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Author's Note: This story is set +/- 1 year after the end of Breaking Dawn. So the events of Stephenie Meyer's books have taken place except for a few details which I have changed. And this is a continuation of sorts :-) I have made it an Edward / Jacob slash fic by getting rid of Bella and Nessie. Oh and it's an mpreg too :-D I will say it here in capitals: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING YOU RECOGNISE, IT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE WHO OWN IT AND I HAVE MERELY TAKEN IT AND TWISTED IT FOR MY OWN AMUSEMENT! There, now I won't be repeating it at the beginning of each new chapter because that is redundant. All those who don't like slash or mpreg: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED SO SHOVE OFF! For the others, I hope once you have read my story you will leave me a review because they are simply wondrous.

Keeping the Balance:

Chapter 1 – This one – which gives an outline of the story itself.

Chapter 2 – Nessie's Death – wherein Nessie is killed and the lives of Forks' supernatural beings is forever changed.

Chapter 3 – Bella's Revenge – wherein Bella wants revenge for her daughter's, husband's and best friend's deaths but her attempt is futile.

Chapter 4 – Ed's Awakening – wherein Ed wakes up, dazed and confused; confusing both the vampires and the shapeshifters with his questions.

Chapter 5 – Jake's Charge – wherein Jake is put in charge of another's life after tragedy strikes at his place of refuge.

Chapter 6 – Alice's Possession – wherein Alice is possessed and calls a meeting between the Cullens and shapeshifters to explain things.

Chapter 7 – Sam's Abdication – wherein Sam abdicates his position of power and Jacob and Edward 'fight'.

Chapter 8 – Billy's Acceptance – wherein Billy accepts what has happened, promising to support his son no matter what.

Chapter 9 – Carlisle's Concern – wherein Carlisle is concerned about Edward's strange behaviour and actions, causing a shocking truth to be revealed.

Chapter 10 – Sarah's Arrival – wherein Sarah arrives amidst bloodshed; and things become more complicated.

Author's Note: All you need to do now is click on the button that will take you to the next chapter and the beginning of an interesting story (I sincerely hope you find it at least mildly so) through the first part of my trilogy:

1. Keeping the Balance (this one obviously)

2. The Tilt (so far 6 short stories that have already been posted)

3. Equilibrium (I still have to write this one)

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PS This is way later than I would have liked but the words to this story just would not come. So I took my time writing it so that it would be perfect. Although I doubt it is!