The Mortality Of the Immortals
By Gevaudan.

Rating: PG
No Mary Sue, I promise. And I know this is REALLY short but please give me some feedback. I'm really new to Lord of The Rings and although I have read he trilogy I've only just finished it and I'm liable to make many mistakes. Eventually. The story will be about what the fellowship think and feel when the immortal one is poisoned and has to cope with the concepts of his own mortality. It is set three years after the Return Of The King.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn, King of Gondor strode along the battlements of Minas Tirith in the morning sun. Peering out to the expanse of land before him he saw the dark blur of a rider. He raised his arm in greeting feeling sure he knew who the visitor was. In confirmation of this thought an arm was raised in recognition.

Gimli leaned forward to speak to the elf in front of him.
'What is it Legolas?'
Legolas in response urged Arod faster over the plains.
'Aragorn is waiting for us.' He replied.
'Where is he?' asked Gimli expecting to see his friend on the plains, momentarily forgetting the exceptional eyesight of his elven friend.
Legolas' lips curled in a small smile.
'He is on the battlements Gimli. He is coming down the stairs. I think he comes to meet us.'
The grand gates of Minas Tirith rose to greet the two riders slowly swinging open to reveal Aragorn smiling broadly at their arrival.
Legolas gracefully sprang of the back of Arod and turned to assist Gimli.Then he returned to Aragorn.
'How are you my friend?' He asked him in elvish.
'Well. As you appear after your long break. You are a hard man to track down.' Aragorn replied in kind. 'Though once I got the message to you, you appeared to appear very quickly.' He switched into common tongue for the benefit of Gimli.
'We were with the Rohan. In fact we were on our way here anyway. We just took the short route.'
'Well I'm not complaining. Gimli how did you enjoy your trip?' He asked turning to the dwarf son of Gloin.
'I think Legolas had to stop at every tree in Middle Earth. But we returned to Lothlorien to see the Lady Galandriel and Hobbiton.'
'I thought Galadriel had left?'
'She had. But we travelled there first and saw her before her departure.' replied Gimli, thinking sadly of the Elven Queen's beauty.
'How are the halflings?' Aragorn asked sensing the gloom of his friend.
Gimli smiled and Legolas' clear blue eyes sparkled in amusment.
'Samwise has settled with Rosie and they now have a daughter, Merry and Pippin are causing more havoc now than they did three years ago.'
Aragorn smiled at the thought.
'Why is it I am not surprised?'

Together the companions walked towards the palace where they were itercepted by the Lady Arwen.
'You have returned to us then?' She asked them with a smile.
The cmpanions nodded.
'Yes.' replied Gimli, 'Although Aragorn is yet to tell us why.'
Aragorn nodded slowly.
'I apologise. After calling you hear at such speed I should at least explain why. We have been 'visited'by many rebel groups wishing to restore power to Sauron and Sarumon. I brought you here in the hope that you could help us find them. They have killed several of my men and there deaths must be avenged.'

Gimli and Legolas nodded together. They would do whatever possible to maintain the freedom of Middle-Earth, even to the sacrifice of their own lives.


Loved it? hated it? Let me know. Oh and for future reference, could you poison an Elf?It's kind of the main premise of my story but I don't want you all to flame me. I'm such a coward.