» Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
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Harbor my Baltic Fleet

1863 - The U.S. is a bit preoccupied with the Civil War, and Russia has his own problems with the Polish Revolt.

"Oh, Amerika... would you mind helping me with something for a moment?"

"Not a good time, Ivan, sorry--ah, Ivan! W-what are you doing?"

"Darigoi amerikanets, Do you think I persuade you to, ah, 'harbor' my 'Baltic fleet'?"

"Oooo, yes... but why?"

"The why is not very important... though it may have something to do with England threatening to cut it off after I threatened Poland with it..."


"Not important! Here comes the fleet!"

"Oh, Ivan~"

That's right. The winter of 1863, the Baltic fleet of the Imperial Navy stayed in New York and San Fransisco harbors. The goal? Sink British merchant ships while keeping the fleet out of harm's way from the British navies, who supported Polish independence. And the American public was gaga for Russia, because it was seen as a show of support for the Union.

Also, the Baltic fleet was... kind of tiny... and old. Ahahahaha, sorry Ivan, don't kill me!