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Screaming echoed through white halls, shattering the once serene silence. A few Arrancar passed each other, some with small smiles, enjoying the new sound. However, the biggest smile belonged to that of Grimmjow Jearjaques, leaning against the door from which the noise originated from. Although it was not an uncommon event to hear such noises from the prison chambers, Grimmjow simply adored it, and loved to come and listen whenever this occurred.

"STOP IT!!" Came the voice of a young Soul Reaper. Pinned to the ground by the iron fist of Yammy, all he could do was watch as Aizen's hand came down once more, the strange hado engulfing the person in between them.

Screams burst out once more when the light made contact with the skin of the small female. She writhed and tears poured from her brown eyes, dripping on the wet ground.

"NO! Don't hurt her!" The other present Soul Reaper pleaded for his childhood friend, his teal eyes wide and filled with anger and hatred. "P-please, stop it!"

Aizen moved his hand away from his old subordinate and a small smile slanted across his face as he looked down upon the petite shinigami.

"Really, Hitsugaya-kun? You want me to stop? All you had to do was ask."

Momo's breath came sharply from where she lay on the floor. She sputtered and stared at her friend, only about a yard away from her. She wanted to move forward, but her body was so twisted in pain that she feared the slightest movement would cause it to increase. She shook violently as her voice came weakly, "Sh-shiro-chan…"

"Momo…" He grunted in frustration and glared up at Aizen above him. "You…" Hatred was so clear in his eyes and voice it could've been enough to frighten the weak of heart.

Aizen grinned once more and then looked at the oversized Espada holding the shinigami to the floor.

"That's enough, Yammy."

The powerful Arrancar grunted in comprehension and stood from his position above Toshiro. Startled, the freed shinigami sat up as his eyes remained focused on the sinister face above him.

"Ga-uh.." he gasped as Yammy grabbed his upper arm and yanked him upwards.

"On your feet, trash." He commanded harshly.

Toshiro's legs wavered with weakness, but he stayed his ground as he glared at the man he hated.

"Now, Hitsugaya-kun, if there is something you want me to do, or rather, stop doing, you will have to do something for me in return."

Toshiro grunted angrily. "I'll never do anything you ask me, Aizen." He spat.

A calm eyebrow raised as the words left the shinigami's mouth. "Is that so?" Aizen asked slowly, "Very well then." His hand shot out once more and golden light fell onto the trembling body of the girl. Momo's back stiffened and her head snapped back as her piercing scream filled the room.

"NO! LEAVE HER ALONE!!" Toshiro yelled in anger. He attempted to run forward and stop him, but Yammy tightened his grip on his arm, causing him to yelp in his own pain.

Momo returned to minor gasping when Aizen pulled away at last. He turned his head and gazed at Toshiro again. "Well, will you agree to what I have to ask?"

The young shinigami bitterly spoke to Aizen, "What do you want?"

Aizen smiled cooly. "Ah, so now you'll listen to me."

A mere grunt was Toshiro's only response.

"If you wish me to spare the life of your friend here, you must make a vow to me, and in return I will not lay a hand on her."

"What kind of vow?" Toshiro spat, his teeth gritted together in hatred.

Aizen's head cocked back an amusement. "Swear your life, your loyalty, and your service to me, if you value this girl's life. It's as simple as that."

"W-what?!" Toshiro's eyes widened even more when he heard Aizen's terms.

"It's completely your choice. But you should know, if you choose to spare the life of your friend, mistakes will be met with punishment, and failure will be met with…"

His hand came to the slim throat of the childhood friend of Toshiro.


Toshiro felt himself shaking in rage as Aizen stood once more and gazed at him. "Well, Hitsugaya-kun? If you agree, then bow before me, as is appropriate for lowly trash."

Yammy released him and Toshiro fell to his knees in front of the man he hated. Slowly, he leaned forward and pressed his forehead the floor by Aizen's foot.

Why? Why am I doing this? He asked himself. What am I doing, agreeing to work for Aizen?!

"I swear myself to you,"

I… I have to protect Momo… it's what I swore to myself…. I have no choice…

"My life,"

No choice…

"My loyalty,"

I must protect…

"And my service, they are yours to take as you will..

No other way…


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