One More Night

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Arthur and Merlin both attend Camelot boarding school. One night one of them has too much to drink and they end up sleeping together. One of them wants to forget about the encounter whilst the other longs for at least one more night.

Chapter 1-Best Friends

At Camelot boarding school, Saturday night only meant one thing, party time. It was almost certain that somebody somewhere would hear word of a local house party going on and then spread it around the school. If not, then somebody would organize one or the students would just go clubbing in town.

On one such night, the students of Camelot were littered around different nightclubs in the town of Ealdor. There was music, there was dancing and there was alcohol.

Eighteen year old Merlin Emerys was one of Camelot's pupils. Although for most of his life he and his mother had lived a very poor lifestyle, at the age of thirteen his father, whom he had never met, was reported dead and had left his entire fortune to his only son.

Whoever his father was, he was clearly a very wealthy man. Merlin insisted that his mother take the money. For a long time she refused but they eventually came to an agreement. Hunith, Merlin's mother, would only use whatever money she may need provided that Merlin transfer to Camelot boarding school. After many arguments, Merlin had agreed and at thirteen years old he moved away from his mother and joined the prestigious school where his uncle Gaius worked as a science teacher.

To begin with, Merlin had been worried about fitting in but as it happened, the students of Camelot weren't as arrogant and stuck up as he had always assumed them to be. In fact, there were a small number of students who attended the school because they had been given scholarships but there was no divide between social or financial status.

The first friend Merlin had made at Camelot was headmaster Uther Pendragon's step-daughter Morgana LeFay. Uther had married Morgana's mother Helena many years ago and they were still together. So Morgana had always belonged to a wealthy family but that didn't stop her from befriending Merlin.

Like Merlin, Morgana had bright blue eyes and porcelain skin. She even had the same brown-black hair colour; of course hers was much longer and more neatly kept than Merlin's. Because of their physical similarities, Merlin and Morgana had often been mistaken for brother and sister.

Uther Pendragon also had a son from his first marriage, eighteen year old Arthur Pendragon. Arthur had never met his mother Igraine as she had died shortly after giving birth. The blonde haired blue eyed teen was forever trying to gain the approval of his father and make him proud but he never seemed to succeed. Helena had tried to fill the role of mother for Arthur but even from a young age he had given her the cold shoulder. Whilst Morgana had taken to calling Uther 'dad', or 'daddy' when she wanted something, Arthur had always called his step-mother Helena.

However, Arthur had developed a close bond with his step-sister and was very protective of her. Since her early childhood, Morgana had suffered from nightmares and Arthur would take it upon himself to comfort her in the middle of the night. Of course, the two step-siblings had their fair share of arguments and constantly wound one another up but they cared for each other deeply beneath all the quarrels and insults.

When Morgana had first introduced Merlin to Arthur, the boy's didn't get on particularly well. For the first two weeks they seemed to get into a fist fight at least once a day. Then one day in science class, Gaius had paired the two boys together with the hope that they might put aside their differences and learn to get along. This had resulted in the science lab catching on fire when Arthur pushed Merlin who accidentally knocked over their Bunsen-burner.

Luckily, nobody had been hurt in the accident. Gaius and the other students were able to get out of the fire exit. Merlin and Arthur seemed to be trapped but Merlin had grabbed a work stool and thrown it through the window which had permitted the two boys' escape. Since then, they had become the best of friends.

Morgana's best friend was a scholarship student named Guinevere who preferred to go by the name of Gwen. She had coffee coloured skin, chocolate brown eyes and tight black curls. She was often shy and tended to say things without properly thinking them through but she was a very sweet and intelligent young girl.

However, as soon as Gwen got a couple of alcoholic drinks down her throat she was like a completely different person. She and Morgana were currently throwing themselves about the dance floor earning themselves a great deal of male attention.

Arthur was being chatted up by some girl but he was barely paying her attention. He was keeping an eye on the two girls to make sure they didn't get into any trouble.

Then there was Merlin sat by himself in the corner of the nightclub. He'd just finished off his third drink. Since Merlin wasn't much of a drinker the alcohol had already gone to his head and he was well and truly pissed.

He managed to stand up and swayed slightly on his feet before staggering through the crowds of people to get to Arthur.

"Arthur!" He cried cheerfully as he fell into the blonde's arms.

"Merlin, you lightweight." Arthur jibed as he helped his friend to stand.

The two boys looked at one another as different spots of light flashed over them highlighting them in various colours, blue, red, purple, green, yellow.

"Are you going to dance with me or not?" The girl huffed.

"No, sorry." Arthur apologized hardly looking at her. "I'd better get him home safely."

"Fine." The girl snapped before storming off to flirt with someone else.

"Ooooh very smooth Pendragon." Merlin jeered.

"Well at least I can hold my drink." Arthur retaliated as he pulled the boy's arm over his shoulder and wrapped an arm around his waist.

He scanned the dance floor until he caught Morgana's eye. He mouthed to her that he was going to take Merlin home. She nodded and gave him the thumbs-up sign to show she'd understood.

Keeping a firm hold on the dark-haired boy, Arthur led the way out of the club and into the cold November air.

"I'm going to be sick." Merlin declared.

Arthur tried to push him away but he didn't react fast enough and Merlin vomited over his brand new black jeans.

"Cheers mate." He said sarcastically.

Merlin ignored him and puked a bit more onto the pavement. Arthur stood beside him and rubbed his back until he was done.

"Hmm, I feel better."

"Yeah that's great." Arthur replied as he rolled his eyes before helping Merlin to walk again.

He guided the drunken boy to his shiny red car and took out his keys before unlocking the door and strapping Merlin in the passenger seat. A sober Arthur then walked around the other side and climbed in.

"I swear Merlin, if you puke in my car I'll make you clean it up with your tongue." Arthur warned before turning on the ignition and pulling out of his parking space.

"Do you have any water?" Merlin asked completely ignoring the threat.

Still keeping his eyes on the road, Arthur reached a hand across Merlin's lap and opened the glove compartment. His fingers found the bottle and he took it out and offered the water to Merlin who eagerly gulped the liquid down.

"Can we stop?" He asked. "I really need to pee."

Arthur groaned before turning around a corner and pulling up by the edge of the curb. He stepped out of the car and ran around to help Merlin before leading him behind a bush to do his business.

"Hurry up Merlin, it's freezing out here." Arthur complained.

"Can't get it undone." Merlin grumbled as he fiddled with the zipper on his jeans.

"Oh you idiot." Arthur sighed dramatically before coming to his friend's assistance and unzipping his jeans.

Merlin was still very unsteady on his feet so Arthur stayed behind him and kept a hand on his waist whilst he emptied his bladder. When he was done, Arthur tucked the boy's penis away and zipped his jeans back up before leading him back to the car.

They drove back to the school and Arthur parked his car right beside his father's.

"I'm sorry about your jeans." Merlin said seeming to sober up a little. "I can buy you a new pair."

"Nah it's alright." Arthur told him. "I'm sure it'll wash out."

Once again, Arthur hopped out of the car and ran around the other side to help Merlin. He half carried his friend into the school and up to the living area.

"You don't have to help Arthur." Merlin said. "I can make it to my room from here."

Arthur nodded before letting his friend go. Merlin had made approximately five steps before tumbling to the floor in an undignified heap.

"You were saying?" Arthur asked in amusement.

"Ok, I might need a bit of help." Merlin admitted.

Arthur chuckled before helping his friend up.

"What would you do without me I wonder?" Arthur mused.

"Wither and die." Merlin said as he leaned heavily onto the blonde. "I can't live without you mate."

"Alright, no need to get all sappy." Arthur replied distastefully.

"But it's true." Merlin implored as they progressed slowly down the corridor. "You're like…my knight in shining armor or…my handsome prince or something."

"Shut up Merlin, you sound like a complete and utter girl." Arthur told him.

"Yes sire." Merlin replied sarcastically as they reached his bedroom.

Merlin fumbled in his jeans pocket before pulling out his key. He somehow managed to fit it in the hole and unlock the door before letting himself in.

Without invitation, Arthur followed behind him and made his way through the mess of Merlin's bedroom not even thinking about turning on the light. He heard the sound of springs and guessed that Merlin had collapsed onto the bed.

"You alright?" Arthur asked as he found his way to his friend and felt around for Merlin's feet before pulling off his shoes.

"I'm fine." Merlin answered as he sat up and pulled his shirt off before dropping it onto the floor.

"Right well, I'll see you in the morning." Arthur told him.

"Arthur, stay." Merlin begged and Arthur couldn't find it in himself to leave.

He kicked his own shoes off and removed his shirt before unbuckling his belt and removing his puke-covered jeans. Dressed in only his boxers he settled beside Merlin on the bed.

"Um…a little help." Merlin asked unable to undo his jeans again.

"You really are useless." Arthur told him before moving his hands to Merlin's jeans and helping him strip them off.

The blonde returned to his position on his back preparing to go to sleep when he heard the sound of more movement.

"Merlin, what are you doing?" Arthur asked.

"Taking my pants off." Merlin answered before throwing said pants onto the floor.

Arthur gulped slightly at the prospect of his best friend being in the same bed as him fully naked.

"I think I should go." Arthur whispered.

He made to sit up but Merlin stopped him by wrapping his arms around him and pressing kisses to his neck.

"Stay Arthur." Merlin told him before his hands moved down to the blonde's waist.

Arthur sucked in a breath as Merlin pulled off his boxers.

"Merlin." Arthur said in a shaky voice as the other boy began kissing his chest and then sucking on his nipples. "We shouldn't do this. You're drunk; you don't know what you're doing."

"Shut up Arthur." Merlin ordered before covering the blonde's mouth with his own thereby swallowing any further protests.

Although Arthur felt as though he was taking advantage of his drunken friend, his hormones overrode his conscience and he eagerly responded to Merlin's kisses.

Bringing his hand up, Merlin offered his fingers to Arthur who pulled them into his mouth and sucked. Merlin then moved his saliva-covered fingers to Arthur's virginal entrance and lightly pressed a finger into him.

"Merlin." Arthur gasped.

The dark-haired boy kissed the blonde again as he added a second finger, shortly followed by a third. When he felt Arthur was ready he leaned across to the top drawer of his dresser and pulled out a condom. His fingers were clumsy and the first one ripped but with Arthur's help Merlin managed to successfully roll the second condom onto his engorged cock.

Their lips met again as Merlin pushed himself inside of his lover. Arthur cried out at the pain and gripped Merlin's arms tightly.

"Sorry." Merlin apologized. "Just relax."

He worked his way out slowly before easing himself back in. Arthur was breathing heavily and biting down on his lower lip as a result of the pain. Merlin sucked lightly on the blonde's neck, no doubt leaving a mark, and wrapped his hand around Arthur's erection and began to pump him up and down with the hopes of taking his mind off the pain.

It did the trick and Arthur was soon beginning to feel pleasure. He moaned softly before bringing Merlin's lips back to his. They moved together starting up a slow rhythm before the pain faded completely and Arthur was soon begging his friend to mover faster and harder.

Merlin eagerly replied and was soon slamming himself in and out of the blonde. Arthur chanted his best friend's name over and over until he reached climax and felt Merlin release himself inside of him as his cum splashed over their stomachs and chests.

They kissed once more before Merlin pulled out and rolled off of the blonde and pulled the covers up over them. Completely breathless, Arthur cuddled up to his friend's side hardly able to believe what they'd just done.

However, when morning came, Arthur felt a dull ache in his anus. He moaned slightly as he blinked open his eyes before finding himself in an empty bed alone in Merlin's room.

To Be Continued

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