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Chapter 12

Harry and Hermione arrived on platform nine and three-quarters at ten, an hour before the train was scheduled to depart. The two of them weren't happy that they had to ride the train when they could easily get into the school via the Chamber, but they would be acting suspicious enough during the year, no need to draw more attention to them by not taking the train. The only reason they even had their school trunks with them and even packed was to avoid suspicion, considering they had already moved most of what they were taking to Hogwarts in the the chamber already. It was also the only reason they had Crookshanks and Hedwig with them in their respective carriers.

The owl and the cat were not amused.

The two teen quickly boarded the train and found an empty compartment. Hermione pulled out a book, a romance novel that Lily had suggested.

After becoming human again, Lily began to indulge in one of her guilty pleasures, muggle romance books. And she had introduced Hermione to them, giving the books to Hermione to read after she had finished them.

Hermione cuddled up to Harry and he put his arm around her shoulders, enjoying watching her read.

The book his girlfriend was currently reading was Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs, by Molly Harper. According to her it was funny. He didn't understand that as it was supposed to be a romance, but when she explained that the author was a comedian, it made a little more sense. But it was still a romance book.

Harry smiled a he allowed himself to relax with Hermione.

Neville joined them about fifteen minutes later. He had his head buried in a book on Herbology as he was still trying to figure out what to grow in the greenhouses he had been provided. Ginny and Luna came in together a little later. They kept speaking in whispered voices and giggling every now and then. Harry decided that he was glad he couldn't understand what they were saying, as he would probably be beat red.


Draco was not happy as he boarded the Hogwarts express. He had been forced to go to his godfather for help this summer. Malfoy Manor had been taken by Gringotts and he kicked out.

Snape was less than happy, especially when he found out that Malfoy had used up his trust vault on clothes. Snape had then pawned most of the new clothes that he had bought for a fraction of what he paid for them.

When Draco protested Snape told him it was either the clothes get sold cheap, or he went to Hogwarts with less than the Weasleys. Draco had chosen to sell the clothes.

He knew who's fault this was. If Potter hadn't hired a proxy, he would of easily defeated the Gryffindor golden boy, and he would be Lord Black, with the fortune that went with it. He would live up to his Malfoy name.

He would make sure that Potter would pay.


Five minutes before the train departed, the Serpent Court's relaxing atmosphere was shattered. Ron opened the compartment door.

"Hey guys," Ron said as he sat down.

The red-headed boy never noticed how tense everyone became. Nor did he notice that Ginny and Luna were sitting together. What he did notice was Hermione, his girl, cuddled up to Harry. He'd have to use the love potions.

Ron smiled at Harry. "So where were you two this summer?"

"Can't say," Harry said, opting to tell a half-truth instead of an outright lie, "Fidelus."

Ron nodded in understanding. "Does anyone want to play a game of exploding snap?"

"Reading," Hermione and Neville said without looking up from their respective books.

"I'm tired Ron," Harry explained. "I think I'll just take a nap."

"Leave," Luna said glaring at Ron. "We don't want you here."

When Ron turned to the blond to retort, he saw who she was sitting with. Ginny was clinging unto Luna as though her life depended on it.

Before Ron could do anything, Neville had him out in the hallway on his back. Neville glared down at Ron. "If they don't want you here, neither do we." He closed the door to the compartment before Ron could stand up.

Ron was now pissed. Ginny had broken the love potion so she was unnatural again. Harry and Hermione were together. Neville of all people had literally just thrown him out of the compartment onto his ass, which was now sore. And now he couldn't get back into the compartment. Not even alohamora would unlock the door. In his anger, Ron tried to punch through the glass.

He'd have a broken hand until he got to Hogwarts.


Everyone turned to look at Ginny. Tears were streaming down her face a Luna gently rocked her, rubbing soothing circles on her back.

"You okay Ginny?" Hermione asked.

The red headed girl shook her head. "He's my brother. But he still...He still betrayed me," She sniffed.

"We we're closer than everyone else, because we were the youngest. Looking at him...and knowing what he did...it hurts."

"It'll be all right Gin," Luna assured her.

"Yeah," Harry assured her. "Don't forget Ginny, we're your friends, your family. We'll stick by you."

"And we'll hex Ron's bits off if he bugs you," Neville added.

Ginny smiled, but remained clinging to Luna.

The rest of the train ride was spent in silence, except for Luna whispering sweet nothings in Ginny's ear.


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