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Yusuke popped the mysterious tape into the VCR, a sense of foreboding filling him.

As soon as it started playing, the entire group discovered that his feeling wasn't unwarranted.

"Hello, Spirit Detectives," said a deep voice from the grainy screen they were watching. "I am cordially inviting you to this year's Dark Tournament."

Everyone gaped at the tape in shock, and it was as though the person on the tape knew about it.

"I know, I know. You destroyed the entire area, right? Well, it was rebuilt, and your team simply must attend. As the returning champions. Oh, and as a little added incentive, there's also a girl here that would really appreciate the rescue," he said before pulling someone's wrist.

To everyone's surprise, Keiko fell onto the screen, her eyes wide and her mouth gagged. To further their horror, the man raised her hand so the wedding ring Yusuke had given her gleamed in the light.

"The tournament is in four days. We'll keep her safe and cozy until then. But, if you don't show, then we'll just have to… enjoy her," he said, roughly grabbing one of her breasts for emphasis.

Yusuke found himself growling. He was going to kill this bastard!

"Oh, one more thing! Genkai is forbidden from helping you this year, so find someone else. And no masks or anything like that, or we'll be sure to make our displeasure known."

The video ended and everyone in the room stared at the screen in horror, Hiei and Botan included.

"Botan, open a portal to Genkai's," Yusuke said, his fury evident.

A black hole opened in front of him and he stormed in on the complex, surprising Yukina with his rush.

"Hello, Yusuke," Genkai said as he threw the door open.

"We were just-"

Before he finished, Genkai lifted a tape and glared at her own TV.

"I know. I was officially un-invited to the party. You want someone strong, right?"

Yusuke nodded.

"I'm glad we think alike at times like this, granny. So, who ya' got?"

"Considering most of the people like me and you are dead, there are very few options, Yusuke."


Genkai groaned at his over-the-top volume and glared at him.

"Relax, dimwit. I said there are few, not none."

"So you have someone in mind?" he asked hopefully.

"I do… But you may not like it."

"Why's that?" he asked, glaring at her.

"She's not exactly someone you'll just be able to get on your team."

"She? What? Another old bat like you?"

"No, a schoolgirl," Genkai bit out.

Yusuke would've laughed had he not seen the deadly seriousness in her eyes.

"What!? A schoolgirl!? What the hell, Genkai!? What's she gonna do, nit me a sweater!?"

Genkai smiled coldly as the others entered.

"No, dimwit. She's stronger than you and I combined. And, as I'm not allowed to enter, she's your next best shot. She happens to be a miko, as well."

Kurama and Hiei's eyes both widened in surprise while Yusuke cleared his throat.

"She's really that strong?"

"Yes. Now leave my temple, dimwit," the old woman sighed as another portal opened. Botan came afterwards, and she pointed toward it.

"There's been a demon attack, Yusuke. They're breaking through the barrier! You can find this mysterious girl later," she said before they all exited. What they found was as close to a battle field as the demons had seen since the pre-tournament Makai.

"Give us the jewel, bitch," a demon said in a metallic voice. Suddenly, they were aware of the girl standing within a circle of about fifteen powerful demons.

"Hey, run!" Kuwabara yelled like a moron. To their surprise, the demons didn't even glance their way, focused intently on the girl between them.

"Weak, pathetic little forest scavengers," the girl bit out. "I'll give you one more chance to run with your lives."

All of the demons simply smirked and she tensed.


From her hand came a massive spray of flames, which devoured four of the demons to her side immediately. Before the others got over the shock, she spun and threw a massive boomerang, which cut through another four. As she caught it, she spun and threw two daggers. Just as they dug into their targets' flesh, flames exploded outward and the demons turned to ash.

"That's ten of you. Any last thoughts?" the girl asked in a cold voice.

When they released their power and revealed, rather unintelligently, that they were stronger than the others combined, Yusuke's group tensed. Oddly enough, the woman actually relaxed.

"Thank god. I thought you were all weaklings!"

Energy wrapped around her hands and the group watched in shock as she practically disappeared. When she stopped moving, three more demons were shredded apart by the gleaming red claws of the woman.

She was almost as fast as Hiei!

"Die, bitch!"

Several dozen poisonous barbs launched through the air and just as Yusuke was about to use his shotgun technique, she swung her arm. And then, for every barb, there were three arrows of energy being launched, effectively killing the demon that had used them.

The other demon wasn't visible until it was too late. The woman froze as sharp fangs buried deep into her shoulder, and she snarled.

"Ha! Take that, bitch! Now, where's the jewel? Tell me and I might let you g-"

She was cut off as the woman spun, her hand wrapping around the demon's throat.

"Stupid demon. I don't get poisoned," she spat as the demon's head began to smoke. And then, blue energy exploded and the demon turned to ash with one final, blood curdling scream.

She turned to the group and they were all surprised to find that she looked as old as Hiei, if not a little younger.

"Who's next?"

"Huh?" Yusuke asked dumbly.

"Oh man! Urameshi, this girl's energy is off the charts! This could be seriously bad," Kuwabara said as he took in the woman's multi-colored aura. Almost none of the colors were good.

"C'mon! Which one of you's stupid enough to attack me next?" she barked, her youki flaring with such intensity that the surrounding forest actually seemed to be lit on fire.

"Well, if you're offering-" Hiei said, his hand gripping his blade.

"Cool it, Hiei," Yusuke said as he took in the girl's appearance. "What are you doing out of Makai, what kind of demon are you, and why'd you just kill all of them?" he asked, watching as the girl grew surprised.

"Makai? What's that?"

"Nice try, demon! Where's the portal?" Yusuke barked.

To his surprise, she glared at him as if he were an annoyance, and then her eyes closed.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but is this portal you're talking about where all these demons keep coming from?"

She could feel another thirty demons approaching, and that was bad. For the past hour, she'd been killing demons, and they were slowly driving her towards her house, where her son and daughter were.

"Give us the jewel!" a loud voice echoed and the woman sighed.

"Look, if you're not going to attack me then just go away," she spat at the group before letting fire engulf her body. "I'm getting annoyed."

Out of the forest came the small army, and the girl apparently decided she'd had enough exercise. Her hand went to one of the swords at her sides and as she pulled it out, a bright flash of light formed and it grew. What had been the size of a katana was now as large as a small tree trunk.

Everyone tensed as they felt youki build around it, and suddenly, she swung down.

"Wind Scar!" she yelled as it met with the ground. An earth-shattering amount of power was released and the forest in front of her, along with the demons and anything on the other side of the portal, was completely decimated.

Satisfied that she didn't feel any more energy where the demons had been forming, she sheathed the blade and turned.

"Can I help you?" she asked angrily at the suddenly cautious group.

She was definitely an S-Class demon. That was not good, considering how close to a local shrine they were. They would have to act quickly or the demon would sense the holy power nearby.

"Spirit Gun!" Yusuke yelled suddenly, blasting a massive amount of ki from his outstretched finger. He was very surprised when she merely reached out and it vanished.


"Nice trick. Reiki. So that means you're not a demon," she said, slightly confused. "Why are you here?"

"To keep beings such as yourself away from civilians, I'm afraid," Kurama said as he drew a rose. She watched as it grew into a long, spiked whip.

"I'm bored," she sighed. "See ya," she said with a wink. And then, she was gone and they were close behind. The only one fast enough to catch her was Hiei, and by this time they'd already ascended the stairs to the shrine.

This was not good! They were at the shrine, and that meant near the holy people inside.

She quickly spun and glared at Hiei, who grabbed his hilt threateningly.

"Why'd you follow me?"

"We won't let you spill human blood, onna," Hiei said angrily, letting his youki flare slightly.

Now she was thoroughly confused.

"What? I'm not going to-"

"Momma?" a soft feminine voice asked, making everyone but Hiei and the woman jump. She quickly turned her back to Hiei to face the little girl that had exited the shrine.

"Go inside, sweetie," she said, her voice completely different from before. She began to gently pat the girl's head when she found herself in a painful predicament. While a sharp edge was pressed to her throat, a whip had dug into her skin and held her hands bound to her side.

"Hey! Let momma go!" another new voice yelled. They turned their attention to the small kitsune pup glaring at them as though he were a threatening presence.

"It's alright," she said sweetly. "Shippo, take Rin and go inside with uncle Souta, okay?"

The kit hesitantly nodded before pulling the complaining little girl inside. The second they were out of sight, the woman let her anger back into her voice.

"Get the hell away from this shrine, or I'll kill you, demons."

Hiei pressed his sword harder against her when suddenly, she dropped. As her bonds slackened, she grabbed the whip and before he could react, had it wrapped around Hiei's throat as she knocked his sword away.

"Leave, now," she growled. Everyone watched as her bright blue eyes turned a hardened gold and they felt her youki rising.

"We're takin' you back to Makai, bitch!" Yusuke yelled, preparing to release his own youki.

A new presence appeared and everyone looked toward Genkai, who was glaring at them all. Then, her eyes fell on the woman and she smirked.

"Ah, Kagome. Nice to see you again."

The woman, apparently named 'Kagome' released Hiei from his dangerous chokehold and smiled warmly.

"Genkai! It's been ages!"

Genkai turned a cocky grin toward Yusuke, who reined his power back in.

"I told you, didn't I? She can kick your ass with no problem, dimwit."

What she said slowly sunk in and his eyes widened.

"Wait! What the hell!? She's the schoolgirl you were talking about!? What the hell, granny!? I thought you said she was a miko!"

"I am," Kagome spit, venom in her voice.

"Ha! You just killed a bunch of them, using youki! I highly doubt you're a miko, bitch!" Yusuke yelled.

Genkai sighed and smiled warmly at Kagome.

"Perhaps a demonstration is in order?"

"I don't know them," she pouted as she felt her youki retracting back into her body.

"But I do. You don't want me to look like a liar, do you?" the elderly psychic asked, smirking.

"Fine," Kagome sighed as she closed her eyes. The hair on the backs of their necks stood on end as power crackled around her. And then, she opened her eyes and they were a brilliant silver. She pointed at the forest she'd just left and a burst of blue energy exploded forth.

A demon that had somehow survived screamed in pure agony as the purification hit it, and she smirked.

"So, why are you here, Genkai?" she asked, ignoring the stares of shock at the woman's random mood swings and obvious danger.

"Well, first, I'll make introductions. Dimwit, this is Kagome Higurashi," she said, sweeping her hand. "And this, Kagome, is Dimwit," she said, pointing at a grumbling Yusuke.

"Does 'dimwit' have an actual name?" the miko asked curiously.

"It's Yusuke Urameshi!" he barked angrily.

"Right, well, now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business. The dimwit and his group need your help, Kagome."

"What? With self-defense?" she asked, smirking at how easily she'd trapped the fire apparition.

"Not quite," Genkai said with a smirk. "They're entering a fighting tournament. They need five people, but only have four."

"Why don't you go with them?" Kagome asked curiously.

"I'm not allowed, as per the rules set by the people forcing them to go in the first place," Genkai sighed. "And, you're the strongest person I knew, so here we are."

"Look, I'm really sorry, but I can't do it," Kagome sighed. "I have four children to look after," she said, her eyes filling with sadness.

Genkai pulled out two tapes and handed them to the miko.

"Watch these."

The group followed her as she walked inside, past the children, and played the videos. Genkai's was first, and it was identical to the Spirit Detectives', except she was threatened against going with Keiko's life. Speaking of which…

"Is that Keiko?" Kagome asked suddenly. They all stared down at her and she turned slowly. "What?"

"You know Keiko?"

"We were friends when she still went to my school," Kagome said simply. "She was a really nice person… So why's this guy doing this, exactly?" she bit out, her fury starting to show. Hurting innocent people was an unforgivable sin to her. And now, she had plenty of motivation.

"I'll go," she said, sitting up.

Their eyes widened at the sudden change of heart.

"What the hell!?"

Kagome pulled the tape out of the VCR and turned to them.

"Do either of you need these?" she asked suddenly. When the team and Genkai all shook their heads, they watched in awe as fire burst out and completely engulfed them.

"I hate people like that. So, I'm going to go help Keiko, even if she doesn't remember my name."

"We leave in two days," Yusuke said before turning and leaving.

"Genkai, will you-"

"As long as the kit isn't too energetic, it should be fine," the psychic said with a smile.

"Thank you," Kagome sighed…


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