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"Harry's thoughts/speak"

"Neville's thoughts/speak"

Harry James Potter and Neville Frank Longbottum had been turned by vampires at the age of seventeen. The only person to know this was Augusta Ellen Longbottum, Neville's grandmother. Ten years later the light had won and Augusta or Gran as Neville and Harry called her, decided it was time for a move. With a child like happiness the three moved to Forks Washington.

Chapter 1

The Monday after the 'Big Move' dawned sooner than the two twenty-seven year old vampires wanted. With sighs they went to tell Gran good by before heading down to the local school. Neville followed slightly behind Harry as both scanned the crowds. Harry was a short man, barely 5'6 in height, with eerie green colored eyes. His long raven black hair was stripped with red and braided in a warriors knot on the top of his head. His small and thin form gave the impression of someone who was fragile; a deadly mistake as the dark forces had came to find out.

Harry was the most dangerous adversary because he always fought with a deadly calm, and even when he was human he never missed. He was always at the top of defense, and hid his other talents.

Neville was tall and muscular, standing at 6'3 with brown/blond hair and honey brown eyes. His hair was also long and braided in a warriors knot. A single look from him had people scurrying away. Neville had once been a gentle soul; scared of his own shadow. The war had trained that out of him and the vampire within him had taken care of the rest. Neville was deathly loyal to Harry. Nobody so much as touched the smaller man without Neville's approval.

Not a single word was spoken as the two got out of there large fire engine red truck. Neville held back a snort as he watched Harry get out of the drivers seat. The small man looked ridiculous and even Harry was hard pressed not to laugh at the sight. He sent a single glare at his friend, but Neville ignored it.

"Shut it Neville," Harry said softly, making Neville smile broadly.

"I didn't say anything Harry," Neville said with a small bow as he followed his commander into the school, both of them ignored the five beautiful teens watching them.

Chapter 2

"There is going to be two knew students!" Alice said jumping out of the tree she had been sitting in for the last half hour. Her black hair was spiked up and her amber eyes shinned with joy and amusement. Edward shook his head with a small smile playing on his lips as he looked at his beautiful mate. Rosaline simply snorted in distain at the thought of more humans and Emmit shrugged before getting into the car followed by Jasper.

When the five vampires arrived they noticed a large red truck pulling in and were stunned at the sight of the new students. One was a tall and muscular boy whose weary eyes looked left and right as if expecting an attack. The other was a feminine looking male, whom looked hilarious as he got out of the large truck.

Surprise flitted across Edwards face as he watched the two; there thoughts seemed to be answering each other.

"All clear commander." A deep like baritone said "You look funny getting out of such a big truck Har."

"I can see that Neville, this isn't England and Gran would not be happy to hear you referring to me as your commander. I haven't been your commanding officer in a long time my friend. As for being short, I am still meaner than you are and can still beat you in any fight" A soft voice said, the voice trilled with laughter.

"But Harry," The first voice said holding laughter only to be interrupted by the smaller man.

"Shut up Neville." The small one said, his voice the same as the 'commanders'.

"I didn't say anything Harry." Neville said in amusement, silently the two headed inside.

"What was so surprising?" Jasper asked softly making everyone turn to Edward.

"They were talking," Edward said shaking his head.

"Yes they were talking," Emmit said slowly, an unreadable look on his face.

"No, no, they were talking inside of there minds." Edward said half annoyed at the worried looks he was getting.

"Well isn't that odd." Rose said uncaringly as they headed inside.

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