Title: Brush of one colour
Roxanne Weasley
Word Count:
Paint (for the LJ comm: 100_women) and Bittersweet (for the LJ comm: 100_colours)
Summary: Roxanne tells how her hobby started.
A/N: Written for the prompt #47-Paint on 100_women and for prompt #57-Bittersweet on 100_colours

Brush of one colour

It started when I was seven. This boy, Austin, came to my dad's shop regularly. He was a year older than me. He was the son of the owner of the shop next door. He claimed to be a good pranker and was good friends with Freddie. Both boys helped my dad restock the shelves and always got a product of their choice as payment.

Austin was sweet with me when Freddie wasn't around, and that made me love him. On the other hand, he was nasty to me when my brother was around; and that made me hate him. At least as much as a seven year old would know about love and hate...

A bit more than two years later, Freddie was at Hogwarts, but Austin still came to visit the shop and help me re-stock the shelves. I couldn't be more happy. By that time I had developed a big crush on him. He was taller and his hair was a bit longer. Oh and those eyes...they were dreamy... To be that young again...

Anyway, he told me he loved painting. He said he wasn't good at it, no matter how hard he tried; still, he admired painters. Their abilities, their imagination, the grace they had while the brush danced in their hands over the paper, leaving rivers of different colours behind... Well, not those exact same words, but...

And that was it. My crush on Austin made me become a painter. Of course he became a total jerk after he started Hogwarts and didn't even owl me once, even though he'd promised to. Men... they are such idiots sometimes...

So I decided to stop painting. But I couldn't bring myself to it. I loved painting so much! Whatever...I took a different path. I needed something to make me not remember Austin while I was painting. And I found it. Colours. If I used different colours I felt like I was pleasing the prat. So I did a little research (well, actually, my mum asked Auntie Hermione for a book about colours) to chose just one colour and use just that one to paint.

I was reading the list of colours and none caught my attention. That until I came across this weird, bright looking colour named Bittersweet. I was a weak girl back then and couldn't resist choosing it. It reminded me of the way he treated me and the way I see life now. Full of sweet and bitter moments.... I know...deep, right?

So, that's why the paintings you found in my trunk (something you should not do again because it is rude) are all in that kind of orange colour, Christie.

"Ms. Weasley, what is that note you got over there?" Professor Flitwick stood next to Roxanne's desk as a crampled partchment sat between her and her new friend, Christie. "I know this is only your second week and you are still a first year, but passing notes in class is something you should already know is not allowed." Flitwick already looked tired of explaining to his students.

"I'm sorry, sir," Roxanne smiled shyly at him.

"Well, let's continue. Shall we? Repeat after me: Wingardium Leviosa." Roxanne winked at her roommate as the whole class repeated the charm.