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Isabelle came home from summer soccer practice to find Jace flopped on the couch watching tv.

"Hi Jace. Just curious, do you ever go home or have you officially moved in?"

"You know you'd love that Izzy. That would offer lots of opportunities for catching me in the shower, getting undressed and so on. You could watch me sleep. I bet I'm adorable when I'm sleeping."

"Oh, can a girl dare to dream?" Isabelle rolled her eyes. "Where's Alec?"

"He's getting food. Your parents went shopping."

"Ah, so that's why you're here."

"Well it's true that my grandmother doesn't exactly go in for buying brownie ice cream and five different kinds of chips. You darn rich people."

Alec came out of the kitchen with an armful of snacks. "We're not rich. Your grandma just deprives you. Hey Isabelle."

"Hey." She flopped down on the couch next to Jace. "What is this crap you're watching?"

"America's Next Top Model." Jace replied, attacking a stack of pizza Pringles. "A show that consists of a dozen hot chicks parading around in various states of undress."

"I love how you try to make it sound like it's not totally gay that you're watching that." Isabelle laughed. "First it was 'Project Runway' and now this."

"Hey, he completely confiscated the remote," Alec said hastily. "I wanted to watch the soccer game."

"You're so…European." Jace commented. He watched for a few moments. "I can't believe I never noticed how sexual this song is." He turned to Alec. "I mean 'do you want to be on top?' really?" He raised an eyebrow.

Alec swallowed, and mentally slapped himself for blushing. "Um… yeah. I never noticed. Before."

Isabelle watched as the girls were shown. She wasn't impressed. "You think those girls are hot? They don't have anything on me. They can't even walk in those heels. And those aren't close to being four inchers. Pathetic."

"You should try out," Jace suggested. "As annoying as you can be, it cannot be denied that you're a ten."

"Nah, it's stupid," she said dismissively.

At the end of the intro, there was an announcement from Tyra Banks. "Hello ANTM fans! For next season, we're opening the show up to petites…and aspiring male models! For the first time, America's Next Top Model is going to be coed. If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of this revolutionary season, send us an audition tape or come to one of the casting calls held around the country. Do you want to be on top?"

"Wow." Jace said. "I am going to be on television."

"What?" Alec asked in confusion.

"I'm going to try out. There's no way anybody could beat me."

Isabelle snorted. "God, your modesty. It makes you all the more endearing."

"You're going to be so jealous when I win."

"You know what? I think I will try out. There's an audition here in New York. I can't wait to see your face when I make it to the next round and you don't."

Alec groaned. "I thought you said it was stupid Isabelle. It's just a brainless modeling competition."

"Putting a chink in Jace's insanely high self esteem is always a worthy cause. Besides, it could be fun. It's the summer. I honestly don't have that much to do."

"Hells yeah it will be fun!" Jace exclaimed. "And I think you're the one who's going to get a healthy dose of humility."

"We'll see." Isabelle smiled and went to bring her stuff upstairs.

"You two are on your own with this you know. I am not getting involved." Alec crossed his arms over his chest.

"Alec you are at least coming to the audition to give me moral support." Jace said in a no nonsense tone. "I mean, Isabelle might actually make it and I might not. That's strictly confidential that I said that, by the way. But the girl practically lives in heels. I bet she even goes to bed wearing them."

"You're getting dangerously close to weirding me out with the direction your thoughts are going. Remember that you're talking about my little sister. And because she's my sister, and you're my best friend, I don't want to take sides."

"Then don't take sides, you can come for both of us. But in all seriousness, do you think anyone could top this?" Jace gave Alec his best bedroom eyes, throwing his head back to expose the perfect curve of his throat. He bit gently on one side of his bottom lip.

Alec jumped up to clear the snacks away. "No probably not. But I think you've been watching too much of this show." He turned the television off. "Let's go outside."

" 'Kay. I want to go on the trampoline."

"Are you perpetually stuck in third grade?" Alec couldn't help but smile.

"Trampolines are fun Alec. They will be fun when I'm eighty. And it's not as if I have one at home, like you rich people."

"Remind me to supervise you if you ever achieve old age."

"You got it."

Clary and her friend Simon were lounging around her bedroom, summer had just started and they were already bored.

Simon was flipping through the channels. He paused when Tyra Banks appeared on the screen. "What the hell is this woman wearing?"

"That's Tyra." Clary said absently, picking at the fringe on a throw pillow.

"Believe it or not Clary, I am slightly aware of pop culture." He went to change the channel, but Clary said, "Hold on, what's she saying?"

They listened to the announcement about the next season of ANTM.

"They take short people now," Simon said. "You should audition."

"Well thanks Simon. I needed to be reminded of how vertically challenged I am."

"I didn't mean it like that. I meant you're very pretty, and might even make it." He looked away, embarrassed by how transparent he was being.

Clary was indifferent to the fact that a boy had just called her pretty. She was too distracted by the ridiculous image of her as a model. "My mother has a better chance of making it than I do. In fact that crazy poetry reading kid that's obsessed with his loins would probably have a better chance of making it than I do."

"No way. You should have more confidence."

"It would be interesting," Clary mused. "Good for a laugh at least. We could go to the casting here in New York and make fun of all the delusional people. I'll do it if you do it with me."

"Of course." Simon said solemnly. "I'm so very GQ. Everyone knows the model stereotype is that of a band nerd who plays dungeons and dragons in his free time."

Clary laughed. "We're going to be such hypocrites making fun of everybody aren't we?"

"Who really cares. We're young and allowed to do dumb things. I'm just worried you'll actually make it and be at a total loss as to how to deal with those pompous model boys."

"How do you know you won't have model girls all over you?" She tossed the pillow at him.

He caught it and tossed it back with a smile. "Let's not get too ridiculous now."

At the Audition

"Everybody walking by is going to think I'm auditioning. I cannot believe you guys talked me into coming to this." Alec complained.

"It was really incredibly easy Alec." Jace pointed out. "God Isabelle how many times are you going to check that paint job?"

Isabelle snapped the small compact shut. "You don't know how it is for girls. We are expected to try to look good." She was rocking a pair of skinny jeans that showed off how long and slim her legs were, a white tank, and her signature four inch black heels. Jace had a light blue t-shirt and jeans, and Alec was wearing one of his infamous black sweaters also with jeans.

"I know you get cold easily Alec but what really makes you look weird is that you're wearing a sweater in June." Isabelle pointed out.

"Hey, it's only like, sixty five right now." He said defensively.

There was a huge line stretching down the side walk as people from all over the northeast awaited their chance to try out. There were many boys, but it seemed to be mostly girls, many of whom seemed to be trying to walk in heels for the first time as they tottered back and forth.

"Amateurs," Isabelle said disdainfully.

None of them would be meeting Tyra today, they would see a trusted associate who would send the promising ones on to meet Tyra at a second audition.

After several long hours of waiting, the trio were finally ushered through the doors. "Next group Mr. Fell," a female receptionist called out. There were a few dozen hopefuls inside, and a man was going down the line, picking people out for a closer look. He was flamboyantly but fashionably dressed, and was dismissing nearly everyone. Then he got to Isabelle.

"Gorgeous." He said appreciatively. Isabelle smiled. "Too much makeup though." The smile faded.

"Only for you honey. You're too beautiful to need it. And you're so tall, perfect for runway. But the question is…can you walk?"

"I can show you." She said.

"Down to wall and then back. Pretend you're on a runway."

"I always do." She said, and started walking.

Ragnor Fell actually started tearing up a bit. "God that's how it's DONE everyone! Perfect walk. It's as if she LIVES in heels!"

"What'd I tell you?" Jace whispered to Alec, who had stepped back behind the line to stay out of the way.

"Well it seems like she's in," Alec said back. He couldn't help but be proud of Isabelle, even if this was sort of ridiculous, she was in her element.

"Definitely in," Ragnor concluded. Come back in two weeks, and you'll get on a bus that will bring you to the second audition. If Tyra is in her right mind on that day you should breeze through that as well. Just a little less makeup."

"Thank you," Isabelle beamed.

"The rest of you have a tough act to follow," Ragnor announced, as he returned to the line of people. He continued until he got to Jace.

"Well I'm liking what I see. Take off the shirt."

Jace didn't even hesitate to whip it off. He knew he had a pretty good tan going already.

"Well. I am really liking what I'm seeing. Very Abercrombie. But can you walk?"

"Since I was ten months old." Jace grinned

"Down to the wall and back."

Jace was completely comfortable with his body, and he moved with the fluid grace of someone who's been an athlete their whole life. He swung his shirt over his shoulder and walked like he'd been born on the runway. Going to the end and turning back like Isabelle had done.

"Wow." Ragnor said when Jace had gotten back and was putting his shirt on. "Perhaps even more than Abercrombie for you. You've got the 'It' factor in spades. Just be careful of that swagger, we all know you're gorgeous. You don't have to try too hard. Definitely in."

Jace was thinking that he wasn't trying at all. "Thanks." He said, getting the same instructions as Isabelle, to come back in two weeks.

Alec congratulated them both. "You were great." He said.

"Why thank you. And I did it with my shirt on." Isabelle smirked. Jace looked like he was about to make a comment but Alec quickly said. "Sister," and gave him a warning look. So Jace just congratulated her.

They started to head out when Ragnor Fell stopped Alec with a hand on his arm. "Wait a second, how did I miss you?"

"Oh, um," Alec started stuttering in embarrassment. "I'm not trying out sir. I'm with them," he gestured to Jace and Isabelle.

"Where are you people coming from? Are you angels straight from heaven? You can't 'not try out sir'! It would be a travesty! Now take off your shirt this instant so we can dispense with the formalities."

"Are you serious? I don't want to take off my shirt in front of all these people!"

Ragnor sighed heavily. "So we have a modest model. That doesn't really work kid, but I'll give you the chance anyway if you can walk."


"Just walk Alec." Jace pushed him. "You do it every day. We did it to get here remember?"

Alec tried to relax and walked across the room. This was insane, but if he got it over with maybe they'd leave him alone.

He didn't realize he moved with the smooth gait of an athlete as well, and that Ragnor Fell was in full out bawling mode now.

"Oh my god! That was amazing! You managed to make that hideous sweater look like something I wanted to wear, and I can tell you that is quite a feat. You're tall too, and those eyes, just astounding. You're in. And don't be so modest, take some lessons from your friends."

Alec stood in shock as he got the papers and the speech. What had he gotten himself into? And what the hell had just happened?

Isabelle and Jace high fived eachother. "All went according to plan," Isabelle laughed.

"Of course."

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