Hey there everyone :) I have a new story! :) I will still be updating 'My Savior' regularly, but along with this one. This idea has been bouncing around in my mind, and I think it's time it came out to play! I've already written 2 chapters, so if you guys want more, REVIEW :) REVIEW :) REVIEW :) !!! Let me know what you think!

Set in New Moon; Edward leaves Bella in the woods, but Bella moves on, angry. She moves to Jacksonville to meet Nathan, her fiancé, then back to Seattle after graduating. Life is perfect, until Edward and the Cullen's show up again. Eventual EdwardxBella.

Right Here, Right Now

It had been seven years. Seven years since that fateful day in the woods. I had been completely shattered. Broken, battered, dead, a shell of my former self. I had said goodbye to Charlie and Angela, the only people left in Forks that I cared about; and packed up and went to live with my mom and Phil in Jacksonville. I finished my senior year at a local high school there. I was determined to overcome this heartbreak. To move on, to live. I was going to move on, I wasn't going to be this pathetic broken girl anymore. With my high grades I easily got accepted into University of Phoenix. From there I got my degree in English. It was there that I met Nathan. Nathan was this amazing, sweet, caring, kind person. I love him. A lot. He is my life. I love Nathan, and we moved in together after freshmen year. We've been together for six years; he is an English major too.

Once we both graduated we moved back to Seattle together. I felt bad about leaving Charlie so abruptly, my dad understands of course, and is so happy that I am happy again. I got a job at a local high school, and Nathan got a job at Seattle University. Nathan knew everything about me, including the whole situation regarding...Edward. His name still hit me like a ton of bricks, but I didn't start sobbing at the mention of him or of the Cullen's. It brought anger boiling to my veins. I was so angry at all of them. How dare they just up and leave me like they did? I was just a little play thing to them. A distraction. Of course Nathan didn't know about the Cullen's secret. I would never betray their trust like they did mine. I was better than them.

I had moved on, and never felt better. I am blissfully in love, and engaged. Nathan has proposed to me last night. I said yes, I couldn't be happier.

I am truly, blissfully, happy. It's wonderful, I never thought I could feel so in love and loved since...him.

I should have known it would never last.