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Transformers - Thoughts

::Transformers:: - Com-link

'Transformers' - Cybertronian

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Christmas eve at the NEST base in Manitoba…

'OH! I wish it could be Christmas eveeeerrryday!'

"Bumblebee…I swear to Primus… If you don't shut off your radio right this second, I'm going to rip it out and weld it to your sorry aft!" Ratchet snarled loudly, finally losing his temper at the youngling mech. The said youngling had been playing a variety of Christmas songs for over an hour, and it finally wore away at his last nerve.

The radio immediately screeched to a halt as door-wings and antennae drooped at the unusually harsh scolding.

::But its Christmas tomorrow…He texted the huffed back. "Bah! I don't care about this so-called slagging 'Christmas!'"

He paused for effect before continuing, much louder this time. "All it is, is a time for humans to run around like their processors are severely glitching, getting themselves hurt and THEN bombarding me with new patients!.

::But the humans say it's a time for family…Its about their god's son who was supposed to be born on that very day, over two-thousand and nine years ago.::Ratchet snorted loudly. Irritated ocean blue optics locked with innocent aqua ones. Bumblebee had finally has enough of the older mech's crabby behaviour.

::I bet if our race had this 'Christmas' they would be rushing around like the humans do. At least they celebrate something magical in their lives that gives them hope!::Bumblebee then twittered very loudly.

He's like our version of the humans Scrooge… He thought, optics suddenly twinkling with slight amusement.

'Bah! Humbug!'

The snarling voice of Ebenezer Scrooge growled through the radio. He placed his hands on his yellow hip plating, door-wings buzzing back and forth. With one last whine the yellow 'Bot stalked away from the medic.

"You dare refer me to that grumpy old man from that fictional book! I-"

Before he could continue his rant the power in the Autobot base went out. Some of the 'Bots gave startled yelps, while others had shouted, shocked by the sudden change of colour.

The only thing that could be seen in the dark hangar was the colourful variety of burning blue optics.

"What the slag, I can't see a fragging thing!" Ironhide growled. He was walking towards the main light switch, when he had stepped on his so-called younglings toe plating. Bumblebee gave a pained yelp, his optics flashing bright. His lights on his chassis came on full beam, illuminating the dark interior of the hangar.

'Turn your lights on you moron!' The red Peterbilt from the movie 'Cars' yelled through the Camaro's speakers.

The youngling then had nursed his injured foot twittering slightly.

"Sorry 'Bee" Ironhide said gruffly. He voice didn't show much emotion but his illuminated faceplates certainly did. he briefly glanced at the yelloe mech's foot, but upon seeing

The Autobots all turned on their lights, looking to each other in confusion. The lights had never shut down before."Autobots. Make your way out of the hangar, we will find the humans." Optimus' commanding voice echoed over the quiet base.

The Autobots all headed out of the base, their own headlights were their only source of light. Their internal heaters switching to a higher temperature upon feeling the freezing night-time air.

"Well dis went swell" Muttered Mudflap poking his twin, who shoved him away with a huff.

"Ged away frum me foo'! " The green twin barked.

"Dumbaft Autobots…" Wheelie murmured with a roll of his own optics.

The colourful line of Autobots began to walk towards the main human hangar with Optimus in the lead. Arcee had slipped but was grateful when Jolt caught her hot pink coloured arm so she could straighten herself.

"Thanks Jolt" The femme smiled.

Bumblebee who had been walking alongside Ratchet, had looked at the chartreuse mech. The said 'Bot turned to glare at the yellow scout. Bumblebee picked his pace up, careful not to slip on any ice as he came in line with his commander, occasionally looking back at the medic.

The group of nine plus one Decepticon-turned-Autobot had made it to the main hangar and found that there was no power there, either. To make things even stranger, no human could be found. Worriedly they began to scan for the missing humans. They found nothing.

"What in the pit? Did they all leave us to freeze in this blasted base?!" Ironhide grunted.

"It would really seem like that ya know" Sideswipe replied to the black mech. The same look of confusion on his face-plates.

Optimus rubbed his face-plates. His optics flashed briefly when he looked down to find Bumblebee staring up at him. His com-link beeped.::If we are going to split up, please don't put me with 'The Hatchet'! He will turn me into scrap!::

::Perhaps it will teach you to not annoy him::

A squeak of despair sounded, all bewildered faces turned to look at the duo.

"Ok Autobots we will split up. Ironhide, sideswipe and Arcee, go to the north of the base and check all grounds. Mudflap, Skids and Wheelie, go to the east and search there. Ratchet and Jolt, search the west-"He faintly heard Bumblebee cycle his vents in relief and barley managed to keep the amusement from crossing his face or sounding in his words.

"Bumblebee and I will go check the south. Report to me as soon as you are finished, we will discuss it from there."With that the flamed Autobot leader started walking towards the south. Bumblebee followed after.

The rest of the group had also split into their three groups to hunt for the missing humans.


Inside the abandoned hangar…

As NEST's members had switched off all the power on the base, they had used the spare power generators, so the normally deserted hangar was the only room with electricity.

"I can't wait to see the faces on the big 'Bots." Lennox grinned, watching his four year old daughter approach him.

"Daddy! I drawed 'Hide" She giggled and showed Will a messy little picture of Ironhide's GMC alt-form. It was big, and black, and those marks at the bottom could be wheels…

A smile broke out over his face. "That's great sweetie! I am sure he'll love it" He picked her up, kissing her head.

Almost everyone on the base was there, even Simmons had decided to come.

The humans were rushing about everywhere getting the sparkling Christmas decorations up. In the corner there was a huge pile of wrapped up gifts from everyone to the Autobots.

"Turn the lights off I want to see how the Christmas lights look!" Judy had shouted to the soldiers. The lights went off and the Christmas ones on. The room was filled with many colours as the lights reflected off of the large disco balls and onto the hangar walls, illuminating them with splashes of vivid rainbow colours.

The humans all cheered upon seeing the decorated hangar.

It had taken a lot of thought (and money) to organise this party for the Autobots. But every human on the base knew they deserved it. They had saved the world twice with the added help of the humans.

Mikaela had walked up behind Sam, who was staring in awe at the hard work they had all done. She covered his eyes and whispered "Guess who". Aqua eyes twinkling with love.

"Mikaela" He replied and whirled round, slightly startled by her silent greeting, it had stopped however when his eyes moved lower, unable to ignore the seductive, low cut top she was wearing, even as his face turned a red that put tomatoes to shame.

"Sam-" She smirked, knowing where his eyes were. "Talk to my face, not my breasts."

Sam felt his cheeks glowing hot, however his embarrassment stopped when the beautiful brunette had wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

They pulled away when Simmons wolf whistled loudly, glaring at their once-enemy who laughed in response. He walked towards the couple.

"How's the Hottie and the Resurrection-boy then?"

"Ok thanks." They both replied curtly, slightly amused with the nicknames.

Mikaela was going to ask how Simmons was until Sam had cut her out.

"S**t! We've left 'Bee's present in our room 'Kaela."

"Oops I guess we forgot.." She rubbed the back of her head, as her cheeks darkened prettily.

"I'll go and get it" Sam replied, turning to run towards the hangar.

Mikaela called out. "Sam! Make sure none of the Autobots see you!"

"Ok!" he waved over his shoulder and began running again.

"I bet they spot him" Simmons mumbled.

She glanced back. "I know. Perhaps I should have gone.

They both watched Sam's retreating figure exit the base…


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