In one last great effort to defeat what sought to tear them down, Organization XIII once more rose from the ashes. Their deaths before, like all things that could not be measured, neither qualitatively or quantitatively, had been a façade. Surely the silly boy knew that the most powerful (incomplete as they may have been) beings could not be destroyed by mere tussles. Surely he knew; they used darkness to facilitate their return, and they would not bow.

So self-righteous, so convinced, they were, those twelve of them standing (mostly) there. All except Roxas, who had found his birth inside the Keyblade Bearer. Just those twelve.

Xemnas bore the most resemblance to his old self. Perhaps he was the strongest, or perhaps he was just more accepting than the others. And Demyx had only cracked a few fingers from his right hand.

But there were others: Vexen was half-complete. His face was a porcelain doll that had been dropped, smashed. Even Xigbar was missing parts. And Xaldin had been left with just a torso.

Why had this happened? All of them had been left as simple, hollow paper dolls. They moved, they talked, they deliberated, and yet all that seemed to pour out of the holes in their bodies was darkness. But never minding that they were shattered; some could still fight. If they all faced Sora at once (what they should have, arguably, done in the first place), surely he could be forced to bow.

But they were brittle, brittle people. Luxord went first. His cards faded into darkness, and this time, they would not be coming back. He, however, splintered into tiny glass bits, each one painted with a piece of Luxord upon it. Zexion could not help but notice this, as a shard of what was once the Gambler of Fate's eye landed at his foot (he only had one that this point—Lexaeus was holding up the rest of him).

So this is what they would become, should they all be defeated. Small pieces, inconsequential and littering the arena. And the shards would turn to chips. And the chips would turn to fragments. And the fragments would turn to sand. And the sand would turn to dust.

The largest piece of Demyx (one of his arms—it had been locked and raised above his head as Sora's strike had landed to his body), hit Larxene in the back of her head. And in that one moment, both of them were gone.

Lexaeus shattered while shielding Zexion, his usually substantial bulk having been whittled down to nothing. Without his protector and support, Zexion fell. And he died where he fell, the same blow that Sora had killed Lexaeus with, blade cutting through crystalline bits until fracturing the material of the Schemer's abdomen. There was no fighting chance.

Saix had faired the best—he managed to knock Sora over. But he, too, was wrecked.

Vexen was quick; perhaps quicker than before, as he was missing half of his body. But he was uncoordinated and when the keyblade fell, it was as though he had not been there at all.

It was at that point that they began to realize they were (as Xigbar so eloquently put it at the time, out-of-place as it was) 'verily fucked.' A mere adolescent had defeated them when they had been strong and functioning—what had made them think that they could defeat him while they were literally shells oozing of darkness?

While the broken bits of each member were crunched underfoot, all else faded. Weapons, robes (or what had been left of them, anyway). All gone, dead.

Xaldin, Axel, Xemnas, Xigbar, Marluxia. The last of them died in that order. Marluxia, strong-willed and cunning as he was, took conflict with the Keyblade warrior last. He was missing only one part of his old self: his face. Vain as he had been, it was a fitting purgatory.

As his scythe clashed with that of Sora's, everything that had ever been slain by it revolted. Perhaps that was why Marluxia's scythe did not fade. It ricocheted into splinters. Instead of fading, a shining shard of that rose petal pink blade buried itself in the Assassin's side. It was not the keyblade that ended him, but his own weapon.

Somehow, he rather likened it to having the last laugh.

Organization XIII no longer existed as Nobodies.