Valkyria Chronicles: Red Star Rising

A VC/Red Alert 1 Crossover

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---Gallia, 1935---

A strange truck with an even stranger symbol came to a stop. The men around the truck wore strange uniforms, and held strange weapons, with banana-shaped clips. One of them was even armed entirely with hand grenades.

A concrete slab came out from beneath the truck, and the back of the truck grew into a garage. From the garage, a mid sized building grew. The truck disappeared into the Garage, and a monotone voice called out:

"New Construction Options... Building... Construction Complete."

From nothing, another building suddenly sprouted from the ground near the Garage.

The soldiers held their AK-47s down. They didn't expect any Allied units to be in the area.

For, to their knowledge, there was no Western Allies. They would occupy this version of Europe unhindered.

As time passed, and more buildings sprouted from the ground, and troops materialized out of thin air from the bowels of the Barracks, and another Garage formed, strange looking, off-black, double barrel tanks rolled out of this second Garage, and a circular pad held a strange contraption, which took to the air to scout out the surrounding area.

The Soviet Union would conquer this land, no matter the cost. They had the Equipment. They had Technological Superiority, and they had Numbers. Nothing these "Europans" could toss at them would do much against them.

They had the Ultimate Weapon, as well.


The Hind Pilot had been flying for hours, and he was accompanied by a another Hind, and a transport helicopter (the Allies called them "Chinooks"), laden with a load of Rifle Infantry, with their AK-47 and AKM assault rifles.

They eventually came to a small town.


An unfamiliar sound. She looked up, spotting a trio of dark gray flying machines, kept aloft by means unknown to her, and bearing red stars on them; Markings with no meaning to her. The machines stopped above her hometown, and one of them, the larger one, descended. It disappeared behind the buildings, and the somewhat smaller ones simply hovered in place.

Then, a sound that she never wanted to hear. From the strange Machines, a Rattling sound...

The sound of machine gun fire, and the screaming of civilians.

After a few seconds of the terrible sound, the three flying machines flew in the direction from which they came; they made a strange "chop-chop-chop" sound as they did so.

She, and the two members of the town watch that had followed her, dashed for Bruhl, as the screams stopped, and with them, the rattling. Who deploys Shocktroopers against civilians?

The Spy they'd captured could go to hell for all she cared; right now, someone was killing the people of her hometown.

---Meanwhile, in Bruhl itself---

Wasteful. Absolutely wasteful. They had better things to expend their rifle rounds on, like actually enemy combatants.

The Soviet riflemen held their AK-47s low again; they had dispensed the majority of the townspeople who had gathered like sheep around them, with a hailstorm of soviet-made 7.62 rifle rounds.

One of them, the seeming leader of the death squad, patted his assault rifle, and smiled. He wondered... would he get a medal for being the first Soviet to kill the enemy (well, third Soviet. The Hind Pilots nabbed some of them).

He looked around, as did his squad. They grouped back together, and conversed. It was a short way into a conversation about the Soviet plans for this new territory, when the Squad Leader spotted a red bandanna.

After questioning his squad about any surviving townspeople (to which they said no), he asked if there was any possibility that they missed some (again, to which they replied, "neyet"). He raised his AK-47 to his shoulder, and walked towards the red bandanna. He looked closer, and saw that a brown haired girl was wearing it.

A brown haired girl with a ri...

Blam. The Squad Leader fell down, a hole having formed in his head. The four other soldiers readied their own Kalashnikovs, and advanced towards where the bandanna had been.

---Bruhler's POV---

The look on that man's face when she pulled the trigger... yes, he had killed most of everyone she knew, but, still...

Yes, he was about to do the same to her, but when the rifle in her hands made the loud sound any gun makes, the look on his face, beneath that drab brown helmet...

The other four soldiers, in similar drab, raised their odd-looking guns to their shoulders. They shouted something, in a tongue unknown to her, and their guns made the same rattling sound. She ducked, narrowly escaping the rifle ammunition poured onto where she had stood.

A roaring sound. A strange, armored box with a machine gun atop it opened up on the strange men, as they redirected their guns from her, to the light blue-light gray box. A door on the back opened up, and out came three men with rifles that looked even odder than the ones the men in brown had, and two men with some sort of lance.

The black weapons held by the men in gray and blue tore through the ones in brown, as the two sides exchanged fire. After a short firefight, all the men in brown lay dead, along with one of the strange lancers and one of the riflemen.

One of the men, from beneath the light gray helmet upon his head, looked upon the carnage created by the soldier in brown.

He related the scene in front of him to one he had seen in a place called "Belarus." He then ordered the men to look for any survivors, so that they could evacuate them.

He looked at one of the men, the one she'd shot. The hole in his head did not match up with the wholes created by their ammunition. The strange rifle went back up to his shoulder; she didn't blame him, to a degree. She had no idea what they wanted here...

"Lower your weapon, miss."

She turned around. One of the men, with the strange black rifles, had pointed it at her. The look on his face proved his intentions.

"Miss, I don't want to harm you. Lower your weapon."

She did so. She looked carefully at the soldier, eying his uniform. Light gray... was he imperial? Light blue... was he Gallian?

"Don't worry, I'm an Allied soldier."

She was confused, but he was lowering his weapon.

"Sorry for scaring you miss, but, I can't be too sure."

She nodded to the soldier. While she had no idea what the "Allies" were, they seemed to be against the men who had killed most of Bruhl.

"Sir... who were those men?"

The Allied soldier looked at her. "You mean, the Soviets? That was a death squad... they probably wanted to build a base here, and sent them to kill everyone in the town."


She looked at the dead soldier in black, with his strange machine gun. "They came in strange flying machines... what were they?"

"Helicopters... Hinds, and Chinooks."

The soldier produced a fearful look. Those terms meant something.

"Miss, may I ask your name?"

"Alicia Melchiott, Bruhl town watch."

He nodded to Alicia, then patted her shoulder.

"Miss Melchiott, my apologies for the atrocity the Soviets have committed. Trust me, as soon as our Commander hears about this, it will not go unnoticed."

The soldier lead her away, away from the slaughter the "soviets" had performed.

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