Things RuroKen Chars will never say. EVER!

Kenshin; WTF?! (Instead of "oro?")

Sanosuke; Hey, here's that money I owe you.

Kaoru; Who needs swordplay, anyway?

Yahiko; Kaoru, I don't think you've every looked more beautiful.

Megumi; Oh, pull that sword out of your shoulder yourself. (oh, wait)

Kenshin; DIE!!!!!!!! *slices enemy in two*

Kaoru; Does my bow match my socks?

Yahiko; Hey, don't break your back cleaning the floor. Let me do it.

Sanosuke; Ow! I broke a nail.

Megumi; Drink this, you'll feel much better. *fox ears pop up* (oh,wait)

Kaoru; Then I fricasseed the courgette in a soy mélange and sautéed it with a bit of truffle oil and voila!

Yahiko; No way I'm helping that stranger out. Nope.

Sano; Can't we all just get along?

Kenshin; Laundry is woman's work!

Megumi; Be careful, or I'll steal Kenshin from you! (oh, wait)

Misao; Aoshi who?

Tae; Help yourself, it's on the house!

Shishio; All I want is for people to love me, is that to much to ask?

Saito; Hey, Battosai, wanna grab a beer?

Yahiko; *holds up apron* Does it come in pink?

Kaoru; Ew! I'm all sweaty!

Sano; I win! *at gambling*

Kenshin; Well, that's all, folks!

Megumi; Sano, even though the purists will totally shoot us down for it, you and I were always meant to be. (oh, wait)

(A/N; Sorry about the author's note in the middle of the story, but I think I should pointed out that they really are meant for each other, as much as anyone wants to denigh it. OK, I'm done!)

Okina: Go on without me, I'm too tired to look at girls like a pervert.

Aoshi; I cut myself. (Ha ha! Oh wait.)

Aoshi; I'm not kidding (Security!)

Chou; Because I need the money, that's why I'm hocking all these swords.

Tsubame; And stay out!

Saito; Oro?

Kenshin; Why is my shirt PINK?!

Sano; Let me buy you dinner for once.

Kaoru; That's it, unless you can pay, GET OUT NOW!

Yahiko; Samurai, shmamurai, I want to be a sumo!

Megumi; Oh Kenshin, please help me! (oh, wait)

Author's Note; Layman here! How do you like it? Did any of that sond like things the characters would never say? (except for Megumi, that was the running joke.) If you have any ideas of your own, private message me! I'll put them in chapter two if I get enough.