This is what happens when I watch the matrix when I'll I've been doing is writing pure smut all day. Be it transcribing dirty chats into prose or another chapter of Naughty Neal. Either way these one's are probably going to be short. I'll write the inspiration above the story. So there. And to all you flamers…I KNOW THERE AREN'T ANY REALLY GAY CHARACTER'S IN THE MATRIX! Go to hell you dueches. There's a back button for a reason. Anyone wondering why flamers piss me off. Check out my first reviews on Naughty Neal and Shawn's turn.

Two agents walk into the interrogation room where Smith was talking to Morpheus and one says, "What were you doing?" -evil smirk- What do you think? Since I won't be able to make them naked (Hey I have my limits) this will be pretty clean…maybe…still it's rated M.

Smith slapped Morpheus again rougher glaring at him. How could this man be so infuriating? How could he be forced to smell what everyone else couldn't? Why did Smith have suffer while others didn't. Every second of every day he smelled it. And now they had the One. As if it could get worse. Now, he had to interrogate Morpheus and nothing was working. He'd told him his darkest secret and he'd received nothing in return. He couldn't have this. He wouldn't have this.

Smith growled angrily smacking Morpheus roughly and grabbing his face hard enough to scratch his cheeks and make the man bleed. It'd be worse by the time he was done, but for now… for now it was beautiful. So, beautiful he scratched him harder and pushed him back in the chair to get a better look at the beauty of it all. He didn't know why, but still he did something he shouldn't have. He kissed Morpheus roughly biting at his lip and pulling their chairs closer. Then he heard the door open and he jerked away. There stood his "co-workers." And one of them asked what they should have already guessed. "What were you doing?"


There will be more. Be patient. And remember the best thanks and inspiration is getting a comment. Also this was short because I didn't like this couple so :P