Full summary: After Alistair's coronation at the end of the game, the group splits up, but stays in contact through frequent letters. I got the idea to do this while writing another fic, where I mention that they write to each other. That made me wonder what they write, and this fic was born.

The chapters will be short and will contain some of the post-game adventures that the group gets up to. I'm trying to group them by when they were sent, or by author, so that it's organized better and things don't get too complicated with the timeline and all. If anyone is confused about anything, or feel I've left out some important plot point that is in my head but somehow not in the letter, please feel free to let me know!

I'm changing the ending I got from the actual game a bit, because I don't think it's how things would actually happen. The ending I got said that Alistair toured towns and tried to avoid life at court, but I'm saying he actually tries to stay and be involved and do his duty as the king. So I hope you all enjoy!

Suggestions and reviews are always much appreciated! :)

Dearest brother Fergus,

Where does the time go? It seems like I just saw you yesterday, but I was amazed today when Alistair told me, rather smugly, that it had been three months since his coronation and he hadn't caused any catastrophes yet. I reminded him that he has thirty years to ruin Ferelden beyond repair but I doubted he'd need half that long. He pouted, but I do have to thank him for reminding me how quickly the time goes and that I hadn't spoken to you since seeing you the coronation.

Everything is chaotic in Denerim still. While Alistair and I are both working to bring about order and reunite the nobility after Loghain divided everyone, at least he has the advantage that he doesn't have to plan a wedding as well, because apparently that is purely my job. Yes, brother, the wedding is still on, I haven't run away screaming at the very idea, like you and father always told me I would. The planning itself is tempting me to do just that, however. I suggested a small ceremony, but Alistair laughed and said that he's the king and he was only getting married once, so we would be doing this "right." Apparently "right" means inviting everyone we've ever met, plus plenty of people we haven't, since any noble who doesn't get an invitation will feel left out and sulk about it for years to come.

You'd laugh at me if you saw me right now, Fergus. I'm drowning in an ocean of wedding invitations and fabrics and charts and plans and no less than four dresses different tailors insisted on designing. It's a mess. Alistair came in and almost died laughing at me. I feel like I'm back at home with mother and the other ladies, stuck in a sitting room and wishing I was out sparring with you and father and Ser Gilmore and the other knights. As much as I hated being stuck inside so often, being a "lady" again just makes me homesick.

I miss father and mother so much that it hurts, and I know you feel the same. It must be so hard being at Highever without them, and I wish I could be there with you. I hope the knights and the workers Alistair sent are helping you with the rebuilding process, but they can't mourn with you. I'm so sorry I'm not there and I promise to come home as soon as I can.

I hope this letter finds you well, and I cannot wait to see you at the wedding in three months, if not sooner.

Your sister,

Irien Cousland