Smooth Silk

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters do not belong to me… So please, don't sue me… I'm just a poor child…

Author's Note: It's the poetic side of Prof. McGonagall.  Tell me if you like it… I do hope you enjoyed it… Smooth Silk

Silken sheets of pleasure,

Silken sheets of hope

Silken sheets of unending wonder,

Silken sheets I grope

You are my might,

My mind as well, my loyalty stands to you

My soul you conquered and where you dwell,

My being you completely cloak

Smooth silk I search for you,

Your cool and calming presence

Please carry me away on your wings

And take me to the land of the pleasant

The memory burns deep and clear,

Burns deep down inside me

The memories of you with me

Make marks onto my clarity

I stretch out with all my might,

I search in the dark for hope

I try so hard to find you again

I find I am with little hope

I long to touch your flowing skin,

Your muscles rippling under my fingers

I long to stare into your eyes,

Their very being unending

As I look into the darkness,

The darkness that surrounds me,

I wait and listen for a little tune,

Your musical voice calling

Smooth silk I whisper, every night,

Just before I sleep

Smooth silk I wonder, where thy might

Be in this world so bending