Never Too Far


For one little moment, Doctor, you impressed me.

Oh yes. Thought I'd vanished, did you? Thought that last encounter would be it? That you'd banished me from the aura of your shining example of goodness?

No, Doctor. I'm still here. In the darkness. Waiting. Patient.

Your sub-conscious is such a fascinating place, isn't it, Doctor? Full of such wonders it almost threatens to burst out. Memories of days long gone... how you dwell on them in this soulful moment. What you should gather from it is that Gallifrey was weak. And we were strong.

No, don't deny it! It is true!

But I was there. In the dark. When Gallifrey burned and you boiled inside with it, I was in your hearts, just under the surface. Another little moment you almost impressed me. Amongst other moments.

When you threatened the Emperor with extinction.

When you considered the Skasis Paradigm.

When you had the Master at your mercy.

When you held the weapon at your daughter's murderer and gripped the trigger.

But always it was too far. You were a man who never would. How predictable. Weak. Foolish.

And then you came to Mars. Another one of your wasteful jolly holidays of old. You weren't expecting trouble. What you found was history in the making. An old hero of Earth. Monsters in the dark. A countdown to destruction.

Your sort of fun.

But in that carnage, amongst the screams and cries for help over that intercom, something woke in you. It was me, wasn't it? Admit it over the fear in your mind, Doctor. I was there in the flames. And I told you what to do. Whispered in your ear.

And you listened. I waited so long and for the first time you listened to me.

You saved them. Saved them from certain death. Captain Adelaide and the little people were safe. And look how they repaid you. Fear. Flight. Anger. Suicide. Some final so-called smug fact of our humanity.

But we're not human, Doctor. We're Time Lords. Above them. All of them.

And you say we have gone too far. That you think the end is coming for you.

Gone too far, Time Lord?

You haven't even begun!

You could undo it all. Rose's banishment. Donna's condition. All your Time Lord buddies back from beyond the grave, so happy their little Doctor has come to save them.

And the best thing? You don't need anyone to help you.

Not Davros, that slithering pathetic Kaled wishing he could be God. Not the Master, Death puny little champion who thinks himself your equal. Not the Trickster, that slime ridden parasite sucking on the cracks of Time. No Emperor, no Family of Blood, no Great Intelligence or Cyberhorde, not a jot of them!

Just yourself. Just me.



Now don't feel afraid, Doctor. You know what I am. You can never go wrong with me. Trust no-one but yourself, they often say? Well trust me.

Let no one stand in our way, yes? The Time Lords are dead. You lord all of Time. Can you take that responsibility? You? The tourist of past, present and future? Pah!

But me... I am educated. Well learned. Politics are in my blood. And I am used to making the decisions where it matters.

So be ready, Doctor. Allow me to take the reins. Revel in your successes. Go and claim your beloved, rescue the red haired companion from the depths of ignorance, save the universe again and take the glory whilst I take the dirt on my own hands. So long as we do it my way.

For I am your better half. Your Modus Operandi. Your Moriarty. Your true equal. And I can easily be a Lord of One. An overseer, an official, a judge...

A Valeyard.