Deathly Choices
Chapter 10. Deathly Choices

Author Note.
Ooh, last Chapter! What will happen?
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''Chikako-nii-chan, you'll never find a guy again like him in your whole life. Normally, I hate all the guys who will steal my dear little sister from me.. But I find this one okay.''
''I guess I have to kill Deidara then. Finally! I'll get my revenge!''.
''NOOOOOOO!'' I scream.
Juri's ready to kill Deidara.

End of recap.

''Fuck off, son of a bitch!'' I scream. I run to her, and when Juri's kunai almost tastes Deidara's blood, I try to hit her with my fist, but she vanishes. Shit! I look around, searching for her. Where the heck is she? She just suddenly disappeared!
''HA! You have to be a very skilled ninja, if you want to KILL ME!'' I hear her voice everywhere.
''SASUKEEE! COME BACK, TEME!'' I hear Naruto's voice again. Damn! Will he never, ever understand that Sasuke is not going back to Konoha? It's so fucking annoying!
I see a huge blue light ball coming up from the centre of the area . I can sense an enormous amount of chakra. What is it? It's blowing all the trees away!
''Shit! Chidori and Rasengan together will destroy this whole area, hm! Chikako-nii-chan, take my hand, we've got to get out of here!'' Deidara says. I look at him, and his eyes are full of care, and even fear. I take his hand, and jump on a branch of a tree. While jumping around on branches, I have the feeling I'm forgetting something..
Oh shit, Sai!
''Deidara, wait! Where's Sai? I can't leave him alone!'' I yell.
''I'm sure he's fine! Come on, now!'' Deidara pulls me with him and we jump further and further until we are out of the dangerous area.
''Where are we?'' I ask. We must be a hundred miles away from the dangerous area, we've jumped around for like fifteen minutes or so!
''Dunno. We are safe here, that's the only thing I know. You are safe here. That's the most important thing for me.'' Deidara says, and he gives me a hug.
It was a long time ago Deidara hugged me. It feels.. Warm. Safe. I feel my brothers love again. I hug him back. I realized now, that I missed him indeed. A lot.
''Awh, how cute! A family reunion. Can I join?'' Juri says, and she's holding someone under her arm. I let go of Deidara and I look at the person.
It's Sai. He's unconscious. Did she save him?
''Why did you save Sai?'' I ask to her, ready to beat her up.
Juri grins. ''I'm not THAT mean to leave Sai alone. The only person I want to kill is your brother. After that, I will be nice again. But anyways..'' She drops Sai, and he falls on the ground. Hard. He's bleeding.
I can feel my anger coming up.
''Let's get over it.'' Juri continues, and she disappears again. Damn, this is so annoying! When will she stop 'poof'-ing away?
''Raiton: Gian!'' Two powerful lighting blasts are coming from the air, going in to Deidara's direction.
''No, Deidara, watch out!'' I yell. Deidara tries to stop the jutsu by making a huge clay puppet to protect himself, but the lighting blasts go right through it, hitting Deidara deep in his chest. Deidara falls on the ground. His chest is bleeding, and he can barely get up.
''I expected you were stronger than this, Deidara. I am a bit disappointed in you. I can't imagine why my parents couldn't defeat you.'' Juri says, watching him almost dying.
Deidara grins.
''Hm, I am stronger than this! Don't underestimate me, yeah!''.
''Yeah, sure! And how are you going to defeat me when you are in this poor condition?'' Juri asks.
''I'm already busy defeating you.'' Deidara says. He coughs blood.
''What do you mean? How can you ever attack me when you are there, lying on the..'' Juri tries to continue her sentence, but Deidara snaps her off.
''I putted little explosion bugs on your skin, in your clothes, in your hair, everywhere. But you can't see them. They are too little to see, almost invisible.'' He explains.
''W-What?'' Juri stutters. ''You can't be serious, you asshole! When did you do this?''.
Deidara grins again. ''My huge clay puppet I made to protect myself, is made out of a trillion little explosion bugs, and while you were busy with defeating me, with your impressive jutsu, they managed themselves to stick to your skin and go into your clothes and hair. So YOU are going to explode, yeah! ART IS A BOMB! KA!''.
Light rays are coming from Juri's clothes and skin. Deidara enjoys seeing her panicking face.
She explodes.
She exploded!
Is she dead? Is she still alive? Did she survive it?
Suddenly, Deidara can't hold himself anymore and lets himself fall on the ground.
''Chika.. Chikako-nii..-chan..'' Deidara says, weakly. I run to him. He finds it hard to breath, and his eyes are almost closing.
''Are you okay? You defeated her!''.
''Chikako-nii-chan.. I don't think I will survive this.. You have to know.. That I..''.
I cut him off.
''No. Don't say that. You are going to survive, I'm sure! You are strong! Deidara, you defeated Juri! We are all safe now, thanks to you!''.
''Keep on dreaming, honey. I'm still here.'' Juri's standing weakly on a branch. She is covered in blood. I don't know if it's her own blood, or the blood of someone else.
''How is that possible? How could you still be alive? Are you inhuman?'' I yell.
''No, I am human, for your information, and I managed it just in time to 'poof' myself away.. Although there were still a couple of those little annoying bugs sticking on my skin, so some parts of my body DID explode. But I don't care, I still can fight, so I will fight!''.
''If you want to fight that bad, then you have to fight to me! I'm your opponent!'' I yell again, and I turn around to Deidara.
''Now there's also a chance that I won't survive it. You can say it now, if you want to.'' I say to him.
Deidara smirks.
''I love you, little sis.'' He says, with his weak voice.
''I love you too, big brother.''.
I turn back around to Juri.
''Bring it on..!'' I grumble.
''Fine.'' Juri grumbles back.
Then, everything is black. No, it's blue. Green! Pink! Purple!
Damn, all those colors are making me dizzy!

''Chikako-chan. It's over between us. You're too weak for me.'' I suddenly see Sai's face in front of me.
''Indeed. You aren't even strong enough to protect me. I won't accept you as my little sister anymore.'' I look to the left, and I see that Deidara's face said that to me. I turn around, and I see my parents face.
''I died because of you. You didn't respect me enough. I was your mother for God's sake! Because of you, I committed suicide!'' My mother says. No. This isn't true!
''And because of that, I started drinking too much! Because of you, Deidara killed me! It was all your fault!'' My father says.
A-All my fault? All the faces are coming closer to me, all saying that this was all my fault.
I sink in. It can't be.. All those years! I tried to protect everyone, in every village I was!
Am I really that weak?
All voices racing in to my head, driving me crazy.
''SHUT UP! SHUT THE HELL UP, ALL OF YOU!'' I yell. Tears are rolling all over my face.
Suddenly, my hands are bleeding. How the heck did that happen?
My legs are bleeding too. My feet, my arms! SHIT, MY WHOLE BODY IS BLEEDING!
Holy fuck, I'm going to die!
''Too weak..''.
''Committed suicide!''.
''..All your fault!''.
''..Aren't even strong enough to protect me..''.
''NO! GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!'' I scream. Fuck, I'm going nuts. I yell, and I scream.
I can't handle it anymore!
Everyone is standing around me, with swords, kunai, giant shurikens...
What are they planning? Are they going to kill me?
''You don't deserve life anymore! You were never loved, and you will never be loved!'' Everybody says, and they run in my direction.

I look up. I'm in the normal world again. It was just a genjutsu. I cough, and there's coming blood out of my mouth. I'm still dizzy, but I decide to go look for Deidara.
I can see him lying there, 5 five meters away from me. I crawl to him, and I take his hand.
''Deidara.. Are you okay?'' I ask.
He doesn't answer. Or move. Or anything.
Shit. Don't say that..
''Deidara? Deidara, wake up! Don't be dead! OPEN YOUR EYES, DEIDARA-NII-SAN!'' I yell, and my tears are rolling over my cheeks again.
No fucking way! He can't be dead, he can't!
''DEIDARA! NO!'' I scream, and I cry like I never cried before. Tears are rolling down my cheek on the ground. This can't be.. This can't be real.
I didn't protect him enough.. I should've known that Juri was going to do a genjutsu! I should have known this all along.. It's all my fault. First my mother, now my brother.. Why?
Why the hell am I so weak? Why can't I protect the ones I love?
''Sorry, kid. But I had to. It was my mission, he actually still owes me two lives!'' Juri says.
''Fuck off.. Son of a bitch.. I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!'' I grumble.
She's going to die! She's going to pay for what she has done to me! To Deidara!
I stand up, and do a Summoning Jutsu.
My huge tiger, Raito, summons and stands next to me.
''Who do I have to kill..?'' he says, with his blood-thirsty voice.
''We're going to kill her.'' I point at Juri. I see Juri's doing a Summoning Jutsu too. Interesting.
A huge wolf is 'poof'-ing next to her. He seems to be strong. More interesting.
''Never mind, Raito. You're are going to fight that wolf. I'll fight the woman. Agree?'' I ask.
''Sure. If I get to kill someone, I don't give a fuck who.'' He says.
I smirk.
''That's the Raito I know. Well, go as you please. I'll handle that slut.''. Raito nods, and runs with high speed to the wolf.
Juri chuckles.
''I'm not the only one with a Summoning Jutsu. You know, sweetheart, I don't have anything to do with you. You don't owe me something.''.
''I don't, but you do. You owe me Deidara's life. So shut the fuck up and fight me.'' I say, ice cold.
Juri grins, and runs in my direction. Damn, she's fast!
Suddenly she's behind me, almost hitting me, but I block her.
Next to me.
Above me.
Behind me again!
Each time she almost hits me, but I block her. She's everywhere!
I jump to a branch of a tree. I have to make up a plan, I can't go on like this. I will surely die!
I hear a sound from above. It's Juri, and she hits me in the face, through the branch.
I fall on the ground, hard, and my back hurts immediately. I cough blood again, and my head rushes. Holy crap.. This is so wrong. I shouldn't be losing. What am I doing? I can feel a tear rolling down my face again. Stupid tears.
''You're crying a lot lately. Something bothering you?'' Juri asks, and then she laughs. She's so fucking mean.
I look around. On my left I see Sai, still unconscious. Unable to do anything. He's bleeding, he's hurt, because Juri dropped him.
On my right I see Deidara. Dead, because I didn't protect him. He was the only family I had. And I didn't respect him enough. I should have said 'yes' when he asked me to join the Akatsuki. I could've spend more time with him.. I could've known him better.
Behind me Raito and that wolf are fighting. Raito must be bleeding. He's hurt, I can feel it. All because I summoned him.
My anger comes up again. My head is getting hot, my body is full of energy, my chakra is full and my sight is black. I have to kill Juri. To make up with the others. To take revenge for Deidara.
Without saying anything, I run to Juri and hit her.
Juri falls almost through the ground. She opens her mouth to say anything, but it's too late.
''Ryuka No Jutsu!'' I yell, and do my hand signs. A huge fire dragon flies in Juri's direction and burns her with his power. I can hear her scream. I can finally hear her being hurt.
By me.
After the dragon, I stand before Juri. She's hurt. Badly. I laugh.
''Well well, there you are, lying on the ground, almost dying because of the pain.. I can never defeat you, you said? You still think so?'' I lay my foot on her face.
She poofs away.
It was a clone.
Where is she..?
I look around. I don't feel any chakra in the ground, she is not beside me.. Then she is..
''Above you!'' Juri yells, with a Chidori, ready to go through my body.
I quickly grab a kunai and stab her, a second before she could hit me.
I stabbed it right in her heart.
Juri coughs blood, and her Chidori stops.
I take her and lay her down on the ground.
''You'll die anyway. I have no intention of hurting you more. My revenge is clear.'' I say emotionless. Kakashi runs in our direction, and goes on his knees besides Juri. I look at them, and take a step back.
''Juri.. I'm..'' Kakashi's voice sounds hurt.
''No, Kakashi.. I'm sorry. I left you. For revenge. It was a stupid decision. I should've stayed with you..'' Juri says weakly.
Kakashi is holding Juri's hand, and kisses it.
''Juri.. I love you.'' Kakashi's voice breaks, and a tear is rolling down his mask. He is crying.
''I-.. I love you.. too..'' Juri coughs again, but not blood this time.
Kakashi takes off his mask, and kisses Juri on her mouth.
It's a deep, French kiss. Even I can feel the passion between those two..
Juri closes her eyes..
She sights for the last time..
She squeezes Kakashi's hand for a second, and then lets it go.
Kakashi lets go of her, and his eyes are full of sadness and sorrow.
She is dead.
Kakashi stands up, and looks at me.
''I'm sorry, Kakashi.. But I had to. I did it for him..'' I say, and I point at Deidara.
''Deidara and Juri are resting in peace now..''.
Before I know it, I start crying, and I feel a hand on my shoulder. And another hand.
Those are not the hands of Kakashi. Those are the hands of Sai and Naruto.
''You guys.. Are still alive!'' I say, with widened eyes.
Naruto smiles.
''I only want to die as a Hokage. Sasuke got away while I was in a genjutsu.''.
''I only want to die when I die with you..'' Sai whispers.
Kakashi putted his mask on again, and takes my hand.
''I know you had to. I know.'' He says.
I smile, and I look upon the sky. It is blue.
It is peace.