Summary: This story is about siblings Haku, Akira, and Satsuki, who are all psychic prodigies. They live in Japan under aliases and are going to apply for Ouran High School.

Main Characters:

Haku - 18 yrs. old, red hair, red/brown eyes, incredible athletic ability, can see auras

Akira - 16 yrs. old, pale blue hair, blue eyes, incredibly intelligent, can hear people's thoughts

Satsuki - 14yrs. old, lavender hair, violet eyes, incredible music ability, can literally take another's pain (i.e. injuries) away

Satsuki stared at the motel in front of her and her two older brothers, Haku and Akira. It was small, dirty, and old. There were several homeless people wandering around. She didn't really want to stay here, but she absolutely did not want to return home.

"Haku-nii, are we going to stay here?" she asked innocently.

"That's right. Don't worry; it'll only be for a few days." Haku replied.

Akira reached for the calculator he always kept in his pocket. He held it in his hand and punched in a few numbers, adjusting his glasses as he read the results. "If we stay here for a week, we will have used 26.53% of our money." he announced.

How much is that? Satsuki asked Akira in her mind. He punched in a few more numbers and answered, It'll be 47129 yen, Satsuki.

"Wow," she said softly, "that sounds like a lot. But this is all we can afford for now, so…" Satsuki gripped her brothers' hands tighter. "Haku-nii, Aki-nii, I'm scared. What if they find us?" She stared at her feet, her long black hair covering her eyes.

"Don't worry," Haku leaned down and whispered in Satsuki's right ear.

"We'll figure something out," whispered Akira in her left.

"O-okay…" Satsuki whispered so softly that only Haku and Akira could hear.

The two brothers stood up and looked down at their little sister holding their hands between them. Then together, they stepped into the motel.

~~~~~ 3 years later, 4:30 a.m. ~~~~~

Satsuki woke up sweating from a nightmare. She had seen her father lunging at her and squeezing her throat. Then she saw his neck with the invisible hands strangling him. It seemed so real, like she was living it again.

She brought her arm up to wipe the sweat from her brow. Her brothers were snoring next to her.

Getting up slowly so as not to wake Haku or Akira, Satsuki crawled off the bed and walked over to her violin case in the corner. She picked it up and left the room.

The moment Satsuki stepped out of the apartment and into the bitter cold air, she felt….nothing. She couldn't feel anything. Any pain or discomfort she should have felt would instantly be transferred to the last person whose skin she touched. It would either be Haku or Akira. She hoped it wasn't Akira. He was very sensitive to temperature and if he ever felt cold, it often led to high fevers and days of bed rest. He always got sick. Haku on the other hand, never got sick. Whether or not it was because of his 'abilities,' Satsuki would never know.

She walked into the nearest alley to find a crate to sit on. As she took a step, she heard dozens of little feet scurrying away. Rats. Terrified of them, Satsuki decided to just stand. She left the alley and found a spot clear of homeless people. Her violin was still intact since the last time she opened the case. That was a good sign. Just last week, when Haku and Akira were fighting, Haku grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on (the violin case), and threw it at Akira. Luckily, Akira caught it. Soon after, he began to yell at his older brother for not taking care of Satsuki's things. Haku immediately called off the argument.

The violin felt perfect in Satsuki's hands. She spent a few minutes tuning it, and then began to play. Every song she played, she performed perfectly. This was one of Satsuki's abilities. Any song she heard, she could replay on any instrument. She had incredible musical skill, better than most. In fact, she was a prodigy. Actually, so were Haku and Akira. Akira was terrific at math and science. Haku was the equivalent of an Olympic champion. All three siblings were prodigies. They were also psychics.

All three of them could communicate telepathically with each other, but they also had their own individual powers. Haku had the most simple of psychic abilities: he could see auras. Depending on the color and type, he could tell what a person's favorite color was, what were their hobbies, and other things like that. Akira could hear people's thoughts; it happened occasionally. But whenever it happened, it always came as a flood. He hears every single thought within a mile or so all at the same time. The thoughts are so loud he can't even hear people who are physically yelling in his ear. And his power turns on randomly, so it always catches him by surprise. The youngest of the siblings, Satsuki, had the most difficult power to cope with. It was also the most confusing. Whenever she touched a person's skin, any injuries (i.e. cuts, bruises, broken bones, etc.) are transferred to her. And if anyone were to hurt her, on accident or on purpose, then the injuries that were supposed to be hers would be transferred to the one who hurt her. And if she were to accidentally hurt her self, for example, giving herself a paper cut, that injury would be transferred to the person whose skin she last touched. Basically, she can't feel her own pain, only the pain of others.

Because of siblings' strange powers, they were forced to move to Japan, where no one knew their faces. The three used to have a happy life in New York City, until the police were accusing their parents of child abuse. Satsuki's teacher reported seeing several cuts and bruises all over Satsuki's body. When their parents, Suzuki and Kyle, tried to tell the police about their daughter's power, they were only thrown in the mental hospital. After spending a mere four months there, they became mad. Crazy. Insane.

They tried to kill Satsuki.

On April first, April Fool's Day, Satsuki's birthday, they tried to kill her. Haku, Akira, and Satsuki went to visit them. For some reason, they only wanted to see their daughter. She was alone with them in the room. Her father, Kyle, lunged at her throat and tried to strangle her. But he was strangled in her place. Satsuki could see his hands around her neck, but she could also see the invisible hands around his neck. They were killing her father. After Kyle crumpled to the ground, dead, Satsuki's mother, Suzuki, grabbed a nearby chair and tried to smash her daughter. Suzuki suffered a concussion and died because of Satsuki's power.

Haku and Akira, who were outside of the room, heard their mother yelling as she had tried to kill Satsuki. They came into the room and saw their parents lying on the ground, dead. Their little sister was frozen with shock. She couldn't move. Haku grabbed his younger siblings and ran for it. The two younger ones were still small enough for Haku to carry both of them, one in each arm. When they reached the parking lot, Akira hotwired a car and drove the three to their home. He was only 10 when this happened. Haku was 12. Satsuki was 8. They packed their bags, took as much money as they could find, and brought their Japanese passports with them. Satsuki also grabbed her violin. She really wanted to bring the grand piano, but it was much too big (duh). As soon as they were ready, they left for the airport.

Both Suzuki and Kyle were Japanese. They could both speak the language and were both born there. So could their three children. Since they were all born in Japan, they were all Japanese citizens, hence their Japanese passports.

At the airport, Akira told Haku with his mind exactly what to do. It would look odd if the oldest of three siblings wasn't the 'leader.' Thanks to Akira's instructions and Haku's smooth lies, they were able to board their plane with no problem at all. That was the last time their last names were Sakurai.

In Japan, they had all cut and dyed their hair eccentric colors: red for Haku, pale blue for Akira, and lavender for Satsuki. They lied to everyone, telling them that they were from Harajuku. The three siblings changed their family names to Nogami and changed the kanji spelling of their given names. For the past seven years, they had been home schooled by Akira, who earned several online college degrees. He even had a part-time job as a realtor. The money he earned from this job helped a lot with paying for the apartment they lived in now.

Haku and Satsuki had earned a bit of extra pocket money too. Haku had a part-time job at a convenient store down the street and had been able to develop top-rate flirting skills to attract female customers. Meanwhile, Satsuki played on the street with her violin, going from place to place when she had free time. She usually went to places where there were a lot of wealthy folks who would pity her and give her a lot of money.

Satsuki finished the song she was playing. After a quick rest, she continued again. This time, she sang along with her violin.

Akira woke up to the sound of his sister's voice and the bright morning sun shining through the window. He looked next to him and found that the space in the middle of the bed was empty. And Haku was snoring. Typical… he thought.

The pale haired genius got up and stretched. His power suddenly activated. Akira winced and stepped back, clutching his ears. Thousands of unfamiliar voices came flooding into his mind. He had trained himself to pick out only Satsuki or Haku's voice. He searched for the nearest one: Haku.

His brother was still sleeping, so his thoughts were very random: Eat the candy mushroom Naruto! Do it before I get a bunny to slice off your eyebrows with its blankie! Haku's thoughts were always random whenever he was sleeping. No! I want to wear that ugly polkadot bikini! You should wear the chicken suit Ichigo! Or how about you wear the sexy black dress, Mr. Dragon! I think you'd look good in…

Akira's power deactivated and everything was quiet again.


Exhausted, he relaxed and looked at Haku, who was still snoring. The slightly rattled boy got up and walked to the window. He saw Satsuki singing her heart out across the street. It was still only 6:15, but he could see in at least 10,000 yen in her violin case.

Satsuki finished her song and the crowd around her clapped. Akira quickly counted the heads. There were 37 people, including the little kindergarteners who went to the school a few blocks down. Satsuki! Akira said to her with his mind. He could see his sister look up at the window he was standing in. Satsuki, you have to come inside. There are a lot of people around you. What if you touch someone? The girl looked from the window to the people around her. It seemed like she only noticed the crowd now. Akira could see her bowing to the crowed and lean down to put her violin back in its case. As she did so, the crowd slowly began to separate. Once everyone was gone, Satsuki picked up her case and ran back to the apartment.

Haku woke up to the sound of Satsuki closing their apartment door.

"Tadaima! I'm home!" her musical voice called. Haku sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Okaeri…" he said sleepily, "welcome back…"

Satsuki put her violin back in its corner in the bedroom. "What's for breakfast? I'm starving!" She grinned. Good. She's happy… Haku got up and stretched as he walked to their tiny kitchen.

Their apartment was really small. It had three rooms: a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The three siblings shared the bed that came with the rent for their apartment and the bathroom had a separate "stall" for the toilet.

"Um…how a bout toast and strawberry jam today… I'm still sleepy…" said Haku lethargically. He yawned to prove it.

"Haha! Haku-nii, you're always so lazy in the morning!" Satsuki giggled. She really was in a good mood…or at least it seemed like it.

Haku activated his power and looked into her eyes. He saw her aura and noted that she was as happy as she looked. He sighed, relieved. He always worried about Satsuki's wellbeing. Especially after the… incident…

"Where's Akira?" asked Haku. He hadn't seen his little brother around.

"He's in the bathroom." Satsuki answered as she pulled out a loaf of bread from the tiny pantry. Almost immediately after she said it, there was the sound of a flush and running water.

"Anyone need me?" said Akira as he scratched his messy, nearly white, pale blue hair.

"No, just wondering where you were." Haku said simply.

Satsuki had gone to get changed and told Haku and Akira not to come into the bedroom with her mind. So while they waited for her, Haku watched the bread in the toaster oven and Akira read the newspaper.

*ching!* The bread popped out of the toaster and Akira set his newspaper aside to get the jam. Haku took the toast out and placed it on a plate.

"I smell strawberry jam and toast!" called Satsuki as she came out of the bedroom. She was wearing a black tank-top and a jean skirt. Her hair was held back with a violet butterfly pin.

"Yeah, here ya' go Satsuki." the red haired boy handed a piece of toast to his little sister, who grabbed it with her mouth.

"What are we going to do today?" asked Satsuki as she chewed her breakfast.

Akira answered for her, "We're all going to apply for a school today, even me. You can't be home schooled by me forever. Plus, we all need to develop some social skills."

"What school are we going to apply for?" asked the boys' little sister curiously.

Haku already knew the answer. He and Akira had been discussing it last night after Satsuki fell asleep.

"Ouran High School." he stated.