(15)Hinamori Amu

Amu is a shy insecure girl who has thick rimmed glasses and has a hard time showing her true self to others. (Her hair is straight, but medium length)

(17)Tsukiyomi Ikuto

The delinquent and playboy who often teases Amu. (Ikuto is more masculine mmm yummy)

(15) Yuiki Yaya

Amu's happy go lucky friend. She happens to have a big crush on Kukai and stalks him. (Yaya has yellow ribbons instead of red)

(15)Hotori Tadase

Tadase is the popular pretty boy who is Amu's crush (Tadase still looks the same except older)

(16) Fujisaki Naghiko

Ikuto and Kukai's friend who is multitalented. (Still looks the same except older)

(15)Mashiro Rima

Rima is Amu's friend that is a fanatic manga fan but keeps it a secret. (Still the same older)

(17)Souma Kukai

Ikuto and Nadeshiko's best friend who has a firing confidence and dominates sports. (More fit :])

(16)Tsukiyomi Utau

Ikuto's popular little sister who is a cheerleader, and star singer in her choir class. (Utau is more curvy and is older think cheerleader body)

(16)Yamabuki Saaya

Saaya is Utau's best friend and is also a cheerleader who is crazy over all the hunky boys. (Curvier and older)

(14)Hinamori Ami

Ami is Amu's little sister who is quite popular for her age and already has guys going gaga for her. (Ami is much older and has curly long hair)

The sides of life

BEEP BEEP BEEP! The sound of the alarm clock came on and a half awake Amu hit the snooze button and looked at the time

"Six thirty c'mon Amu it's the first day of being a sophomore."

Amu got up and decided she wanted to curl her hair for school so she spent the past 20 minutes curling her hair.

"Alright I'm gonna do my best!"

She struck a pose with her right hand on her hips and her other hand making the peace sign by her forehead.

"Who Am I kidding this is too flashy this isn't like me at all."

Amu sighed and tied up her hair. She then put on her thick rimmed glasses and stared at the mirror again feeling ashamed of the way she looked. Amu wasn't satisfied with how she looked or the person she came to be. She always was insecure about how she has high metabolism, no boobs or butt. What stressed her most was her grades she didn't pay attention in class and when she needed help she was always afraid to ask. She didn't want people to take her for granted. Whenever she was stressed she distanced herself from others and ate a whole bunch of food. Most of her classmates thought of her as the quiet girl. She threw on brown cargo pants and a plain white t-shirt grabbed her grey jacket and backpack then headed downstairs.

"Good Morning Amu!" Her parents greeted with a big smile.

"Morning Onee Chan!" Her little sister Ami smiled cheerfully flipping pancakes.

"Morning." Amu said and pulled up a chair.

Amu looked at her little sister who was dressed nicely in a pink skirt and cute ruffled top. It must be great being perfect at everything Amu said to herself and ate the pancakes, eggs, and bacon Ami made.

"Ami Thank you for the wonderful breakfast we're so glad to have you as our..."

Mama nudged her husband before he could finish his Sentence.

"Well I'm off to school."

Amu swinged her backpack to the back of her shoulder and headed out the door. When Amu reached outside far enough so they wouldn't see she shed a tear and continued walking to school.

Sneak peek of next chapter:

"Oh know what do I say? What if I stagger and everyone makes fun of me? What if I can't breath? Oh know I forgot how to breathe I forgot!"