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Chapter 19-Valentine's Day

When February came, Arthur was finally free of his sling and crutch. He celebrated having a fully healed arm and leg by lifting Sophia into his arms and spinning her around. She screamed and giggled before he carefully set her down pleased to find that she wasn't as drastically light as she used to be.

Talk about Arthur's scar had died along with the news of Valiant's 'suicide' and talk of him had evaporated when Lancelot sang a love song to Gwen at dinner time in the canteen.

Though Morgana still had the occasional troubled nights sleep, her nightmares had eased off somewhat. She continued on with her life, working hard on her studies, partying every Saturday and spending time with her friends. Other than that first night with Arthur, she did not mention Valiant.

However, she had secretly visited his grave and laid a single lily on the ground by his headstone.

As for Merlin and Arthur's relationship, they had done no more than kiss but they were an openly gay couple. Whispers had followed the two boys in the hallways for about a week before people got used to the idea and began to gossip about something else. But despite their relationship being old news, many girls still came up to tell them what a sweet couple they made and on more than one occasion girls had actually begged for the two boys to kiss in front of them.

"Arthur?" Merlin asked as he stepped into the blonde's bedroom on Valentine's Day morning.

"Morning." Arthur replied from his position on the bed where he was sat pulling on his socks. "Happy Valentines day." He added before getting up and greeting his boyfriend with a gentle peck on the lips.

"Yeah…Valentine's Day." Merlin said awkwardly as he rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his neck. "Your darling sister forced me to get you a gift."

"Yeah, she forced me to get you one as well." Arthur laughed. "So come on, what did you get me?"

"Well it's really from all of us." Merlin told him. "Your dad and Helena chipped in a bit as well as me, Morgana, Gwen, Sophia and Lancelot. Even my mum and Gaius made a donation."

"What are you raving on about?" Arthur asked him.

From his trouser pocket, Merlin produced a small rectangle shaped box with a fancy bow and ribbon that Arthur assumed was Morgana's doing rather than Merlin's.

Taking the box, Arthur carefully untied the ribbon and removed the lid to find himself looking down at a set of car keys. His mouth fell open and he looked at Merlin in shock.

"A new car?" He asked completely dumbfounded.

"Yeah." Merlin replied shyly. "I mean, your dad was going to wait until your birthday to get you a new one but Morgana bullied him until letting us all get you one now."

"Merlin, you shouldn't have." Arthur told him as he stared awestruck at the key.

"Well like I said, it was all of us." Merlin said. "Anyway, if you don't want the car I'm sure Morgana would love it."

"No!" Arthur yelled quickly. "The car is mine. Where is it? I want to see."

Merlin grinned at his boyfriend's excitement before waiting for him to put his trainers on and then taking his hand and leading him outside to the parking lot.

"There you go." Merlin said as he pointed to a brand new shiny blue car. "It's all yours baby."

"I fucking love you." Arthur exclaimed as he pressed his lips firmly against Merlin's before running over to his new car and slipping into the driver's seat.

Merlin moved over to join him in the passenger's seat and Arthur took them for a quick five minute drive before returning to his parking space.

"Seriously, you're the best." Arthur told him once they'd parked up. "This is brilliant, thank you."

"You're welcome." Merlin replied. "But it was more Morgana than me. She picked the car out saying the blue colour matched both of our eyes as well as hers."

"Now the present I got you seems really lame by comparison." Arthur said meekly.

"I'm sure I'll like it." Merlin told him as they climbed out of the car.

They made their way back to Arthur's room and the blonde rummaged through his dresser drawer before taking out a simple rectangular box that was free of bows and ribbons. He handed it to Merlin who smiled gratefully before lifting the lid and looking down at the silver watch inside.

"Thanks." Merlin said with a genuine smile. "I'm always running late."

Arthur snorted before lifting the watch out of the box and fixing it onto Merlin's wrist.

"After…after Valiant." Arthur said feeling how the other boy tensed up at the mention of his rapist's name. "You said you needed time before you could become intimate with me again…so I figured it made sense to get you a watch. That way you have all the time you need."

"Thank you that's…ridiculously girly and corny but…it's kind of sweet." Merlin replied.

"Come on." Arthur said. "We'd better get moving or we'll be late for maths."

When lessons finished that day, Merlin went back to Arthur's bedroom along with Morgana and Sophia; Gwen was on a romantic date with Lancelot.

The four friends talked and laughed together as they listened to music and Arthur ordered them some pizza. Morgana ate an entire large Hawaiian pizza to herself and Merlin wolfed down a large ham and pineapple pizza whilst Arthur and Sophia shared a large cheese and tomato.

"I'm still hungry." Morgana whined after she'd polished off her last slice.

The other three gaped at her in disbelief as Morgana rummaged through Arthur's things looking for his stash of chocolate. She found it in a shoebox under his bed and helped herself.

Later on, Morgana and Sophia retired to their rooms leaving the two boys alone.

"Can I stay here tonight?" Merlin asked.

"Sure." Arthur agreed. "You can have the bed if you want, I'll take the floor."

"No." Merlin said as he stepped closer to where the blonde was sat at his desk chair and then straddled his lap. "Can I stay here tonight?" Merlin asked as he rubbed himself against Arthur so he could make his intentions quite clear.

"Are you sure you want to?" Arthur asked as he looked his lover carefully in the eye.

"You were really brave today Arthur." Merlin told him. "Not many people could get back behind the wheel of a car so easily after being in a horrific accident. But you did, I can't imagine how much courage that must have taken…so now it's my turn to be brave."

"You do realise you sound like an utter girl." Arthur smirked.

"Well I can assure you that I'm not a girl." Merlin replied as he ground his manhood against the blonde.

The two boys kissed, exploring one another's mouths with their eager tongues. Slowly, Arthur ran his hands underneath Merlin's top and felt his smooth back and flat stomach and chest. He pulled the top over Merlin's head and dropped it to the floor. Leaning forwards, Arthur gently suckled on Merlin's nipples before lifting him up and moving them to the bed.

Merlin then pulled off Arthur's shirt before pushing him onto his back and placing his legs either side of his waist and looking down at him.

"If you ever want to stop then just say." Arthur told him. "I'll understand."

"I don't want to stop." Merlin replied as he dipped his head down for a passionate kiss. "I never want to stop." He added as he licked the length of Arthur's scar making the blonde boy shiver.

Moving downwards, Merlin splashed kisses across Arthur's chest and stomach muscles before unbuckling his belt and tugging his jeans down along with his boxers. He dropped the items of clothing to the floor and admired his naked lover before tentatively wrapping his hand around Arthur's erection.

Arthur let out a soft moan and his hips jerked in pleasure, he'd almost forgotten how good it felt to have Merlin touch him in this way.

With slightly trembling fingers, Merlin pulled his hand away and unzipped his own jeans before adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor, his underwear coming off shortly after.

He lowered himself over Arthur and they both hissed in pleasure as their heated naked bodies made contact. Merlin leaned down and kissed Arthur's lips again before moving off and rolling onto his back.

"Merlin?" Arthur asked in confusion.

"I…I want you to…I want to feel you inside me." Merlin said. "That's the only way I can truly move on from what…from what he did."

"Merlin, are you sure?" Arthur asked gently as he stroked the side of Merlin's face with the pad of his thumb.

Merlin nodded so Arthur kissed him softly before reaching to his bedside drawer and pulling out a condom and a tube of lubricant that he had bought for whenever Merlin would be ready for full-on intimacy.

Arthur rolled the condom onto his hard member before squeezing a generous amount of lube onto his fingers. He massaged the lube into Merlin's asshole and gently probed the entrance with his finger.

"Sorry if I hurt you." Arthur whispered as he kissed Merlin's lips swiftly.

He took his time preparing Merlin before pulling his fingers away. He squirted some more lube into his hand and coated it over his condom covered cock.

Tossing the tube back into the drawer he settled himself over Merlin and slowly guided himself into his lover. Merlin's face screwed up in discomfort and he began to breathe heavily.

"Relax darling." Arthur said soothingly as he peppered light kisses over the boy's face.

"Don't…call me…darling." Merlin gritted out as his anal walls opened and Arthur became fully sheathed inside of him.

Arthur groaned at the pleasurable feel of being fully inside Merlin. He held himself above the boy going red in the face from the effort of keeping still and giving Merlin time to adjust.

"Ok…move." Merlin instructed.

Forcing himself to go slow, Arthur slid himself out and then carefully back in pressing kisses to Merlin's neck all the while. They made love at a slow and steady pace, kissing softly but passionately until both boys came at the same moment, the other's name spilling from their lips.

"Thank you." Merlin said after Arthur had pulled out of him and they lay cuddled up to one another.

Arthur fondly stroked his lover's dark hair before gently engaging his lips in a kiss.

"I love you." Arthur told him.

"I love you too baby." Merlin replied. "Even if you are a prat."

"Shut up Emerys." Arthur retorted.

"Make me." Merlin challenged.

Arthur did just that by shoving his tongue down Merlin's throat and kissing him until they both grew slightly dizzy from lack of oxygen.

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