My biggest inspiration for this slashy little number and is the episode that I feels really supports my slashy tendencies despite it being a reality show is the Reagan/Costanzo Episode where Matt dresses up like a British rocker and Mark goes "broody" for the yard sale.

Mark groaned as he gripped tightly to the stove as he was pounded into painfully. Each thrust hit his prostate perfectly causing him to moan loudly. He didn't know how much longer he could take this. Each thrust left him aching for more and begging for the next thrust. "H-Harder…please." Mark begged softly moaning as he was pushed harder into the countertop. Right now they should have been working. The two of them should have been busy cleaning, or organizing, or being handy, but Mark didn't want to do any of that right now. Right now, he just wanted to be fucked into oblivion.

Matt moaned as Mark arched into him. Mark was truly wanton right now. Trisha had wanted him to do some work on a closet, but then Mark had wandered in wearing his tight jeans and his shirt unbuttoned. What was he expected to do? Mark should've known what it would do to him. Matt groaned loudly feeling his impending release as he pounded into Mark over the countertop. He felt Mark start to clamp down hard on his cock as Mark shuddered through his own release with a scream. Matt moaned loudly as well thrusting into Mark one last time as he came shooting his sperm heavily into Mark some of his sperm leaking out as he slowly pulled out of Mark's ass slumping over him heavily.

"Sweet Jesus, did you cum enough?" Mark complained as he pushed himself up to look back at Matt.

"Yeah, for now." Matt said laughing as he leaned against Mark's back to kiss Mark roughly flipping him over to sit him up on the countertop. "But give me a minute and I'll start pounding into you again. I'll make you cum so hard the owner's will wonder what inspired the white streak on the ceiling." Matt teased as he stroked roughly at Mark's cock. Mark groaned softly leaning back into the cabinets.

"Oh, yes…" Mark moaned arching into Matt's hands bucking up in pleasure. "Yes, but Matt…We have work to do…" Mark whined softly trying to get him to stop despite how hard he already was. His mind going back to how it all started. All he'd wanted was to check on Matt's project.

-How it started.-

Mark walked into the kitchen with a sigh and set his hand down on the counters looking around as Matt worked trying to get the stove out of the island counter. "Hey, Matt." Mark called tapping his fingers on the counter. "I know the owners said that these cabinets were custom and very important, but…" Mark turned smiling down at Matt his winning smile prepared to try and smile his way into getting rid of the cabinets. Matt glared up at him.

"Don't tell me. You want me to get rid of these cabinets." Matt groaned standing up to glare at Mark. "These cabinets are not coming down without a price tag attached to them." Matt argued pointing a drill at Mark warningly. Mark rolled his eyes and glared at Matt.

"Come on, Matt. How hard could it possibly be to get these cabinets down?" Mark asked setting his hands on his hips, fully prepared to dish out the cash or favors to get this done. After all, the cabinets were old, crooked, and possibly had mold. They were gross.

"They don't cost anything to get down, but to put back up?" Matt returned glancing around, "Because let's face it. When Mrs. Ash finds out you ripped out her custom cabinets. She's going to be expecting you to give her back the same amount of storage space." Matt argued waving his drill at Mark.

Mark sighed as he looked around again at the cabinets. He didn't want to admit it, but Matt was right. Momma Ash was gonna want her cabinets back. And he didn't know if he had that kind of money in the budget. "I…don't know…" Mark mumbled biting his lips as he look over the microwave storage spot. "I think you're going to have to tell me." He glance over at Matt waiting to hear a number when he saw that gleam. That gleam in Matt's eye that said he knew what he wanted in order for the project to get done.

"Well, ripping them done and installing new cabinets is pretty pricey." Matt said his voice low and husky as he slunk closer to Mark who had stepped into the kitchen area. Mark blinked in surprise taking a step back and running into the fridge. "I'd say it's gonna cost you at least a couple hundred. Maybe even a thousand." Matt continued following Mark as he slowly tried to back away from Matt. He knew that gleam. It was more than I-know-what-need. It was a 'I-see-what-I-want-and-I'm-going-to-get-it.' "And since I know, we don't have that. You'll just have to ask me really nicely to do it for you." Matt rumbled as he finally pinned Mark in against the stove. They'd done a full circle of the tiny square kitchen and just as escape was in sight Matt had blocked him off with one of his bulky arms.

"M-Matt?" Mark asked looking up at Matt slightly frightened. "Will you please tear down these cabinets?" Mark asked scooting farther back into the stove. Matt smirked and leaned in close. "A-and put in new ones…maybe?" Mark asked softly.

"Depends." Matt said still smirking down at Mark. "What are you going to do for me if I do it?" Mark blinked in surprise suddenly realizing what exactly Matt wanted him to do. Mark smiled ,suddenly knowing exactly how to act, and reached out a shaky hand to run up and down Matt's arm gripping his muscles slightly.

"I-I could really use your big, strong muscles here." Mark started licking his lips nervously as he looked over Matt's body, since it was the only thing in front of him, and proceeded to look anywhere but at Matt. "I-I could give you a hand…" Mark mumbled softly knowing it was a lame pun. Matt leaned in closer pinning Mark up against the stove their body's becoming flush against one another.

"Hm, I don't think that's what I want." Matt teased lifting Mark's face to make him look at him. Mark's eyes darted wildly around trying not to look at Matt. His cheeks were bright red. Mark let out a gasp as Matt shifted their bodies, just so. Mark's grip tightened in shock onto Matt's bicep as he realized that it wasn't a drill grinding into his hip in Matt's pants. "I think your going to have to bargain better than that." Matt teased.

Mark let out a strangled little garble of a sound as Matt pushed his legs apart roughly shoving his hard-on against Mark's length which was pretty slow on the uptake apparently. Matt growled in frustration when he realized Mark wasn't even half-hard. Matt glared down at Mark deciding he should defiantly just cut to the chase and quickly unzipped Mark's brand new designer jeans from Italy nearly ripping them in the process.

"Mark, I know what I want. I want you to get down on your knee's." Matt whispered hoarsely into Mark's ear. Mark immediately fell to his knee's his eyes rolling up in pleasure at just the sound of Matt's voice. "And I want you to suck my cock." Matt ordered watching Mark's eyes widen in shock.

"M-Matt! This is a PG show!" Mark argued his hands working faster than his mouth and already undoing Matt's pants to free Matt's cock. "I-I can't do that!" Mark yelped as Matt reached down to grip his brown hair tightly. "Wh-What if someone sees?" He argued.

"Everyone's gone for the day. No one is filming and if you want cabinets you better start earning them." Matt ordered pushing his cock roughly against Marks's lips forcing him to open his mouth. "It's not like it's a first for you." Matt pointed out smirking. Mark's eyes went wide about to argue something but before he could speak his mouth was blocked up by Matt's cock being thrust in forcefully. "Oh yeah." Matt said grinning wickedly as he felt Mark try to speak around his cock. "Oh yes, suck my cock, Mark." Matt begged softly as he thrust his cock in and out of Mark's mouth. Mark's eyes went wide in shock his own cock jumping to life.

Mark's hands reached up to grip at Matt's hips stilling them as he tried to suck Matt's cock as he was ordered. His eyes squeezing shut as he reached down to stroke himself in time with his head bobs which were soon being controlled by Matt's hands as he pushed Mark back and forth along his cock. "Oh god yes." Matt moaned. "I've wanted you to suck my cock for years…"Matt groaned softly as Mark set about to running his tongue roughly along the bottom of Matt's cock. "I also want to fuck that ass of yours. You've been teasing me for years." Matt groaned out as Mark slowly pulled away letting Matt's cock slip out of his mouth with a wet flop.

"You could've just asked." Mark said suddenly standing up kissing at Matt roughly. "I've wanted your cock for so long." Mark moaned softly into Matt's ear stroking at himself hurriedly. "Now, I'm going to bend over this stove." Mark whispered kissing and nibbling at Matt's ear. "And I expect you to start fucking me approximately two seconds later you better start fucking me." Mark breathed smirking as he pulled away to kiss Matt roughly on the lips licking at his tongue roughly.

-After What Happened in the beginning-

"M-Matt…" Mark moaned out as Matt pounded into him roughly on the counter. "Pl-Please! Fuck me harder!" Mark begged arching into Matt with a moan. Matt smiled kissing Mark roughly pushing him into the cabinets roughly as he pushed into him harder.

"I'm gonna- OH! Oh! I'm gonna cum!" Matt groaned feeling Mark clamp down on hard around him.

"AH! M-Matt!" Mark yelled cumming hard his own sperm shooting all over himself. "Oh-Oh god!" He moaned loudly as Matt kept pounding into him milking his orgasm as Matt himself came into Mark shooting his sperm inside of Mark splashing against Mark's prostrate making his orgasm last longer then normal. Both men slumped together onto the counter. Both content.

"Hey, Matt…" Mark said softly kissing Matt's face all over. "You are going to build me those cabinets, right?"

Okay~! I'm so happy I finished this. This was so hard to write. Look ok, the kitchen described in here is based off my kitchen. And my mom would threaten Mark's life if he tore down our custom cabinets and they are pretty gross looking and we have to replace them, so it worked. Obviously the cabinets are good enough though for Mark and Matt to have sex around and on. ^.~ Ok, so After this be patient with me my fans. My muse is gone T.T for an entire M.O.N.T.H and a halfish. This is going to suck. =( Anyway, I watch Clean House a lot. And come on Mark is at least Gay. Not being stereotyping just watch the show. Matt let Mark hug him and to qoute "I Love You" Course he was talking about the project but I totally blame that scene for all of this. That and the one where Mark and Matt carried out a stove and Mark fell over on the stove…Ok, done geeking. If some of you are wondering Last week I went to Neko-con. It was awesome and trust me Cross-overs were inspired galore. Just give me time people. I go to Neko-con almost every year so, next time maybe you my fans will come up and greet me. Lol no, it's cool, but if anyone does that I will write their favourite pairing. Lol I just think that'd be cool lol.