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Chapter Thirteen


I can't breathe. There's something pressing hard against my cheast. I squeeze my eyes tight and try to remeber everything that's happened. The touching, the kissing, the lust. I blushed. Oh yeah, we slept together. I opened my eyes, and there his hand lying on my cheast, was Kaoru fast asleep. I smiled. He felt so warm. So safe. I wrapped my arms around him.

The smell of his hair sent chills down my body. i loved him so close to me, I never want us to be apart. I feel really stupid when I think about how I had worried over his feelings for me. That I thought he'd never like me. But in the end he did. We were, I guess, always meant to be. We came into this world together. I wouldn't leave it without him. That'd be just too lonely.

Half of me enjoys him sleeping so peacefully, but the other half wants to wake him up and talk. To delve deeper into him; figure him out. Whats he want in life? With our relationship? Does he expect something, has he planned it all out? Suddenly I get all over whelmed. We're a couple now. We have to go on dates. And buy flowers. I have to shower him with gifts and affection and-


I look down. Kaoru's eyes are still closed. His breath is still even. He's still fast asleep. He's dreaming about me. I smile to myself, a bit flattered, and I know that I don't need to worry about those things. Because I'm so insanely in love. Worry will only brake me down. That's what the future's for. So I intwine our identical hands and lay beside my mirror. And I close my eyes and know that;

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.