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About time you all called me in here, seeing as I'm the prime witness. It's not like she's telling you much, right now. Tell me, have the medic warlocks finally given up and handed her off to N°1, or are they still insisting that they can fix things? Typical. They'll let her die before they admit that they don't know what he did to her.

Huh? What was that? Oh. Right. Lieutenant Chix Verbil, formerly of LEPRetrieval, currently stationed on the surface-side of E1 as the Resident Officer.

When did it begin? I'm not sure how to really take that question. Back in winter 2002, I suppose... Oh. Alright. If you want.

Let's see...I should have realized that something was wrong four months ago, just a few hours after it started, but it took me a while to see the effect it was having on her. By the time I noticed, it was far too late, and all I could do was hold her and pray that it was the end, even though I knew that the end was far from a "happily ever after."

I was, as usual, on duty at E1, watching as fairies came and went during the full moon, excited to perform the Ritual and then feeling high off running hot when they came back. It was a warm summer evening, with most of the fairies coming back sporting a light sweat and panting slightly.

Captain Holly Short, however, came back from her visit to the surface absolutely flushed, wiping sweat from her face and gasping. That's what caught my attention. I wasn't sure I'd ever seen Short so poorly composed, even from her badly executed showdown with the troll at the first Fowl siege. I decided to leave my desk...purely to see if she needed assistance, mind. She looked like she could use a little support until she was on the shuttle home.

"Well, you look rather blown," I said to her, and she seemed pretty startled. Wherever her mind had been, it certainly wasn't in the shuttleport.

She just looked at me for a while, as if she couldn't remember who I was. Then she gave this little shake of her head and said, "Oh, Lieutenant. I suppose I am a bit...er...overwhelmed."


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