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King Alistair Theirin of the Grey Wardens:

I apologize for the long time between letters, but I was hesitant to write you without any updates about your wife. As I am sure you are aware, your wife is extremely skilled at surviving in strange places, and apparently equally adept at evading pursuers, because the three Wardens I sent after her had little luck tracking her across the Free Marches and into Antiva.

Fortunately they have made their way to Antiva City and I have instructed them to join with Lady Irien at the palace. I am certain that they will do everything in their power to protect her while she is away, and despite the danger from the Crows and other sources, they will return her to you in Denerim as soon as possible.

I will write with any news.



It has been some time since I last heard from you. While I know our correspondence has not been regular by any means, it's been nearly two months since my last letter to you, and you usually write back to me quickly.

Something you might be interested to learn – a young woman arrived here recently who I believe you know, and she is being rather annoying, snooping around as if she knows something is going on. I am sure she won't find anything, but I know it takes some time for our letters to reach each other, so I will attempt to detain her as long as possible and wait for your response. If you would like me to do something about her, simply write and let me know, and I will take care of everything.

Despite this woman's presence, everything is proceeding as planned. I have received several letters from A-, who is demanding answers about where I- is, and I have fended him off as best I can, but I feel he might be getting suspicious. But things have been put in motion that he can no longer prevent, so his concern serves no purpose.

If everything goes well, you will likely hear about it yourself before I write again.


Wardens Ghaden, Iralse, and Riesi:

I know you have remained in Antiva City without much to do, since Irien is secluded away in the palace, but you haven't completely failed the mission yet. You are no longer to follow and spy on Irien. Go to the palace and you will be allowed entrance. King Alistair has issued new orders and informed both Irien and King Casimiro Vasco of the change.

They are aware you are coming. They will let you in the palace and should let you stay at Irien's side. I do not know if King Vasco will trust you, but he will allow you to go wherever Irien goes, so he is irrelevant – he has no power in Antiva anyway. Your focus has always been, and should continue to be, on Irien.

She may be suspicious of you initially, but you must convince her to trust you. She has to relax in your presence and count on you in a fight. If that means you need to arrange for attacks for when you know she is going to be unprepared and vulnerable so you can "save" her and earn her trust, then begin arranging that now.

My other sources have informed me of her mission in Antiva – she will be meeting with the leadership of the Crows at some point soon in the future and is trying to negotiate for the release of her friend. You are to accompany her to the meeting. Do not allow her to go there without you, even if she tries to trick you or sneak away.

I do not know how long it will take for her to convince them to free her friend, what she will need to do to arrange this, or if they will even listen. If it goes well, then at some point you will need to sabotage the proceedings. I suspect that you will not have to do that, but prepare to do so just in case. I do not believe her talk with them will go well at all, since they have no reason to free her friend and have been trying to assassinate Irien herself for some time now.

Clearly they haven't gone about their mission in the correct way, so they have yet to succeed in this task. We will need to assist them. You need to ensure that the Crows eliminate her. She cannot leave Antiva. When they attack, and she turns to you for backup, you will "fail" to protect her. Make sure that the Crows see what you have done – they have been trying to kill her for so long that they will certainly be grateful for the assistance. When she is dead, you are to return to Amaranthine with all haste.

Irien cannot return to Ferelden. This is an order.

Grey Warden Commander Anallorin