One more. This is the last one. Inspired by the last fight scene. You know, the one with the little punch bubbles that were way overdone. Yeah, so just read, review and check out my profile page. Feel free to send me a message if you have a request. I only say that here, because if you had the patience to read through all of these crappy short chapters and are still reading so Thank you and good day.

"Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why? Why do you do it? Why do you keep getting do it?" He growled glaring done at the beaten man. "Is it for freedom? Is it for love?" He growled going into a rant getting angrier by the second. "Why do you persist?!" He yelled out his angry reaching it's pique as Neo looked up at him slowly.

"Because I choose too." He managed to just barely say before Smith attacked him again. Smith fought hard, but everything ended differently the last punch fell to Neo knocking Smith to the ground roughly as he became coated in mud launching himself up into the air to bear down on him angrily.

"This is my world!" He growled pushing Neo to the ground once more. His fist raising to punch Neo again and again. Throwing him to the side, and he lay just as he'd seen before. (A.N.: And for the first time I'm going off-script from the movie, cause come on, Neo becoming a sunset? For reals?) But something was different. Something was…changed. It wasn't like he'd seen it. "This is where it ends. I stand here and I say, I say," He panted breathing hard barely able to think as he looked at Neo, sprawled out. "I don't know…I don't know what I say." He grumbled softly looking away with a curse. Neo slowly lifted his gaze to look at Smith. His eyes opening slowly to look at Smith as he stood slowly stepping toward him. His hands reaching out swiftly to grab Smith's arms.

"You have to know." Neo whispered softly his hands dragging up the wet material of Smith's jacket. "You've always known." Neo continued softly leaning into Smith carefully their lips almost brushing. "You have to say it, or we'll never know." He whispered barely even breathing out the words.

"Everything, comes to an end." Smith breathed out softly his eyes growing wet as the rain poured down. He couldn't tell if he was crying or if it was the rain, but he didn't care, because they were the only ones around and know they were kissing melting together in the rain. And he felt the power being taken away, felt his destruction coming and didn't care. After all, he had Neo. Just as Neo had him. And then they were gone the oracle sat watching the sunrise as Seraph and the little girl(I forgot her freaking name!) ran up. She smiled warmly at them as the little girl wrapped her arms around her tightly.

"Oh! That's very beautiful." She said looking over at Seraph with a knowing grin. "Did you make that?" She asked turning back to the little girl in her arms.

"Mmhm. For Neo and Smith. For love." She said with a chuckle as she looked up at the sunset again.

To cheesy? Too angsty? Leave a comment. And again written while watching the movie and that's why I cut Smith short.