I express my deepest apologies due to not updating in YEARS. I believe my last update was four years ago. I didn't update in 2012 due to high school and since it was my senior year I was "trying" to make the most of it. And from 2013-now I have been in college and is currently majoring in nursing so if you ever consider working in that field you have to study a lot and basically want to rip your hair out.

But moving on, I know that I have disappointed some of you wonderful readers and I am so immensely sorry. There is a lot of pressure when considering how fast of an update you can make or how great your comeback can be. But I just want to thank each and every single one of you for reading and for even telling me to update. I honestly thought no one would want to read it. But there is a lot of you still wanting to learn the rest of the story. *Tears up.

Well I can tell you that I am UPDATING. And will update one to two times each week. I'll try three if it doesn't get to hectic. ;) Anyways I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for not giving up on me!