The Medel Family. Anybody else notice where Mark stepped when they went into the Man cave? -snickers- I can't help it. I really tried, but Mark stayed standing between Matt's legs even though they were wide open. I read their body language. It said, "Oh, slash author, please write us having sex. Aren't we a cuter couple than Smith/Neo?" And I had to agree. Lol I was working on writing a smexy scene with them when I saw it so…Here we go again….-sigh- Evil plot-bunnies. Plus, Hello! They dress like cops later! Hand-cuffs! Come on! I had to do it!

Mark and Matt sat silently as Niecy drove them to the messiest house in the nation. Mark was tired to say the least. Mark was sitting in the back with Matt since Trish had called shotgun. "Hey, you guys?" Niecy called glancing in the rearview at the boys. Mark looked up slowly while Matt looked up sharply. "You two should get some sleep if you need it. I know the last place was exhausting for you two, so go ahead and sleep." Niecy offered with a grin. Mark nodded sleepily leaning into the side of the car and quickly shifting obviously uncomfortable. Matt sighed and sunk down into the back seat with a sigh.

Mark sighed leaning back into the seat with a sigh and glanced at Matt. Mark hadn't spoken to Matt since the bathroom. They would be reaching the bus soon and then he could really lay down for the long drive to Pennsylvania*. He wouldn't be able to talk to Matt when they got on the bus they'd both be out by then. But, he was really sleepy, and he couldn't talk to Matt with Niecy and Trish right there to hear. So, he shut his eyes tiredly and fell asleep. Niecy peeked back at Matt and Mark and knew to keep quiet when she saw Mark had slipped and was sleeping cuddled up next to Matt with Matt wrapping his arm around Mark.

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Mark sighed as he climbed into the back of the bus laying back on the bed with a flop. Matt frowned watching him move. Matt glanced at Niecy and Trish as they sat down near the front. "I'm going to go check on Mark." Matt offered as he moved back leaving Niecy and Trish alone up front.

Trish blinked in surprise and glanced at Niecy with a frown. "What's he got to check on Mark for?"

"Girl, didn't you see? Mark got bit by the love bug! MM!" Niecy said with a grin.

Mark sighed curling around the pillow tightly as he lay down to sleep. All he wanted to do was sleep for the next week. He didn't want to be seen ever again. He hadn't even spoken to Matt. Hell, he hadn't even figured out how he felt about Matt, yet. He used to really crush on Matt, but now…now he adored him. He wanted to be with Matt for the rest of his life. He wanted Matt to feel the same, but Matt was straight. He was pretty sure of that. He sighed and nuzzled down into the pillow quickly falling asleep not even hearing the door open.

Matt smiled when he spotted Mark curled around the pillow. Mark looked cute when he was asleep. With a sigh Matt moved onto the bed taking Mark's glasses off of him for the designer. With a smile Matt leaned down kissing Mark gently on the forehead as he lay down stretching out behind Mark pulling him close to himself. He'd wanted Mark for a long time and he'd always thought it was just lust. Just an urge he had, but here he lay curled up around Mark kissing him and touching him in affection, not even wanting to have sex with him. This was ridiculous. Still, for now he'd let Mark sleep. But when he woke up, he was going to tell him the truth.

Matt woke up slowly looking down at Mark who was still asleep and sighed. For a moment Matt just waited watching Mark sleep and thinking about everything. He'd had sex with Mark three times already and each time was for something that he wanted Matt to do for him. It felt like sex was becoming some sort of bargaining tool for him and Mark. That really just ticked him off. With a frown he glanced around wildly quickly finding his old set of cuffs. The second he saw them he got an idea.

Mark woke up slowly from his dream still vaguely thinking he should be in the middle of a high school with pigtails and a dress on chasing Matt down a hallway. As he came to he realized with a start he was handcuffed. But not just handcuffed. Handcuffed around a pillow. With a frown he turned looking around wildly trying to figure out what was going on when he noticed Matt sitting next to him.

"How is Niecy not back here?" Mark asked in surprise about to start freaking out but decided it best to figure out what the others were doing first. Matt shrugged easily.

"The girls are napping up front tonight, tomorrow their taking the back and we get the front." Matt explained easily smiling down at Mark. "They're already out cold, so they won't hear you." Matt said sliding close to Mark to pull him close to his lap.

"Oh, well, ok." Mark said slowly just going along with it for now and then looked up at Matt. "Why am I handcuffed?" Mark asked deciding to focus on that for now.

"So, we can talk." Matt explained gently helping Mark to sit up carefully. "I want to know what we are." Matt said slowly deciding to tread on eggshells. "Are we a 'we'? Or are we still just Matt and Mark?" Matt asked cutting right to the point.

Mark frowned nervously not sure what to answer. He glanced away looking back at Matt rather quickly. "Well, I-I uh, I'm not really sure. I mean, for one you haven't told me what you wanted." Mark asked carefully trying to scoot away. Matt didn't hesitate in grabbing Mark back close to him.

"I want… I want there to be an us. I don't want sex to be a bargaining tool between you and I." Matt explained with a sigh. Mark frowned shifting the pillow around self-consciously. "But I don't want to get started and make you feel like I'm leading you on." Matt continued making Mark finally look at him. "I like you a lot, but I don't know if it's love or not, but I definitely like having sex with. I mean like I really like having sex with you. It's better than having sex with anyone else I've ever had sex with before." Matt said quickly pulling Mark close to him gripping him tightly. Mark turned red very slowly as he looked into Matt's eyes.

"I, I feel the same way." Mark whispered softly scooting closer as he squeezed the pillow tightly against himself suddenly noticing something was missing. "Hey, Matt…" Mark said slowly looking down at his legs with a frown. "Where are my pants?" Matt blinked in surprise and looked around before lifting them up off the floor to show him. "Why am I not wearing them?" He asked suddenly curious as to why he was handcuffed around the pillow.

"Oh, well, see…" Matt hesitated slowly letting a grin spread across his face slowly.

"MATT!" Mark yelled glaring at him angrily as his face slowly turned red. "You are not going to have sex ever again if you try and do it with me while I handcuffed around a pillow!" Mark fussed trying to crawl away as Matt smiled nervously.

"Why not? It could be fun, hey!" Matt fussed grabbing for Mark's ankle as he tried to crawl off the bed. Matt smirked as he pulled Mark back into his arms with a laugh as Mark struggled against him.

"It will not be fun!" Mark fussed glaring at Matt as he was pulled flush against Matt the pillow wedged in between. "It'll be weird and gross! We have to sleep on that!" Mark whined. Matt laughed lightly pulling the pillow away from Mark easily before tossing it aside.

"Ok, ok. But the cuffs stay on." Matt ordered as he pulled Mark close to him again grinning wickedly as his fingers traced Mark's hips slowly his fingers brushing against Mark's inner-thigh.

"It's cute how you think everyone wants to have kinky handcuff sex like you." Mark grumbled as Matt nuzzled his neck lovingly. "Stop it." He whined wiggling trying to get free of Matt. "We can't do it, yet! We haven't even figured out what we are!" Mark argued.

"We can figure it out later, can't we?" Matt asked kissing Mark's cheek gently his lips moving south along his jaw down to his neck carefully nibbling at the junction between his neck and shoulder. "After all, there's so much more we could be doing right now." Matt offered up as an argument as he unbuttoned Mark's shirt slowly pushing it off of Mark kissing all over Mark. "After all, we've already decided we both like the sex, right?" Matt asked pausing to pull back and kiss Mark gently on the lips.

"Well, uh, who doesn't like sex?" Mark offered up as an answer as he did his best to try and pull away. "I mean, but there's still more to talk about, you know." Mark tried to point out as Matt's lips kissed their way back up to kiss Mark on the lips his tongue darting in to rub over Mark's teeth slowly. "Matt, we-uh-we're su-supposed to-mmm- be talking!" He moaned out softly his hands betraying him and grabbing hold of Matt's shirt and tugging him closer to kiss at him harder their lips crashing together hard their teeth clacking gently as they sought out away to try and be even closer to one another.

"Mark," Matt began slowly pulling away to rub Mark's arms. "I want to tell you right here and right now. No matter what we decide to do I, I want you to know that you're the-" Matt stopped not sure what he should say. He wanted to tell Mark how much he loved him, but what if it changed things? He sighed and opted to just start undressing himself while Mark struggled to try and help, but the cuffs just got in the way.

"Matt," Mark whined his hands dropping in defeat as he waited for Matt to undress. "Hurry up." He groaned his hands reaching down to unzip Matt's pants freeing his cock easily. "You've got me riled up now." Mark pointed out his hands slowly tracing the vein that ran on the underside of Matt's member. "I want you inside of me." He whispered his fingers slipping to wrap around Matt's cock completely stroking him roughly up and down. "I want you to hurry up," He whispered softly leaning forward to whisper directly into Matt's ear. "and fuck me." He groaned out his cock rubbing against Matt's own as he continued to stroke Matt.

"See, I knew-mm-you weren't serious about talking." Matt laughed kissing Mark lightly.

"I was serious." Mark groaned lifting his hands away with a smile. The chain jingled as Mark lifted his arm over Matt's head to pull him closer for kisses. "You're the one who took my pants and handcuffed me." Mark continued pulling himself even closer to Matt kissing him sloppily arching against Matt. "You're the one who wasn't serious about talking."

"Yeah, yeah." Matt mumbled nibbling on Mark's lip. "In the meantime," He laughed kissing Mark roughly as he pulled him flush rubbing against Mark roughly sliding his cock between Mark's butt cheeks making Mark moan softly. "Let's get back to something a little more unserious." He growled softly his voice low and husky. Mark let out a little howl of a moan as Matt rubbed against him.

Matt didn't hesitate to enter Mark. He was gentle and careful, but it still hurt him and he let out a little groan in response. Matt didn't hesitate in moving and began to pound up into Mark. Mark groaned loudly his hips bucking down into Matt seeking and wanting more. Matt groaned feeling Mark clench tightly around him. Mark gasped his cheeks flushing red as he felt Matt pump in and out of him swiftly. He squeezed his eyes shut burying his head into Matt's shoulder.

"Fu-fuck!" Mark stammered as Matt hit his prostate dead on. Matt smirked at Marks response slowly lifting Mark's arms and re adjusting him making Mark whine. "Ma-Matt!" He gasped in surprise as Matt set his hands on the headboard. "Wha-What are you-oh!" He gasped out as Matt began to move again.

"I'm going to fuck you all over this room." Matt warned kissing Mark's shoulder's. Seeing Mark fall apart, all because of him, it was an incredible turn-on. Mark, uptight, design only, no-nonsense Mark Brunetz was wanton and wild and all for him, not for anybody else. He smirked slightly as he stilled his movements turning Mark's head to kiss him roughly making him moan.

"Ma-Matt." Mark whimpered kissing at Matt softly. "Matt, I want more…" He whispered softly pushing his hips back into Matt gently with a moan. "Please," Mark moaned as Matt remained still his member pushed all the way into Mark.

"Tell me what you want." Matt said with a smirk kissing Mark's neck slowly kissing him all over his neck and shoulders. Mark let out a small moan groaning as he bucked back into Matt.

"I want you." Mark groaned softly. "I want you to fuck me." Mark begged leaning back into Matt his handcuffs clinked lightly as he reached back to pull Matt closer into a deeper kiss as they bucked wildly into one another. The sound of skin hitting skin and moans filled the room. Matt groaned kissing Mark hard pulling away slowly to look at Mark. Mark's lips were full and bruised and his cheeks were flushed bright red. He was so sexy like that that Matt's hips bucked even harder into Mark. "Ah-Ah! It feels so-uh!" He gasped out loudly his hands swiftly falling back to grab the headboard hard. His knuckles going white as he let out another load moan arching forward.

"God, Mark!" Matt groaned shoving harder into Mark as he hung his head watching Mark's body arching against him taking all of him in easily. His hand wrapped around Mark's waist slowly pulling his back flush to Matt's chest. "You're so, uh, tight!" Matt groaned out softly. "You're squeezing me so tight and sucking me in!" He growled out kissing Mark's shoulder slowly his hands reaching down to pump Mar's member in time with their thrusts.

"It's-unh!-normal!" Mark groaned out moaning wildly. "It's-uh-it's just-mm-it's-oh god!- it's cause you're so sexy!" He growled out giving up on explaining it as he felt his impending release. "Unh! Matt! I'm gonna-uh-uh-c-cum!" He gasped out feeling himself about to explode. Matt smirked feeling himself about to go off as well and kissed Mark softly.

"Same here." Matt managed softly kissing Mark softly making him moan again.

"Cum inside!" Mark begged turning around to kiss at Matt wildly. Mark came suddenly bucking into Matt's hand swiftly causing Matt to cum as well. Matt sighed slumping against Mark heavily pulling him down onto the bed with a laugh.

"That was-" Matt started sighing in the end unable to really explain it as Mark pulled Matt out of him as he spun to crawl up to lay across Matt's chest.

"Yeah, it was." Mark said with a chuckle laying his head down on Matt's chest listening to his heartbeat slow down. "But we really didn't resolve anything." He grumbled.

"What's there to resolve, now?" Matt asked as Mark looked up in surprise. "We like having sex with each other, right?"

Mark glared at him. "There's lots more to resolve, you idiot." Mark growled as Matt pulled him up.

"Well, want to go out with me?" Matt asked kissing Mark lovingly. Mark blinked in surprise his eyes going wide in shock.

"Wh-What?" Mark asked in shock his eyes blinking in surprise. "You want to go out with me?"

"Yep, I want to be your boyfriend and I want you to be mine." Matt explained with a laugh. "So, want to go out?" He asked in his best cheesy jock voice.

"Yes!" Mark yelled kissing Matt happily. "Yeah, I want to go out with you!" Mark said in a singsong voice. "Wait, aren't you, you know?" He asked hesitating slightly. "Straight?"

"Yeah," Matt said with a laugh. "Yeah I was, but now, I guess I'm bi, after all, didn't I just finish having sex with you?" Matt pointed out grinning at Mark's obvious insecurity. "Last time I checked you are a guy." He said laughing as he turned Mark over and gently tugged on his cock. "Oh, and look you still are." He said with a laugh making Mark blush bright red.

"I know I'm a guy!" Mark fussed pushing his hand away with a laugh. "But aren't you going to have a hetereo freak out?" Mark asked frowning slightly his face turning a bright red. After all, sure he was good-looking, but every time he'd tried to hit on Matt before he'd get turned down.

"Why would I?" Matt asked with a laugh. "I like you." He said rather simply kissing Mark slowly cuddling Mark closer to him. "I like all of you." Matt continued kissing Mark's face all over.

"Wait, wait!" Mark said suddenly stopping Matt's kissing with a laugh. "Look, I can't go for another round already." Mark argued as Matt kept kissing him slowly all over Mark's face.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle!" Matt chimed with a giggle as he rolled Mark onto his back kissing his chest slowly. "I'll make sure you feel good." Matt comforted as he kissed down Mark's neck toward his chest.

"That's not the-stop-problem!" Mark whined batting at Matt's hand as he stroked at Mark's chest. "We're not teenagers, you know!" Mark continued trying to deter Matt as he moved to rub over Mark nipples with a grin.

"Why do you shave your chest*?" Matt asked with a grin as he slowly licked at Mark's nipple. "Not that I'm complaining, it's just it makes it easier for other people to look your sexiness. I don't know if I like that." He teased with a giggle as he played with one of Mark's nipples making him whimper.

"I-I shave because I like it. Th-that's all." He managed softly whimpering as Matt sucked lightly on his other nipple. "Wh-Why don't you shave your ch-chest?" Mark asked with a gasp his member already coming back to life as if to say, 'Hey, now, what's this?'

"I guess I could, but come on. It's sexy, right?" Matt asked with a laugh. Mark glared down at him with a frown.

"I'm sorry, but no. It's kinda gross." Mark said wrinkling his nose. "I mean come on. You're a little too furry for me." Mark explained reaching down to rub his fingers through a bit of Matt's chest hair the cuffs stopping him slightly. "How long do I have to wear the cuffs?" Mark whined bringing his hands up to pet Matt's face.

"Till I take them off." Matt explained easily as his hand wandered south to wrap around Mark's reawakened member. "Which might be awhile." Mark let out a little moan as Matt began to stroke him slowly. Matt smirked crawling up to kiss Mark softly his movements slow and careful. "Let me get you to cum one more time. Then I'll uncuff you." He said with a laugh kissing Mark gently.

"O-ok, but-uh-what about-mm-you?" He asked moaning softly as Matt pumped his member teasing the head with a thumb swipe over the head. "Don't you-ugh-want me to-mm-do something for-oh god- you?" He somehow managed to ask between moans.

Matt grinned at that gently tugging on Mark's cock gently as he leaned over to kiss Mark roughly his tongue dueling with Mark's as his other hand pulled Mark's hand to lay over his own member. Rubbing against Mark's hands with a groan as Mark arched into Matt roughly already close to cumming.

"Oh, Matt!" He moaned out suddenly cuming into Matt's hand as Matt came on his hands**. "Matt…" Mark whispered slowly crawling up Matt to kiss him lazily. "That was great, but…" Matt laughed and reached for Mark's hands uncuffing him easily. "Thank you." Mark sighed lifting his now cum covered hands to look at them.

"Sorry, you're just really sexy like-" Matt stopped mid-sentence in surprise as Mark lifted his fingers and licked the cum slowly off his fingers.

"You need to eat more salads." Mark whined pulling a face. "You eat to much meat. What are you staring at?" Mark asked as Matt watched him. Matt suddenly smiled happily. The second Mark saw the grin and looked down at Matt's waist and noticed he was hard, again. "You are too easily excited!" Mark yelled suddenly standing up. "I am not going to have sex with you again today! At least wait till tomorrow!" He whined as Matt turned to look at the clock.

"It's already 12. It's tomorrow! Come here!"

*I made Mark hairless on his chest because I think he would shave his chest. Plus whenever he does wear an open shirt I never see chest hair, unlike Matt. Who shows a little of sternum bush every episode. -giggle- Thank you, Shawn.

** Ok, I'm gonna go with Matt was really excited and I didn't want to write another sex scene, because well this chapter is already really long.

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