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"Harry's thoughts/speak"

"Neville's thoughts/speak"

Summary: Harry James Potter and Neville Frank Longbottum had been turned by vampires at the age of seventeen. The only person to know this was Augusta Ellen Longbottum, Neville's grandmother. Ten years later the light had won and Augusta or Gran as Neville and Harry called her, decided it was time for a move. With a childlike happiness the three moved to Forks Washington.

It had been two months. Two god damn months since he had agreed to help the idiotic Cullen and for what? They hadn't made any progress. He furiously paced his room while Neville sat on the bed with an amused look on his face. "I'm going to rip him apart." He scowled as fire danced in his green eyes. "I try to help him, but does he listen to me? No, he thinks he bloody well knows everything." He hissed in agitation.

"Calm down Harry, you remember your training, the mind arts are the most difficult branch of magic to work." Neville tried to sooth and got a fierce glare for his troubles.

"Why don't I trade you for a bit Harry? You can work with Alice the same way you worked with Luna and I'll try and knock some since into Cullen's skull." He said after another hour of Harry's pacing.

Harry gave a sharp nod of his head, but his agitation did not leave him. "Go hunt." The two short words were spoken with s hint of a warning that nether Harry nor Neville failed to notice as Gran stood in the doorway, her eyes locked on them with a thinly veiled threat.

"Sorry Gran." Harry stated as he gently removed his shirt and folded it leaving him clad in only a pair of jogging pants that would not restrain his movements.

"Do not come back until you can stop pacing Hadrian, Neville go with him." She ordered softly as Harry leapt from his opened window. She did not like the fact that one of her boys were so worked up, in truth it made her worry.

"Yes gran." Neville stated as he followed Harry out the window and onto the grounds.

"Let's go hunting!" Alice declared as she looked up from where she had been sitting for the past half hour, practicing her gift. She stood swiftly as mischief danced in her golden eyes. Carlisle smiled and nodded his head in agreement, t had been too long since they had last fed, and Edward's agitation was making everyone antsy.

It was an hour later when they came to a stop there eyes blown wide with worry as they looked on the deeply scarred body of Hadrian Potter. Weary green eyes looked up from the dead mountain lion, his mouth dripped with blood that fell onto his chest making the scarred tissue stand out.

One word passed through the Cullen's minds: Torture. There was no other way to describe what they were looking at. No accident could cause the mingled and damaged flesh that laid bare before their eyes. Jasper took a step forward, unable to stop himself even as Harry jumped to his feet and leapt back.

An almost frightened and animalistic look was in his shinning green eyes as he looked at them. "What happened to you?" Jasper whispered the words, his eyes warring with emotions as he looked into the glowing green ones. "Who did this?"

No answer was forth coming and Jasper went to step forward again when a soft voice stopped them.

"Don't come towards him Cullen." Neville stated as he appeared from the shadows and Jasper looked at him with a demand for answers. Agitatedly Neville ran a hand through his hair.

"Normally Harry doesn't hunt. I do and we store the blood because hunting is never a good idea but he was too agitated tonight and needed a way to work off his anger." Neville stated in way of explanation but it left more questions than it answered.

"Why doesn't he hunt?" Alice asked, unable to take her eyes from the mingled flesh.

A dark, small laugh left Neville's lips. "He doesn't hunt because when he does he gets lost, he loses track of himself and tends to think we're back there. Back when it was kill or be killed and unable to tell who was friend and who was foe. Right now he's locked in his own mind, buried under years of war and pain, and willing to attack anything that he sees as a threat, he'll kill you where you stand if you try to come any closer to him." Neville stated with a shake of his head.

"Why?" Jasper demanded, his eyes filled with emotions that nobody could put a name to.

"You don't understand." The three words were spoken with amusement even as a soft snarl left Harry's blood tinted lips, his lips pulled back in a show of teeth.

"Children are supposed to be kept safe, loved, cherished, taught what is right from what is wrong but he never had any of that. He grew up alone, raised by humans who hated him because he was never normal. Locked away, beaten for every imagined infraction, and forced to be a slave to those who are supposed to love him and then he was tossed into a war that had been raging since before he was born. Told that he would ether kill or be killed. The first time he was forced to take a life he was eleven years old. It was an accident, and to be fair the man had tried to kill him several times." Neville paused as he looked at the snarling form of his best friend.

"The first time he saved someone he was twelve, and he nearly died doing it. The first time he was shown how corrupt the legal system was he was thirteen, his godfather had sent thirteen years in hell on earth for a crime he was never even properly convicted of, and it turned out he was innocent. The first time he saw someone die he was fourteen, and he risked his life to bring the body back to the boy's parents. The first time he saw someone he loved die he was fifteen, his godfather died protecting him. The first time someone told him I love you he was sixteen. That was gran and he was alone and injured in the hospital wing, recovering from a bout of torture. Even those he called friend had not shown up, they didn't care enough to sit by his side as his body tried to heal from the damage it had sustained. He was in a comma for three months before he awoke and never once did they visit him." Anger flashed through Neville's eyes as he looked at the Cullen's, his fists clenched.

At seventeen we were changed, and it was gran who we told, and who stood behind us even as the war ragged. At eighteen he was nearly killed by another vampire while hunting for food. It became second nature to fight and survive against vampires while hunting to eat. And then, less than six months ago Harry ended the war that had been a part of his life since he was a child." Neville stated as horror dawned on the Cullen's faces.

"Those." Neville began as he pointed to the scars on his friend. "Are a testament to his strength that he is not dead. They are a reminder that his life was never easy. His dark eyes flashed over to Edward whose jaw was clenched as he held onto his wife who still had not moved from looking at Harry's chest.

"You want proof Cullen, then you had best get your act together and start practicing what he's trying to teach you. I know you don't like us, and you don't trust us, but if you think even for a moment that you know anything about us then you had best re-think it. He's trying to help you, and it is you that has set him in such a way that we had to make him hunt. This is your doing, so pull your head out of your ass and start making progress or I'll beat the daylights out of you." He stated, his words coming out as a hiss of anger.

Silently he turned to the other vampire and jumped, and a battle raged, furious and deadly until Neville was pinned to the ground by the smaller male who looked ready to tear the other boys throat out and before Jasper even realized what he was doing his body had collided with the smaller males.

The fight was brutal and Jaspers eyes had gone black as they fought until Harry was pinned under Jasper, his arms forced behind his back as he laid on the ground struggling to get free until a sharp pain sprang through him as Japer bit harshly into the pale skin, making Harry whimper and tilt his head in submission.

The others watched as Jasper gave a pleased growl before gently nuzzling the smaller male's neck. One word went through his head: MINE.

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