This chapter is done in the style of the Patient Interviews from Batman; Arkam Asylum. Thanks to caveat lector from providing me with an amazing example to work from.


"Dr. Yohana Tekashi, session 12. Patient, Maebara Sakura. Patient's condition has shown little improvement. She seems to be locked inside herself, either unable or unwilling to respond to direct stimuli most of the time. She also seems to be developing schizophrenic tendencies. I'm going to try to touch on the day of the incident." *door opens* "Hello Sakrua-chan, how are you doing today?"

Awkward silence.

Rocking in chair.

"Um, are you hungry?"


"Very well then, I'd like to ask you some questions. Is that alright?"

"Um, ok."

"They're about the day of the incident, do you think you'll be alraight?"

"You're not giving me a choice."

"Oh. Um, I've never thought about it like that."

"I don't mind you know."

"Really? Then, may we get started?"


"Ok, can you tell me what happened that day?" *rustles through papers* "Some of the details of your account are rather sketchy."

"I...I invited Sayu-chan and Yoshi-chan over my house for the night. We were just going to watch movies and play board games." *begins to sob* "I had no idea...."

"Shh, it's alright. Just tell me what happened next."

*sniffs* "Well, we watched a couple bad movies, and Yoshi-chan suggested we play some games. Sayu-chan took this notebook out of her knapsack and said, 'Let's play this'. I thought it was just something like kokkuri-san."



"I take it you believe in spirits?"


"And you like things like Kokkuri-san and fortune telling, right?"


"Thank you." *scribbles on paper* "Then what happened."

"We called a taxi and it drove us to this abandoned warehouse were we...."

More silence.




"Dr. Tekashi session 13, patient Maebara Sakura. Unfortunately, Maebara-san locked herself up midway through the session, and I was unable to glean any other information about that night. She's now rested and she's been given her medication; I believe she will be lucid enough to finish her story." *door opens* "Sakura-chan? May I come in?"


"Thank you." *closes door* "Do you think we can pick up where we left off last time?"



*clears throat* "Last time you said you and your friends went to a warehouse for a game. What happened when you got there?"

"We...we went inside, and, Sayu-chan said we had to sit in a circle. Then she took out the notebook and began writing names in it. She asked us if there was anyone we hated."

"And what did you say?"

"I didn't say anything, but Yoshi-chan began naming dozens of people she knew." *pause* "I never realized she had so much hate inside her."

"It is sad, but if you don't mind continuing...."

"Sorry. As Sayu started writing the names in the book I suddenly felt the room get cold. then lights started filckering on and off and the wind started blowing."

"Wait, the wind started blowing insdie the building?"

"Yes, I'm not making this up. It really happened."

"I believe you, I just wanted to make sure I didn't hear you wrong. So after the wind picked up, what happened?"

"Well, then this...this spirit appeared." *shudders* "It was so scary."

"Can you describe it? Can you tell me what it looked like?"


*sighs* "Then you don't have to, just finish your story."

"He...he looked at us real intensely, but before he could say anything Sayu-kun's brother and this lady came rushing into the room and the lady shot the book with her gun." *begins to breath heavily* "Then spirit the spirit started thrashing around the room, knocking things over. Then it knocked over the pile of junk Sayu-kun was next to and it crashed down on her.

"When the dust settled Sayu-kun's brother rushed over and started digging her out. He called for me and Yoshi-kun to come over and help us, so we went. When we finally dug her out he went over to the lady he came with and left us alone. Suddenly, the next thing I see is Sayu-kun grabbing Yoshi-kun's head. As I'm running I look back and see Yoshi-kun's head being driven through a metal bar like shishkebab!"


"Shh, it's alright, you don't have to say anymore."

"Mmm, my story was finished anyways."

"That's fine."

*distortion* "And so is yours."

Chair slides.

"I-I don't under-Urk!"


*distortion* "I would have thought it would be obvious by now, Miss Tekashi.

"I'm Shinigami Ryukuu."