly "He felt guilty that he was involved and couldn't save the brat, so he went in a downward spiral which ended up with him sleeping with said brat's mother, " Lewis explained when he saw the confused looks.

Meanwhile Rachel was in a contemplative state. ' Danny must be Detective Messer, one of the main CSI in the building, but learning that he is Possibly Bi is weird but hot, but she is his best friend, well ex best friend considering she's dead and all! But what about the baby? Am I to assume that it is his or not? And if the latter is true does that mean that Ms. Messer isn't telling the entire truth. And what about Mac's stalker? How do I expose her to Mac without tipping my hand or playing all my cards?" Her introspective mood was interrupted by a strange voice, "Now that Aiden has revealed her secrets and Rueben has been beaten, will it get any easier for the rest of the CSI, and will the ladies from NCIS trump Aiden? Find out in the next episode, Miami Knights! The agents of Justice tell and are told." Then she heard Lewis' voice say "This is our stage, let our performance shine bright!" She decided to look at the menu on the DVD and saw that there were quite a few more episodes, and it was only 7pm, she could watch a few more episodes, little did she know was that she was going to be joined by a familiar and not so familiar faces of Miami for the next episode…

In an unknown location…

She was there, watching them all and influencing what could happen, doing small things like the letters and big things like their powers and status changes. Her brother was gaining more power but she knew her heroes were doing their best. At that point, shimmering beside her was a strange creature. Small and pink, it's body was almost human in shape but the pointy cat-like ears, the large red nose, the small black wings and the large red pom-pom on its single antenna gave it away (AN for those who don't know, It's a Moogle, I just can't describe things that well) "Miss Mills has been identified as your hero, the others are still waiting to see the rest of them before they decide, But we are having trouble with what Mills-san will specialise in Kupo" "Thank you Mooga, But I think I know what to give her." She Replied, staring down into a pool of water. She saw them all, her heroes of the worlds and their defenders, but how her brother would react, she did not know. All she could do was hope.

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