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Bruise Pristine

Summary: AU, Dean Turner's parents died tragically when he was 7, his Uncle Ron kindly took him in and trained him as a hunter. When Dean has to stay at the Winchester's, Mary and John's loving son Sam soon discovers this stranger is not as lucky to have his uncle as he sounds. Child abuse!

Sam is 9, almost 10.

Dean is 14.

Beta: Bai1007. love you girl! :D

Ignorance is your new best friend

"Schools out for 2 weeks!!"

"Yeah!" Sam cheered faking excitement.

"Me and my dad are gonna go take a trip round Europe, it's gonna be so cool!" Jordon Smith cheered as Sam tried to nod along. "What are you doing in the holidays?"

"Um...my parents are taking me to Australia," Sam lied trying to make it sound like he wasn't going to spend the spring break bored out of his skull alone in his room with his new play station, not that it was even warm enough to be spring though.

"Cool! So I'll see you after the holidays!!" he said loud and annoying as he ran off to the bus.

"Yeah...see ya," Sam mumbled to himself as he squared his shoulders, adjusted his backpack then set off walking home.


"Hey mom, I'm home!" he hollered dropping his bag by the door and walking in the kitchen where he could smell the dinner cooking.

"Hey sweetheart, how was school?" she asked turning round to face her son.

"Fine," was all Sam offered with a shrug.

"Good," she nodded smiling bright then turned back to stir the pasta.

"Where's dad?" the kid asked sitting at the table.

"Work, he's coming home in about 5 minutes...and um, we have another guest joining us for dinner," she rambled out and Sam frowned at how cryptic his mom was being.


"His name is Dean."

"Is he a friend of dads or something?"

"No...he's more on my side."

"He's your friend?" Sam asked still not following.

"He's my distant cousin's son or something like that."

"Why is he here?" Sam asked a little rudely so he mumbled an apology then waited for his mother to carry on.

"His Uncle travels a lot and Dean needed a place to stay, I'm not sure how they got my number but Ron called then sent Dean on a train here, I offered to pick him up but his Uncle insisted he was old enough to make his own way here."

"How old is he?"

"14 if I'm a guessing woman."

"Oh...so he's like...older than me...," Sam never did get along with people older than him, or rather they chose to not get along with him.

"Sam, manners young man," his mom warned again.

"Is he staying here long?" Sam asked dodging his moms looks.

"Not sure yet, his Uncle said he could be a few days on this job or a few weeks, that okay?"

"Yeah...I guess, where's his parents?" Sam asked again feeling the bratty tone his voice was taking.

"They were killed in a robbery," his mom snapped back, ashamed her son was having an attitude problem for the first time in his life.

"Oh...sorry mom..." was all Sam could get out as he looked to the floor feeling awful and embarrassed over his attitude more than Mary clearly was, he loved his parents and he couldn't imagine how he would go on without them around, 'being Dean must suck!'

"I'm sorry too baby, say, why don't you go say hi, he's in the guest room," his mom told him kindly knowing Sam felt bad enough right now, she didn't mean to spit it out like that, it's just she couldn't imagine how it would be if she and John died leaving Sam all alone in this terrifying world, 'being Dean must suck...poor boy.'

"Okay," Sam nodded standing from his seat then slowly and nervously walking up the steps biting his nails down on the way.

He reached the end room his old toys were stored then knocked on the door tapping his foot.

The door immediately slung open and it blew Sam's bangs in air before they flopped back down when the gale stopped. He looked up past his hair and was face to face with 'Dean'.

'Mom never said anything about him being huge!'

"Um...hi...I'm Sam, it's nice to meet you," he mumbled offering a hand to shake then instantly wonder what the hell he was doing, 'yeah what a cool first impression Sam, he probably thinks you're a freak already, terrific.'

Sam slipped his hand to hair then dropped it by his side feeling his sweaty palms drip.

Dean never moved, never blinked and for a second Sam wondered if this was a practical joke or this Dean kid putting a wax model in the doorway to scare him, but when Dean's chest moved he knew it was a living breathing person...so to speak.

He was kinda freaky... Dean looked really tall! He had huge broad shoulders, muscles stood out a mile, his dark blonde hair cropped into a super short buzz cut, dark green eyes that looked dead and worn out freckles dotted his nose. Not to mention he had a huge thick scar running down his right cheek to the side of his mouth, Sam could tell whatever made that, probably hurt a lot! But the thing about the stranger that bother Sam the most, despite some of Dean's odd features like his soulless eyes, the guy was super good looking, chiselled jaw, tanned face, and it irritated Sam to think when they get to school, if Dean was around long enough, the guy would be a babe magnet and he would be invisible once again for another year.

"Um...my mom said you were gonna be living here for a while...I got tones of video games so maybe we could play on them together some time...if you want...I mean...by play I wasn't...I'm not gay or anything you know, some kids at school think I am but I'm not...um...yeah so...I'm Sam...um...we're having pasta and my mom's an awesome cook... not that she's nay better than yours...oh crap mom told me she died um...I'm sorry, uh, I'll just go now...bye..." Sam rambled then ran off to his room knowing he just made a complete fool of himself and this Dean kid was probably laughing on the floor in hysterics right now at how lame he was. He groaned in misery and leaped on his bed head first and banged his head in frustration into his pillow.

"Sam! Dean! Dinners ready!" he heard his mom call so he forcefully pulled himself from his pillow and dragged himself down the stairs where both his parents now were.

"Hey Sammy, you have a good day at school kiddo?" his dad asked.

"Yeah, was okay."

"Good, so, you met this Dean kid yet?"

"Yeah...he's totally huge," Sam said low then looked over glaring daggers at his mom.

"You'll beat him there one day kid, so...is this Dean an ass?"

"John!" Mary snapped.

"No...I was kinda the bum...I said stuff about his mom and now I think he doesn't like me," Sam winced hoping he wasn't in trouble, then pulled an ick face as his dad leaned over to kiss his mom on the cheek.

Just then everybody froze when they noticed Dean in the door way, John the first to speak.

"So I take it you're Dean, hey I'm John," he offered a hand like Sam had done earlier and the kid groaned at how lame he did it and how cool his dad seemed to introduce himself.

The kid expected Dean to shake the hand held out but he didn't, he just stood there, a frozen frame once again, and he didn't look all that bothered at how rude he was being, 'everyone and I mean everyone is respectful towards my dad! Or else.'

"You got a problem with manners kid?"

Dean never made a hint to move.

"Excuse me, in this house when an adult asks a question you answer."

Sam was a little scared of his own dad right now, he has his toes curled up in fear of how loud his dad was gonna yell in a second if Dean didn't answer.

"I'm talking to you son!"

That got a reaction, Dean flinched...almost in fear...Mary and John didn't seem to notice it because Dean smoothed his expression in sight of a milli second but Sam caught the fear Dean was hiding behind his ice cold eyes and wonder what the hell kinda life Dean had...the huge scar on his cheek pretty darn freaky.

"Why don't we all just sit and eat?" Mary said putting a calming hand on her husband's shoulder and to him it felt like a wave washing away a storm.

They all did...correction, Sam sat, Mary sat, then John sat warning Dean as the older kid then pulled out a chair and sat, keeping his cautious eyes on John the entire time.

The Winchesters were eating, Sam was telling his mom how good the food was, and Mary was smiling a thank you, but John and Dean were still having a staring match.

Dean's jaw was tight and he still didn't move to pick up his fork.

"When my wife makes dinner I expect the guest to eat politely," John told him.

After a few minutes, Sam winced a little scared and felt his mom's hand on his knee under the table comforting him a little as they all sat and watched Dean pick up fork then start to eat, again not looking down, keeping his eyes level to John's and Sam was a little amazed at how he could eat without looking at his food.

"So Sam sweetie, what are your plans for this break?" Mary asked trying to lighten the mood and sure enough John took his eyes off the strange kid at his table and joined in on the conversation with his loving family.


When he was done, Dean stood not waiting for the others, and just took himself up the stairs hearing the scoff John let out over his rudeness.

'Who cares, they don't know jack shit about my life...who the hell does 'John' think he is? He ain't no Ron I'll say that, asshole think he can bark orders at me, I'm freakin sick of orders. And what the hell does that Sam kid think he's staring at? Little goody geek, man if I had to live here full time I'd blow my brains out!'

He walked to his 'room' and closed the door, jammed it with an evergreen steak from his duffel, laid a long salt line over what would be his door and window sill for the next few weeks if he knew Ron, which he did. He then flopped down on his bed and noticed how comfy it was.

"Dinner wasn't bad I guess," I said to himself then turned on his side, kicked off his shoes and got under the covers pushing his hand up to meet his knife he'd unpacked under his pillow first then closed his eyes slightly grateful Mary had good choice in bedding.


The next thing he knew there was a knock at the door. He pushed the covers off, kneeled on the floor and pulled out his makeshift door stopper then tossed it under his bed and pulled the door open.

"Hey um...my mom went shopping an um...she told me to give you these," Sam mumbled then put a bag of new clothes on the bed.

Dean didn't even acknowledge Sam, he didn't even seem like he'd seen the clothes.

"Can you um...can you talk?" Sam blurted and instantly regretted it when Dean growled loud at him like he was ready for second round of dinner and Sam was the meal. "Sorry I asked," the kid mumbled then turned and left closing the door behind him leaving Dean in the room completely confused. 'This kid not scared of me?' he asked himself then huffed as he jammed the door once again and re-laid his salt line.

He wondered why Mary went shopping and got him clothes and was curious as to what she bought for him. No one had ever bought him anything since his parents passed, Ron always handed down clothes. He looked down unconsciously at his jeans and saw they had huge rips and worn out holes in them, 'guess they don't want me walking round this town looking like a homeless freak then huh?'

He tipped the bag upside down on the bed then picked up each item carefully and neatly folded them without even looking to see if he liked them. The army OCD Ron had beaten in him took over and soon enough all the clothes where perfectly folded, every crease equal and he measured them all with his eyes to see if he missed anything that was even slightly out. He noticed one pocket of a shirt was a little wonky compared with the other so he straightened it out then folded the collar equally. He piled up all the clothes in the wooden box that was his wardrobe for now and made sure when they were they each item was spaced equally apart on the shelf and shirts were piled on shirts and jeans piled on jeans perfectly.

He didn't even notice anymore he did it, it was just a thing he'd gotten used to over the years of unpacking ever week.

He closed the doors then did another mental check of the room before sitting on the bed once again.

Not feeling sleepy now he got bored quickly, he tapped his foot, contemplated on going out of his room, but soon chose against it, he didn't like that John guy and Sam was just plain annoying, and Mary...well she wasn't that bad, she was just too loving and reminded him too much of his mom to take more than 10 minutes of her smiles at one time, so grumbled and decided on staring at the ceiling till it got dark and he go out of the window to get out, Ron had told he had to search for a hunt while he was there and then when he got back Ron would be testing him on how he killed the thing.

'Wouldn't surprise me if he tossed me head first at the thing I would hopefully find, then again, even if there's nothing in this town, he'll find a way to make sure I don't leave without a few marks to remember Kansas by.'


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