Okay, here we go. I've wanted to write this for a good long while. It's the Revolutionary War, from Matthew's POV. This is the epilogue, France being kicked out of Canada by the British. He's very young here, as you can probablt imagine. Anyway. We'll get to the actual American Revolution soon. Enjoy.

Mathieu clutched his polar bear to his chest, trying desperately not to cry. He started to shake from his efforts, and when Francis picked up his chin in his own large hand, tears began to trail down his cheeks, into Kumajiro's snowy fur.

"Don't cry, Mathieu..." coaxed the Frenchman, wiping away his boy's tears with his thumb.

"I c-can't help i-it..." he sobbed, grabbing his papa's wrist. "It's n-not f-fair... I don't w-want to live with A-Arthur..."

"But you like Arthur-"

"B-But I want to l-live with you..." he let out a small sob, wiping his face with the back of his free hand, feeling just how numb and cold his fingers were against the harsh Canadian air. Francis took his hand and rubbed it in his own, blowing on the tips to warm them.

"Now, don't be silly. You show them what a Frenchman is capable of, you hear me?"

Mathieu nodded quickly. "I'll always be French, I promise." He looked up and locked his gaze on his papa's. "I promise."

"You can be French or Canadian or whatever you want, Mathieu ..." said Francis seriously, before he grinned and cocked his head, "... as long as you're not English."

Mathieu laughed a little, though his eyes were still teary. "And you take care of both of them... God knows, they need you, those idiots..." The blonde-haired boy nodded enthusiastically. Francis opened his arms and picked him up, kissing his cheek softly.

"You'll v-visit, won't you?"

"Of course," he answered quietly, and, although he'd been trying so hard not to, he began to cry silently.


"As soon as I can," he promised sternly, noticing Arthur, holding Alfred's hand, appear. Francis set Mathieu back down on the ground and held his shoulders. "Be good."

"I will."

"And don't forget me, okay?"

"I won't," Mathieu whimpered, as tears began to spill again. "Did... did I make you cry? I-I'm sorry-"

"You didn't make me cry," promised Francis, kissing his forehead. "I'm always proud of you, Mathieu." Mathieu felt a hand holding his, and looked up to Arthur, who nodded to Francis before he turned and started to walk away.

The little Canadian felt himself tear a little- he ripped his hand out of Arthur's and ran to Francis for one last hug, and just one last goodbye.

"Au revoir, Mathieu," struggled Francis, crouching down to meet him. "Je suis toujours fier de vous."

Matthew shook his head, went to throw his arms around his "father", but his brother grabbed his hand now, and he didn't want to run away twice. He watched Francis walk away again, before he looked at Alfred, chewing his lip.

The American put his arms around his brother, using his own hand to wipe his tears. "C'mon, Matt," he tried to smile. "Let's go home."

I know I changed the spelling of "Mathieu/Matthew". That was intentional.

Ah, sorry, guys. This is horrible. Anyway, R&R for feedback, please.

Oh, and PS - "Je suis toujours fier de vous." - "I'm always proud of you."