Why him? Of all people, why him? Don't get me wrong, Axel can screw whoever he wants, but why him? Or rather, why does they have to do it all the time? I hate him from the bottom of my heart.

I know I insisted on still living together. I know I was the one who broke up with Axel. I know I was the one who insisted us on still being friends. I know all that. What I don't know is what in the world Axel sees in him. He has PINK hair for crying out loud.

That's right, MARLUXIA! There he is. Sitting in his boxer's, sipping coffee from OUR cups. Not his, mine and Axel's cups. He has no right to be here in my eyes. Yet he has in Axel's. Axel lets him be here, so he can be here. He's allowed to be here. And that. Is. Killing. Me.

I know we, me and Axel, are no more and that is my fault, but does he have to have his new boyfriend sleep over EVERY weekend?

"Hey, babe!" Axel greeted Marluxia with a kiss.

… He used to call me babe. He is supposed to call me that, and no one else.

"Good morning, Axel!" Marluxia greeted back and smiled seductively.

No one should be allowed to smile at Axel like that. Except me that is.

I cleared my throat as they started making out and practically starting undressing each other.

"Oh sorry Roxas!" Axel said and scratched the back of his head while smiling apologizing.

"Hmph!" Marluxia said and crossed his arms. I wasn't the only one who was jealous around here.

"Oh Marly, don't be that way…" Axel said and nibbled Marluxia's ear, causing the flower prince(yes, that's my nickname for him) to moan.

"Seriously?" I groaned and left the room with my cup of tea. "If you have sex in the kitchen, you have to clean up the mess afterwards!" I yelled and Axel chuckled. "Wait! Now that I think about, I FORBID you to have sex anywhere where I might want to sit."

"Does that include my…" Axel started.

"No, that does not include your bed, Axel!" I said and sighed. He and Marluxia ran past the living room and into Axel's room. Axel holding Marluxia's hand, dragging him with him and Marluxia, smirking at me as to show that he had won. But I know that. I know it damn well.

LalaHachi: I might continue it... If anyone wants me to that is... And I don't Kingdom Hearts by the way.