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A moon later…..

"What are their names?" asked Frostpaw.

"The black she-cat's name is Sloekit. The black tom with the stripe running down its spine is Stripekit. The tortoiseshell she-cat with all of the energy is Jumpkit. The white she-cat with the black socks, black tail, and black muzzle is Whisperkit." Nightfeather answered, looking up at her sister.

"They're beautiful names," said Ravenwing.

3 moons later…..

"I'm a ShadowClan cat!" said Jumpkit crouching down and creeping toward her siblings.

"Get her before she invades the camp!" screamed Stripekit rushing forward with Sloekit and Whisperkit on his heels.

"Hey, no fair! Three against one!" Jumpkit said trying to stay out of the reach of her siblings. In her haste to escape the pain of her littermate's paws she ran into Birdpaw.

"Oof!" Birdpaw squealed almost falling over.

"I'm sorry," Jumpkit said hanging her head.

"Hey it's okay, don't worry about it," Birdpaw said. She crouched low to the ground. "ShadowClan called for backup she said slowing approaching Nightfur's kits. Jumpkit decided to help her Clanmate. She crouched down and followed Birdpaw. Jumpkit attacked first. She sprang from her spot with all the energy that she was named for and landed on Sloekit's back. They wrestled while Birdpaw took on Stripekit and Whisperkit. Jumpkit battered Sloekit's belly and cuffed her playfully over the ear. Sloekit threw off Jumpkit and pounced on her tail. Birdpaw had Stripekit pinned to the ground and Whisperkit on top of her.

"ThunderClan's winning!" shouted Whiperkit, trying to stay on birdpaw who was trying to shake her off.

"I thought that you'd be a quiet, shy cat," Birdpaw teased.

"ShadowClan will triumph!" shouted Jumpkit who was on top of Sloekit again.

"Birdpaw, can you please clean the elder's bedding?" asked Brambleclaw.

"Sure," Birdpaw said letting Stripekit up and shaking Whisperkit off. The kits continued to play as Birdpaw slowly walking to the elder's den.

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