I can feel his breath
Though he is too far away
And too close to her

I have made my choice
About the true girl for me
Suki is the one

Rocklike and steady
I will never let it show
A heart can regrow

The gray in her eyes
Can never be compared to
The lightest of green

Close my eyes and turn
It`s another sleepless night
When they`re together

She closes her eyes
Releases another breath
"Oh, Suki," I moan.

A blind Earthbender
Roaming alone at night time
I am one with earth

I leave her embrace
But I will always return
As boomerangs do

He`s insomniac
I can sense him behind me
I try to relax

Toph is not the same
Her head rests on my shoulder
I am tempted to-

The moment I craved
Soft lips on mine, blue eyes shut
Finally, Sokka

I have made my choice
But want the road not taken
Is there a turning back?