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A flute lay on the table, next to the music stand which had sheets and sheets of music on it. Jupiter from the Planets was the piece on the top. Over an the other side of the bare and unfurnished room, music was flowing out of the violin that a young dark haired girl was holding. As the radio started to sound, she looked up and listened with slight interest.

Over the last five years, the Makino Corporation has built an empire of trade that today, rivals the mighty Domyouji Corporation. They together, control more than half of Japans economy and if either were to fall, there would be a serious fall in the economy of the world, and if both were to fall at the same time, it would mean a disaster for the worlds economy and would effect the everyday life of every person. Rumors of the marriage of the heiress of the Makino Corporation to the heir of the Domyouji have been proved as false, but not impossible in the future, as a marriage between their families would mean union that controls just about all of Japans economy and trade. The most probable marriage for Makino Tsukushi are, apart from Domyouji Tsukasa, is either Hanazawa Rui and Nishikado Soujiro, both heirs to powerful companies. Also, the rumor had emerged that-

The girl in question that the report had been quite focused about turned off the radio with a press of a button. Makino Tsukushi was already used to the endless rumors that would emerge about her, she had never met her "potential suitors" as the reports put it but had, of course heard of them and had been educated to know who they were and every aspect of their company.

Tsukushi sighed and then put her violin down carefully on her bed and walked over to her CDs. Randomly pulling out a CD, she walked over her entertainment system and put the CD in and listened. As the music started, she frowned as if she was thinking.

The violin music that was on the CD was certainly not hers, but beautiful in its own peaceful way. Tsukushi stood there, just listening to the music. As the song finished she made a call, asking who had given to her. She was told that the staff would try their best and inquire into it.

The CD changed automatically, and another song started up. Nocturnes by Jay Chou Tsukushi thought, remembering when she used to listen to that song. She was Japanese, as her name implied, but as the heir to a powerful company she knew how to speak Mandarin and English as fluently as Japanese, her native language.

The phone in her room rang, breaking into the music. Pressing another button, Tsukushi answered the call and put on her headphones with the microphone.

"Tsukushi? It's your father here" the voice said.

"Yes papa?"

"Can you come over to my office for a while? There's something important to discuss"

"Yes papa, I'll go now"

Sitting in the limo, Tsukushi wondered why she was going to the main office. It had to be a business related topic, after all, she had done anything that would please anyone or cause her father to call her to the office without a good reason. As the limo stopped in front of the office, Tsukushi stepped out and looked up at the building. She had been to it and inside the magnificent 43 story building several times already.

She stepped into the lift and waited to arrive at her fathers office, which was, very inconveniently at the top floor. As the lift opened at the top, she saw several grim faced security guards waiting for anyone who entered. Tsukushi waited until they had scanned her for weapons then walked forward and knocked on the office door, and then entered.

"Ah Tsukushi!"

"Hello papa"

"You must be wondering why I called you here so I'll get straight to the point."

"Yes papa"

"Well, Tsukushi, I've received a marriage proposal for you"

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